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Landscape Design Jobs

  1. Job Title: Junior Landscape Architect/Designer/Project Manager

    Organization: Hortulus Animae

    Job Description: Project management, drafting, rendering, site visits, vendor oversight, installations, master plans, planting plans, hardscape details, and more

    For More Information: Junior Landscape Architect/Designer/Project Manager for Hortulus Animae

    Date Posted: 5/18/22

Gardening/Horticulture Jobs

  1. Job Title: Horticulturist

    Organization: Little Island

    Job Description: Little Island’s Horticulturists will be responsible for maintaining the Park’s beautiful 2.4 acre perennial landscape. Reporting directly to the Head of Horticulture, the Horticulturists are also essential members of the Operations team, and they will collaborate with park staff and supervisors to ensure Little Island’s landscape and facilities are kept to the highest standard. Situated over the Hudson River, Little Island provides a challenging and unique opportunity to hone your horticulture skills with over 350 varieties of trees, shrubs, vines, grasses, and perennials. We also have 66,000 individual Spring bulbs and 18,000 sq.ft of lawn. Horticulturists will also have the opportunity to collaborate with our Landscape Architect to ensure the integrity of her vision.

    The ideal Horticulture teammates are hardworking self-starters who are detail oriented, have an aesthetic eye, and a variety of horticulture skills. Candidates should be comfortable working outdoors in all types of weather and experience working in a public space or garden is a must.

    For More Information: Horticulturist at Little Island

    Please contact Orrin Sheehan, Head of Horticulture, at (929)-336-6207

    Date Posted: 11/7/22

  2. Job Title: Gardener

    Organization: American Museum of Natural History

    Job Description: Help needed to install the garden at the new permanent butterfly garden at the American Museum of Natural History. The installation will last approximately 3-4 weeks, starting October 25. You can work the entire time or on select days. This is a tropical garden and although experience is not necessary, an interest in horticulture is preferred. $25 per hour.

    For More Information: Please email Ron Canal at roncanal@mac.com

    Date Posted: 10/7/22

  3. Job Title: Gardener

    Organization: American Museum of Natural History

    Job Description: Permanent part-time help maintaining the live tropical garden housing butterflies at the American Museum of Natural History. Tropical experience not necessary but an interest in horticulture preferred. Duties are watering, pruning, general clean up of the garden. The schedule is flexible but work will be done after museum hours or early morning before the museum opens. This is an exciting opportunity as this is the first butterfly garden in the museum’s new building. Starting pay is $25 per hour.

    For More Information: 

    Please email Ron Canal at roncanal@mac.com

    Date Posted: 10/7/22

  4. Job Title: Nursery Propagator

    Organization: Donald Pell Gardens

    Job Description: Initiate plant propagation; maintain greenhouse and nursery as a functioning propagation facility, including buildings, hoop houses and cold frames; propagate plants by budding, layering, or dividing in a greenhouse or cold frames; cultivate plants by watering, spraying insecticides, applying fertilizers, and regulating temperatures by ventilation and heating controls; mix soils; make cuttings; transplant and prune wide variety of flowers, shrubs, trees, and other plants.

    For More Information: Nursery Propagator for Donald Pell Gardens

    Date Posted: 7/5/22

  5. Job Title: Arborist

    Organization: Urban Arborists

    Job Description: Estimate tree work; researching, diagnosing, and writing reports on tree health and stability; assess tree life cycle management issues; assist with tree risk assessments and tree management plans; manage and perform tree inventories; and manage tree planting projects.

    For More Information: Arborist for Urban Arborists

    Date Posted: 7/5/22

  6. Job Title: Climber & Pruner

    Organization: Department of Transportation (City of New York)

    Job Description: Climbing in and out of an aerial lift device (bucket truck), climbing up in a tree using rope and harness or bucket; operating a chain saw, operating heavy motorized equipment such as bucket truck, chipper, loader and stump grinder; lifting and moving heavy objects; standing for extended periods of time; working outdoors in all kinds of weather, including severe weather conditions.

