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Collectors: Williams, Llewelyn, 1901-
Title: Llewelyn Williams Papers (PP)
Dates: 1902-1974
Dates: bulk, 1929-1968
Quantity: 76.2 linear feet; 56 boxes
Call Phrase: L. Williams (PP)

Biography of Llewelyn Williams

Llewelyn Williams (1901-1980) was an economic botanist, wood technologist, and an authority on plants that produce latex used commercially for gums and rubbers.

He was born in Conway, Wales and obtained his B.Sc. (1924), M.Sc. (1935), and D.Sc. (1963) at the University of Wales, specializing in tropical American woods and forest products. In 1928 he did post-graduate studies under Dr. Samuel J. Record of the Yale University School of Forestry. In the course of his career he collected and studied latex-bearing plants and other rainforest products in tropical regions throughout the word for scientific and commercial purposes. He conducted extensive field investigations in the Amazon, Caura, and Orinoco River basins of northern South America, and later traveled to Africa, Southeast Asia, India, and the Philippine Islands.

From 1924 to 1926 he managed a 700-acre tea estate in Assam, India before receiving an appointment as Dendrologist at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, Illinois. His career at the Field Museum spanned 26 years (1926-52), where he was Curator of Economic Botany from 1938. During this time he undertook several assignments on leave of absence, as Research Botanist for the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry of Venezuela (1938-40; 1941-42) and as Senior Field Technician for a U.S. government agency, the Rubber Development Corporation (1942-45). The latter assignment was an emergency World War II project to recruit and train rubber-tappers to locate and extract Hevea rubber in the Upper Orinoco River valley.

After the war he conducted fieldwork (1945-55) for the Dreyfus Corporation, a Wrigley Chewing Gum Co. subsidiary, to locate natural sources of gums, rubber, resins, and waxes in tropical forests. He remained a consultant for the Wrigley Company on tropical forest products from 1956 to 1960. In 1961 the USDA recruited Dr. Williams for an appointment as Senior Economic Botanist, Crops Research Division. In this capacity he was engaged in research (1963-67) on the effects of chemical defoliants with the USDA Agricultural Research Service under contract with the Advanced Research Projects Agency (U.S. Dept. of Defense). Dr. Williams conducted an intensive study of forest and agricultural zones, including aerial reconnaissance, in Thailand and other countries of Southeast Asia, and he published a comparative study, Forests of Southeast Asia, Puerto Rico, and Texas (1967). In 1966 he participated in a USDA project under the auspices of the International Agricultural Development Service to evaluate agriculture and forest resources in the Republic of Dahomey, Africa.

Llewelyn Williams was a seasoned explorer, a world authority on botanical products of tropical rainforests, and a man firmly dedicated to his Welsh heritage. He did his own photography and amassed a substantial collection of photos that document the extraction and processing of gums, rubbers, resins, and related material from tropical plants. He published hundreds of scientific articles and industrial reports on wood species and products based on firsthand field investigations and surveys. He was a member of the International Association of Wood Anatomists from its founding in 1930 and Secretary for the Society for Economic Botany. Dr. Williams died in 1980, at the age of 79.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of correspondence, manuscripts and typescripts, research papers, personal papers, maps, travel memorabilia, audio tape recordings (dictaphone), film (16mm), artifacts, and photographic material which includes positive and negative prints, glass negatives, and color slides. A portion of the photography appears in scrapbooks and bound publications. The collection covers most of Dr. Williams' career including botanical research and fieldwork with the Chicago (Field) Museum of Natural History, Rubber Development Corporation, Dreyfus Corporation (a subsidiary of the Wrigley Chewing Gum Co.), and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). A substantial portion of the research papers and photography documents worldwide botanical exploration in the tropics, especially in the Amazon and Orinoco River basins of South America and in Thailand. The personal papers document Dr. Williams' Welsh heritage and his affiliations to various Welsh, fraternal, and religious organizations. His field notebooks are located in the NYBG Collectors' Field Notebooks collection.


