Picture of anqtiue weather aarow with circles, next to illustration of foutian, next to a wicker flower holder with big pink flowers

2019 Exhibitors

Garden Furniture & Antiques Fair Exhibitors:

Balsamo | Stanfordville, N.Y.
David Bell Antiques | Washington, D.C.
Brennan & Mouilleseaux Antiques | Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.
Dinan & Chighine Ltd | Richmond, England
Finnegan Gallery | Chicago, I.L.
Fleur | Mount Kisco, N.Y.
David Harber Ltd | Oxfordshire, U.K.
Jeffrey Henkel | Pennington, N.J.
Gary Hume Designs | Stratham N.H.
Barbara Israel Garden Antiques | Katonah, N.Y.
C.A. Johnson Sculpture
Milne’s At Home Antiques | New York, N.Y. & Kingston, N.Y.
More & More Antiques | New York, N.Y.
Pagoda Red | Chicago, I.L.
Francis J. Purcell | Philadelphia, P.A.
Rayon Roskar | Brooklyn, N.Y.
Schorr & Dobinsky | Reading, P.A.
Nula Thanhauser | New York, N.Y.
Valaer Van Royen | New York, N.Y.
Village Braider Antiques | Plymouth, M.A.
Withington & Company | Portsmouth, N.H.

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