    For More Information: Climber & Pruner for Department of Transportation (City of New York)

    Date Posted: 7/5/22

  7. Job Title: Greenhouse Manager (retail)

    Organization: Crest Hardware & Urban Garden Center

    Job Description: Procure and select indoor plants from a vast network of wholesalers; plant care and maintenance; pest identification and management; order and curate a selection of hardgoods; provide training, direction and feedback to our garden team; lead team in maintaining an orderly and accessible shop and stock room; communicate business trends product feedback, stock levels, and customer requests to the store owners and staff members; Respond to daily garden center emails

    For More Information: Greenhouse Manager for Crest Hardware & Urban Garden Center

    Date Posted: 5/18/22

  8. Job Title: Horticultural Sales (PT & FT Positions available)

    Organization: Crest Hardware & Urban Garden Center

    Job Description: Help customers select plants that will best fit their environments; provide advice and tips on plant care to customers; prune, water and help manage pests of an ever-changing plant assortment; receive plant orders and arrange retail displays; maintain overall store cleanliness, organization, and presentation; restock hard & dry goods and plants; assist with customer deliveries; answer phone calls and field plant-related questions

    For More Information: Horticultural Sales for Crest Hardware & Urban Garden Center

    Date Posted: 5/18/22

  9. Job Title: Greenhouse Manager

    Organization: Gedney Farms Nursery

    Job Description: Planting and growing products; supervising greenhouse staff; product maintenance and care; overseeing daily operations of greenhouse; managing, scouting, and receiving nursery stock.

    For More Information: Greenhouse Manager for Gedney Farms Nursery

    Date Posted: 5/9/22

  10. Job Title: Gardener I

    Organization: City Of New York Parks & Recreation

    Job Description: Under supervision, assist in the planting and cultivating of trees, flowers and shrubs, including tasks such as digging up, balling, burlapping, transplanting trees and shrubs; digging up and transplanting sod; potting flowers and plants; propagating plant life and pruning and spraying trees, shrubs and plants.

    For More Information: Gardener I for City of New York Parks & Recreation

    Date Posted: 5/2/22

Horticultural Therapy Jobs

  1. Job Title: Therapeutic Horticulture Instructor

    Organization: The Horticultural Society of New York

    Job Description: The Horticultural Society of New York (the Hort) is seeking a Therapeutic Horticulture Instructor for our world-renowned GreenHouse program on Rikers Island. The ideal candidate has a background in horticultural therapy or vocational rehabilitation with an emphasis on horticulture. The full-time Therapeutic Horticulture Instructor will predominantly work with women and men age 18+ who are currently incarcerated.

    For More Information: Therapeutic Horticulture Instructor | New York, NY

    Date Posted: 4/21/22

  2. Job Title: Therapeutic Horticulture Program Manager

    Organization: The Horticultural Society of New York

    Job Description: The Horticultural Society of New York (the Hort) is seeking a Therapeutic Horticulture Program Manager to manage daily operations for our Rikers program and support our expansion of therapeutic horticulture across New York City. The Program Manager must have excellent understanding in theory and practice of applied therapeutic horticulture with a variety of populations, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a desire to build upon a growing Therapeutic Horticulture department within The Hort.

    For More Information: Therapeutic Horticulture Program Manager

    Date Posted: 4/21/22

  3. Job Title: Horticulture Education Assistant

    Organization: The Frelinghuysen Arboretum/Haggerty Education Center

    Job Description: Work with Senior Program specialist in developing and teaching horticulture programming including but limited to horticultural therapy, kids’ programs and adult programs.

    For More Information: Education Assistant at The Frelinghuysen Arboretum/Haggerty Education Center

    Date Posted: 4/21/22

  4. Job Title: Horticulture Therapist / Specialist

    Organization: The Center for Discovery

    Job Description: Utilize horticultural-related activities to positively impact the health, wellness and vitality of individuals with complex conditions. Create and implement dynamic, therapeutically based experiences that promote the development of skills. Complete all facets of documentation, from assessment to treatment summary, in order to illustrate both quantitative and qualitative outcomes. Design and maintain therapeutic gardens, greenhouses, and other outdoor locations.

    For More Information: Horticulture Therapist for the Center for Discovery

    Date Posted: 4/21/22

Professional Societies

  1. The Landscape Design Student & Alumni Association (LDSA) encourages a dynamic exchange of information among students, faculty, and alumni. It provides networking opportunities, as well as indispensable Q&A service via Slack available to all members. Monthly meetings from October-March feature guest speakers and informal design critiques, and are focused on topics in the professional arena. All students and alumni in Landscape Design, Horticulture, and Gardening are invited to attend.

    To Join: Contact Elaine Yellen at 914-723-4090 for more information.