Numbers in brackets (ex. [17.45]) indicate [box.folder]. An asterick (*) preceding a box number indicates oversized material.
The collection is organized into twelve series:
Series 1: Correspondence, 1926-1974
Series 2: Manuscripts & Typescripts, 1902-1974
Series 3: Research Papers, 1929-1973
Series 4: Personal Papers, 1924-1963
Series 5: Research Grants, 1960-1973
Series 6: Photographic Material, 1929-1968
Series 7: Maps, 1935-1966
Series 8: Audio Recordings, 1937-1960
Series 9: Film, 16mm, 1940-1958
Series 10: Publications, 1924-1974
Series 11: Artifacts, ca. 1950s
Series 12: Field Notebooks, 1921-1965


Access restrictions

This collection is open for research with permission from Mertz Library staff.


Requests for permission to publish material from the collection should be submitted in writing to the LuEsther T. Mertz Library of the New York Botanical Garden.

Indexing Terms

The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the library's online public access catalog.
Botanical exploration -- Brazil.
Botanical exploration -- Venezuela.
Botany, Economic -- Brazil.
Botany, Economic -- Venezuela.
Defoliation -- Tropics.
Forests and forestry -- South America.
Gums and resins.
New York Botanical Garden Archives.
Plant exudates.
Plants -- Orinoco River Watershed (Venezuela and Columbia).
Rain forest ecology -- South America.
Trees -- Amazon River Valley.
Williams, Llewelyn, 1901- -- Archives.

Related Material

New York Botanical Garden

RA--Society for Economic Botany Records

Separated Material

Field notebooks (Series 12) have been removed from the main collection and currently reside in the Field Collector's Notebooks (FCN) collection.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Llewelyn Williams Papers (PP), Archives, The New York Botanical Garden.

Acquisition Information

The University of Wisconsin (Madison) Department of Botany donated the Llewelyn Williams collection to the NYBG in 1988 via Brian Boom.

Processing Information

Originally processed by David Rose, Archives Assistant, October 2000 with grant funding from The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH-PA 23141-98) and the Harriet Ford Dickenson Foundation. Converted to EAD in March 2007 by Kathleene Konkle under a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH-PA 50678-04).

Container List


Series 1. Correspondence.

Scope and Content:

There are 2 boxes of incoming and outgoing correspondence with colleagues, government officials and agencies, professional organizations, and forestry associations and agencies. Notable correspondents include Henri F. Pittier, Richard Evans Schultes, Dreyfus Corporation executives, Rubber Development Corporation officials, USDA officials, Wrigley Chewing Gum Company executives, and the Yale University School of Forestry. Three files relate to requests for specimens for a wood exhibition organized by Dr. Williams and the Chicago (Field) Museum of Natural History in 1931. Oversize documents are located in Box 19. Several subject files relating to research material are located in Series 3: Research Papers. For personal correspondence, see Series 4: Personal Papers, Boxes 16 and 17.

Arranged alphabetically by author/organization

Folder Title Date
[1.1] Adams, Paul L. n.d.
[1.2] Agency for International Development n.d.
[1.3] Allen, Douglas Hedden n.d.
[1.4] American Geographical Society n.d.
[1.5] Ames, Oakes n.d.
[1.6] Archer, Andrew W. n.d.
[1.7] Bailey, Liberty Hyde n.d.
[1.8] Beebe, William n.d.
[1.9] Behnke, John A. n.d.
[1.10] Belize, Forestry Department n.d.
[1.11] Blanchar, Carroll H. n.d.
[1.12] Bletsch, William E. n.d.
[1.13] Bondar, Gregorio n.d.
[1.14] Bowman, Isaiah n.d.
[1.15] British Guiana, Forestry Department n.d.
[1.16] Buck, Ellsworth B. (US Congressman, NY) n.d.
[1.17] Bureau of Forestry, Manilla, Philippine Islands n.d.
[1.18] Burgos, Jose A. n.d.
[1.19] Burns, Arthur E. n.d.
[1.20] Bustillo, Manuel Contreras n.d.
[1.21] Chattey, N. n.d.
[1.22] Chicago (Field) Museum of Natural History [CMNH] n.d.
[1.23] CMNH - Dahlgren, B. E. n.d.
[1.24] CMNH - Gregg, Clifford C. n.d.
[1.25] Clement, Duncan n.d.
[1.26] Cochin, Philippe n.d.
[1.27] College of Medical Evangelists n.d.
[1.28] Colonial Office, London n.d.
[1.29] Commoner, Barry n.d.
[1.30] Condiment plants n.d.
[1.31] Congo mission n.d.
[1.32] Correll, Donovan S. n.d.
[1.33] Crist, Raymond E. n.d.
[1.34] Crosse, Roy W. n.d.
[1.35] Crowell Company (Thomas Y. Crowell) n.d.
[1.36] Cuatrecasas, Jose n.d.
[1.37] Dadswell, H. E. n.d.
[1.38] Davies, Joseph E. n.d.
[1.39] Davis, James J. (US Senate) n.d.
[1.40] Dejoie, Louis n.d.
[1.41] De Nazaris, Barret n.d.
[1.42] Dennis, William Jefferson n.d.
[1.43] Diaz, Felipe Gonzalez n.d.
[1.44] Drake, Carl J. n.d.
[1.45] Drew, W. B. n.d.
[1.46] Dreyfus Company n.d.
[1.47] Dreyfus Company: DeAngelis, Frank T. n.d.
[1.48] Dreyfus Company: Dyckman, R. P. (2 files) n.d.
[1.49] Dreyfus Company: Tyler, Walter A. n.d.
[1.50] Du Pont de Nemours & Company n.d.
[1.51] Eckert, H. H. n.d.
[1.52] Economic Plant Display, 1945 n.d.
[1.53] Eighth American Scientific Congress n.d.
[1.54] Eisenhower, Milton n.d.
[1.55] Everett, Thomas H. n.d.
[1.56] Fairchild, David n.d.
[1.57] Fairless, Benjamin F. n.d.
[1.58] Federation of Malaya, Director of Forestry n.d.
[1.59] Flores, Francisco A. n.d.
[1.60] Ford, Henry n.d.
[1.61] Forest Department, Kuala Lumpur n.d.
[1.62] Forest Products Research Society n.d.
[1.63] Re: Forests of Southeast Asia, Puerto Rico, and Texas n.d.
[1.64] Foulkes, Albert n.d.
[1.65] Fries, Robert F. n.d.
[1.66] Fulling, Edmund H. n.d.
[1.67] Gill, Tom n.d.
[1.68] Gleason, Henry A. n.d.
[1.69] Re: Grant application - Peruvian woods, 1972 n.d.
[1.70] Graves, C. E. n.d.
[1.71] Haig, I. T. n.d.
[1.72] Haiti, Department of Agriculture n.d.
[1.73] Hall, Elizabeth C. n.d.
[1.74] Harding, Charles B. n.d.
[1.75] Hartwell, Jonathan L. n.d.
[1.76] Harvard University n.d.
[1.77] Hitchcock, Charles B. n.d.
[1.78] Hocking, George M. n.d.
[1.79] Holt, Everett n.d.
[1.80] Hooper, David n.d.
[1.81] Huxley, Matthew n.d.
[1.82] Ickes, Harold L. n.d.
[1.83] Irving, George W. n.d.
[1.84] Johns Hopkins University n.d.
[1.85] Jones, Hugh M. (Senator of Wisconsin) n.d.
[1.86] Jones, John Hughson n.d.
[1.87] Keck, David D. n.d.
[1.88] Kerr, H. W. n.d.
[1.89] Kevorkian, Arthur G. n.d.
[1.90] Killip, Ellsworth P. n.d.
[1.91] Kohler, Walter J. Jr. (Governor of Wisconsin) n.d.
[1.92] Kraemer, J. Hugo n.d.
[1.93] Kribs, David A. n.d.
[1.94] Krukoff, Boris n.d.
[1.95] Kuenzel, John G. n.d.
[1.96] Kupchen, S. Morris n.d.
[1.97] Lara, F. J. n.d.
[1.98] Latex-yielding genera n.d.
[1.99] Laub, Leon n.d.
[1.100] Lawrence, George H. M. n.d.
[1.101] Layton, Halsted P. n.d.
[1.102] Lilly Research Laboratories n.d.
[1.103] Linnean Society of London n.d.
[1.104] Longwood Gardens re: ornamentals in Southern Brazil n.d.
[1.105] Major, Randolph T. n.d.
[1.106] Mangelsdorf, Paul C. n.d.
[1.107] McMillen, John M. n.d.
[1.108] McVaugh, Rogers n.d.
[1.109] Mee, Margaret n.d.
[1.110] Meyercord, George R. n.d.
[1.111] Millspaugh, Charles F. n.d.
[1.112] Milwaukee Office of the Mayor n.d.
[1.113] Miscellaneous n.d.
[1.114] Missouri Botanical Garden n.d.
[1.115] Monachino, Joseph n.d.
[1.116] National Geographic Society n.d.
[1.117] National Institutes of Health n.d.
[1.118] National Museum of Wales n.d.
[1.119] Neethling, E. J. n.d.
[1.120] Newins, H. S. n.d.
[1.121] Newspapers and the press n.d.
[1.122] New York State College of Forestry n.d.
[1.123] Noggle, n.d.
[1.124] Norwood, William U. n.d.
[1.125] Oaks, O. A. n.d.
[1.126] Offield, James R. n.d.
[1.127] Orsinger, Victor n.d.
[1.128] Owen, Rev. John M. n.d.
[1.129] Pan American Airways Cargo Department re: lost material n.d.
[1.130] Pan American Union n.d.
[1.131] Pearson & Son Hardwood Company n.d.
[1.132] Polanco, Enrique n.d.
[1.133] Polk, Robert R. n.d.
[1.134] Pollard, Robert L. n.d.
[2.1] Radio and television n.d.
[2.2] Raffauf, Robert F. n.d.
[2.3] Ramos, Jose Ml. n.d.
[2.4] Rasmussen, E. n.d.
[2.5] Rechsteiner, Walter n.d.
[2.6] Record, Samuel J. n.d.
[2.7] Repp, C. B. n.d.
[2.8] Rijksherbarium, Leiden, Holland n.d.
[2.9] Robbins, William J. n.d.
[2.10] Roberts, Llewelyn n.d.
[2.11] Rogers, David n.d.
[2.12] Rojas, Adolfo Benita n.d.
[2.13] Rollins, Reed C. n.d.
[2.14] Rubber Development Corporation (U.S. government agency) (2 files) n.d.
[2.15] Saint David's Society of New York n.d.
[2.16] Schlesinger, W. n.d.
[2.17] Schultes, Richard Evans n.d.
[2.18] Simms, S. C. n.d.
[2.19] Smith, Albert C. n.d.
[2.20] Smith, J. H. Veneers Company n.d.
[2.21] Society for Economic Botany n.d.
[2.22] Stafleu, Frans A. n.d.
[2.23] Standley, Paul C. n.d.
[2.24] Stanton, Leroy n.d.
[2.25] Stevens, Russell B. n.d.
[2.26] Stewart, William S. n.d.
[2.27] Steyermark, Julian n.d.
[2.28] Strzemienski, K. n.d.
[2.29] Szyszka, G. n.d.
[2.30] Texas State Research Foundation n.d.
[2.31] Re: Thailand, Flora of Southeast Asia n.d.
[2.32] Thimann, Kenneth V. n.d.
[2.33] Tippo, Oswald n.d.
[2.34] Tropical Science, Tropical Products Institute n.d.
[2.35] United Fruit Company n.d.
[2.36] United Nations, Technical Assistance Board n.d.
[2.37] University College of North Wales n.d.
[2.38] University of Florida n.d.
[2.39] University of Puerto Rico n.d.
[2.40] University of Wisconsin n.d.
[2.41] United States Board of Economic Warfare n.d.
[2.42] United States Department of Agriculture [USDA] n.d.
[2.43] USDA: Becker, George n.d.
[2.44] USDA: Cline, A. C. n.d.
[2.45] USDA: Dayton, W. A. n.d.
[2.46] USDA: Erlanson, C. O. n.d.
[2.47] USDA: Hyland, Howard L. n.d.
[2.48] USDA: Larrimer, W. H. n.d.
[2.49] USDA: Longen, F. G. n.d.
[2.50] USDA: Mau, Fred C. n.d.
[2.51] USDA: Rainwater, C. F. n.d.
[2.52] USDA: Schubert, Bernice G. n.d.
[2.53] USDA: Sievers, A. F. n.d.
[2.54] USDA employment opening for economic botanist, 1960 n.d.
[2.55] USDA plant investigations n.d.
[2.56] U. S. Forest Products Laboratory n.d.
[2.57] U. S. Navy n.d.
[2.58] Venezuela, Ministerio de Agricultura y Cria n.d.
[2.59] Verdoorn, Frans n.d.
[2.60] Villanueva, Jose n.d.
[2.61] Vincent, Denis n.d.
[2.62] Von Breton, Hal n.d.
[2.63] Wales - National Museum of Wales, Cardiff n.d.
[2.64] Walker, G. W. (Lindley Walker Wheat Company, Ltd.) n.d.
[2.65] Walsh, Myles A. n.d.
[2.66] Weston, L. A. n.d.
[2.67] Weyerhaeuser Timber Company n.d.
[2.68] Williams, Louis O. n.d.
[2.69] Williams, Mennen (Governor of Michigan) n.d.
[2.70] Wood exhibit - Chicago Museum of Natural History (3 files) n.d.
[2.71] Woodson, Robert n.d.
[2.72] Woodward, Carol H. n.d.
[2.73] Wrigley Chewing Gum Company n.d.
[2.74] -X/Y/Z- n.d.
[2.75] Yale University School of Forestry n.d.
[2.76] Yale University School of Forestry - Peruvian Woods n.d.
[*19.1] Chardon, Carlos n.d.
[*19.2] Estados Unidos de Venezuela n.d.
[*19.3] Fieldwork in Venezuela 1937-1940
[*19.4] Letters of introduction n.d.
[*19.5] Lorentz, Upton n.d.
[*19.6] Miscellaneous n.d.
[*19.7] Pittier, Henri n.d.

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Series 2. Manuscripts & Typescripts.

Scope and Content:

There are approximately 6 boxes of manuscripts and typescripts in English and Spanish. Although other authors are represented, Llewelyn Williams authored most of the material, some of which is unpublished. Topics include plant collecting, botanical exploration, latex-yielding plant species, latex products and toxicity, phytogeography, wood technology, commercial applications, vernacular names of plants, agricultural development, and forest resources. There are drafts of industrial reports and a reference compilation of American woods as well as various biographical, historical, and popular writings. Transcripts of radio broadcasts include a Universal Broadcasting Council program (1937) "From the Ends of the Earth" (see Series 8: Audio Recordings). Oversize material is located in Box 19. See also Series 4: Personal Papers for autobiographical writings, reminiscences, and short stories; and Series 10: Publications for related published material.

Arranged alphabetically by author, thereunder alphabetically by title.

Folder Title Date
[2.77] Archer, W. Andrew "Botanist abroad, or a philosophy for the 'Good Neighbor'" 1944
[2.78] Budowski, Gerardo "Forestry training in Latin America" 1960 5th World Forestry Congr. n.d.
[2.79] Cherrie, George K. "A Naturalist's notes on a trip up the Orinoco" 1918
[2.80] Editorials and new stories on Llewelyn Williams n.d.
[2.81] Fisher, Helen S. "Interview of Llewelyn Williams" (National Farm & Home) 1937
[2.82] Franke, Gunther et al Economic Plants of the Tropics & Subtropics, Vol. 1, 1963 (3 files) n.d.
[3.1] Haden, Allen "'Fly by night' research hit by South Americans" 1942
[3.2] Hill, Albert Rubber and Other Latex Products 1952
[3.3] Horn, Eugene F. "Brazilian substitutes for gutta percha" n.d.
[3.4] Huppke, Walter F. "A study of the commercial possibilities of the forests of Ecuador" n.d.
[3.5] Klippert, W. E. "Small farm rubber production" 1942
[3.6] Kukachka, B. Francis "Cuangare, Dialyanthera sp." 1957
[3.7] McGeorge, William & W. A. Anderson "Euphorbia lorifolia" n.d.
[3.8] Miller, Leo E. "The land of the Maguiritares" n.d.
[3.9] Reyner and Liska "On the shearing strength of yellow poplar plywood…" 1945 n.d.
[3.10] Rose, Joseph Nelson "Notes on useful plants of Mexico" n.d.
[3.11] Russell, G. A. "Drying crude drugs" n.d.
[3.12] Schurer, H. "Early history of rubber" n.d.
[3.13] Schurer, H. "Early rubber technology" n.d.
[3.14] Schurz, William L., et al "Rubber production in the Amazon Valley" 1925
[3.15] Shipley, A.E. & Edwin Wilson "On a possible stridulating organ in the mosquito" 1902 n.d.
[3.16] Sievers, A. F. and G. A. Russell "Belladonna as a domestic crop" n.d.
[3.17] Stoner, A. K., Howard J. Brooks, & L. Williams. "Vegetables, fruits, and herbs for town and country gardening", Yearbook of Agriculture 1972
[3.18] University Broadcasting Council "From the Ends of the Earth" radio broadcast, 4 August n.d.
[3.19] 1937 [interview of L. Williams re: Chicago Field Museum expeditions] n.d.
[3.20] Van der Laan, E. & L. van Meurs "Some species of gum: rubber from the southern and eastern departments of Borneo" 1923
[3.21] Various authors, On Wood, its properties and structures n.d.
[3.22] Various authors, On Gutta Percha n.d.
[3.23] Wangaard, Fred & Arthur F. Muschler "Banak, Virola surinamensis (Rol.) Warb" 1954
[3.24] Williams, Llewelyn On Achras sapota n.d.
[3.25] Williams, Llewelyn. Africa (Belgian Congo and Nigeria) n.d.
[3.26] Williams, Llewelyn. "The Amazon" n.d.
[3.27] Williams, Llewelyn. "Amazon Basin - Its Forest Products" n.d.
[3.28] Williams, Llewelyn. Asia - Gutta Percha, Appendix n.d.
[3.29] Williams, Llewelyn. Asia - Jelutong, Parts I and II (2 files) n.d.
[3.30] Williams, Llewelyn. Asia - Philippines, India, Burma, and Indochina (2 files) n.d.
[3.31] Williams, Llewelyn. On the Belgian Congo n.d.
[3.32] Williams, Llewelyn. "The Belgian Congo and the Pygmies" n.d.
[3.33] Williams, Llewelyn. "Bibliography" Volume III, 1960 n.d.
[3.34] Williams, Llewelyn. "Borracha production in the Madeira Valley" n.d.
[3.35] Williams, Llewelyn. "Botanical collecting in the Amazon" n.d.
[3.36] Williams, Llewelyn. "Botanical expedition to the Caura Valley, Venezuelan Guiana" n.d.
[3.37] Williams, Llewelyn. "Botanical expedition to the Upper Orinoco" 1942 n.d.
[3.38] Williams, Llewelyn. "Botanical exploration of the Caura Basin" 1940 n.d.
[3.39] Williams, Llewelyn. "Botanical explorations of the Venezuelan Guiana, lower and middle Caura" n.d.
[3.40] Williams, Llewelyn. "Botany and forest products of the Orinoco Basin, Venezuela" 1940, 1941, 1947 n.d.
[4.1] Llewelyn "A Brief review of the development of agriculture" n.d.
[4.2] Llewelyn. "A Brief review of the phytogeography of Peru" n.d.
[4.3] Llewelyn. "British Guyana" n.d.
[4.4] Llewelyn. "Candelilla" n.d.
[4.5] Llewelyn. On Caribbean field tests (red chilte) n.d.
[4.6] Llewelyn. "The Caura Valley, Middle Orinoco" (2 files) 1939
[4.7] Llewelyn. "The Caura Valley (Orinoco)" 1940
[4.8] Llewelyn. "Chicle (Achras zapota L.)" n.d.
[4.9] Llewelyn. On Chilte (Sinalda gum; Jatropha) n.d.
[4.10] Llewelyn. On Cnidoscolus (2 files) n.d.
[4.11] Llewelyn. "Collecting ornamentals in southern Brazil" n.d.
[4.12] Llewelyn. "Colony of Chirgua" (Venezuela) n.d.
[4.13] Llewelyn. On Columbia n.d.
[4.14] Llewelyn. "Commercial woods of the United States" (reference compilation) n.d.
[4.15] Llewelyn. "Contribucion a la Dendrologia de Venezuela" n.d.
[4.16] Llewelyn. "Couma (Leche-caspi, Sorva, Perizilio, Pendare, Mucugae, etc.)" 1960
[4.17] Llewelyn. "Dahomey: Report of USDA forest survey" 1966
[4.18] Llewelyn. "Dendrographic studies on Achras zapota in re: optimum conditions for tapping" n.d.
[4.19] Llewelyn. "East Indian rubber" n.d.
[4.20] Llewelyn. "Edible yams (Dioscorea spp.): distribution, culture and economic value" 1969
[4.21] Llewelyn. "Excerpts from letters and diary of Richard Spruce" n.d.
[4.22] Llewelyn. "Exploration and vegetation of the Montana" n.d.
[4.23] Llewelyn. "The federal territory of the Amazons" 1942 (2 copies/files) n.d.
[4.24] Llewelyn. Forest Products Society Address n.d.
[4.25] Llewelyn. "The Forest resources of the Amazon Valley" Radio WLS broadcast n.d.
[4.26] Llewelyn. "Forests of Southeast Asia in correlation with Puerto Rico & Texas" Part I

"complete original"; 2 files

[4.27] Llewelyn. "Forests of the Upper Orinoco" n.d.
[5.1] Llewelyn "The genus Cnidoscolus in Mexico" n.d.
[5.2] Llewelyn. "Guayule" n.d.
[5.3] Llewelyn. Gum Sources of Tropical Africa, (2 files) 1960
[5.4] Llewelyn. "Gutta Percha" n.d.
[5.5] Llewelyn. "Harmlessness or toxicity of natural latex" 1960 (2 files) n.d.
[5.6] Llewelyn. "Harmlessness of natural latices and gums" addendum, 1960
[5.7] Llewelyn. "Henry Nichols Ridley - a pioneer economic botanist" n.d.
[5.8] Llewelyn. "Henry Nichols Ridley - a tribute" n.d.
[5.9] Llewelyn. "History of Balata" n.d.
[5.10] Llewelyn. "Impressions of the Far East" n.d.
[5.11] Llewelyn. "In quest of the Bloodwood Cacique" n.d.
[5.12] Llewelyn. "Informe sobre el caucho" n.d.
[5.13] Llewelyn. "Introductory - Latex masticatories" Volume I, 1960 n.d.
[5.14] Llewelyn. "Investigations of Popa or Perilla (Couma macrocarpa)…" (2 files) 1948-1949
[5.15] Llewelyn. "Investigations of tropical woods" Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago n.d.
[5.16] Llewelyn. "Janauba in the state of Bahia, Brazil" n.d.
[5.17] Llewelyn. "Kiln drying of previously air-dried 'Cuagare' (Dialyanthera spp.)" n.d.
[5.18] Llewelyn. "Kiln drying of previously air-dried Virola (Dialyanthera spp.)" 1962
[5.19] Llewelyn. "Lactiferous plants of economic importance" I, II, III, IV, V (5 files) n.d.
[5.20] Llewelyn. "Little-known wealth of tropical forests" n.d.
[5.21] Llewelyn. "Location of tapping site and trials in the Peruvian Amazon" 1954 n.d.
[5.22] Llewelyn. "Massarunduba balata and other gum trees in the lower Brazilian Amazon" 1955
[6.1] Llewelyn "The Middle Orinoco" n.d.
[6.2] Llewelyn. "Minor sources of latex and gums or rubbers" et al, Volume II 1960
[6.3] Llewelyn. "Nature the servant of man" n.d.
[6.4] Llewelyn. "Natural wealth of tropical American forests" 1961
[6.5] Llewelyn. "Notes prepared in the field on botanical explorations of the Venezuelan Guiana" n.d.
[6.6] Llewelyn. "Ornamentals in southern Brazil" n.d.
[6.7] Llewelyn. "Philippine Islands" n.d.
[6.8] Llewelyn. "Philippine Islands - gum resources" (2 files) n.d.
[6.9] Llewelyn. "Phytogeography of the Orinoco Basin, Venezuela" n.d.
[6.10] Llewelyn. "Plant life and ecology of the western Amazon region" n.d.
[6.11] Llewelyn. "Preliminary account of leaf-miners injurious to Swedes" n.d.
[6.12] Llewelyn. "Preliminary report on the Dorados Region" 1943
[6.13] Llewelyn. "Processing and storing (gutta percha)" n.d.
[6.14] Llewelyn. "The production of Euphorbia tirucalli rubber" n.d.
[6.15] Llewelyn. "Regarding maps, charts, graphs, and diagrams" n.d.
[6.16] Llewelyn. "Report on red or highland chilte (Cnidoscolus elasticus) and white or lowland chilte (Cnidoscolus tepiquensis)" 1960
[6.17] Llewelyn. "Response of Achras zapota in latex yield to wounding by the ibidem" n.d.
[6.18] Llewelyn. "Review of the development of the rubber industry in Southeast Asia" 1972
[6.19] Llewelyn. "The revival of British trade" n.d.
[6.20] Llewelyn. "Rubber content of miscellaneous plants" n.d.
[6.21] Llewelyn. "Rubber from Guayule" n.d.
[6.22] Llewelyn. "The Sapodilla family (Sapotaceae), Part I" (2 files) n.d.
[6.23] Llewelyn. "The Sapodilla family (Sapotaceae), Part II" (2 files) n.d.
[6.24] Llewelyn. "Seeds used for standards of weights and measure" n.d.
[6.25] Llewelyn. "Settlement conditions in the tropics" n.d.
[6.26] Llewelyn. "Snowdonia" n.d.
[6.27] Llewelyn. "Some notes on the Benin forests of southern Nigeria" n.d.
[6.28] Llewelyn. "Some pages from the memories of a botanical explorer" 1940 n.d.
[6.29] Llewelyn. "Sources of insoluble gum-yielding plants" n.d.
[6.30] Llewelyn. "Sources of natural latices, raw gums, and rubbers" Part I n.d.
[6.31] Llewelyn. "South Brazil: its vegetation, natural resources…" n.d.
[6.32] Llewelyn. "Supplemental notes on essential oils in Haiti" n.d.
[6.33] Llewelyn. "Sur l'arbre a chilte" (on the chilte tree) n.d.
[6.34] Llewelyn. "Survey of the Guttas of Sumatra" n.d.
[6.35] Llewelyn. "Sustenance in the tropical forest" n.d.
[6.36] Llewelyn. "Tea" n.d.
[6.37] Llewelyn. "Tea Industry of Assam, India" 1926 n.d.
[6.38] Llewelyn. "Tests made by Dr. L. Williams on leche caspi trees in the Peruvian Amazon" n.d.
[7.1] Williams, Llewelyn. Thailand: Current and Potential Agricultural Crops, USDA 1974
[7.2] Williams, Llewelyn. Thailand… 1974 (early draft) n.d.
[7.3] Williams, Llewelyn. "Thailand (Siam): its resources" n.d.
[7.4] Williams, Llewelyn. "They called him mad…" 1950, re: Henry Nichols Ridley n.d.
[7.5] Williams, Llewelyn. "Trees and shrubs of northeastern Peru" n.d.
[7.6] Williams, Llewelyn. "Upper Orinoco - Atabapo - Casiquiare Basin" 1941-1942
[7.7] Williams, Llewelyn. "Vegetation of Southeast Asia and Puerto Rico…." 1964
[7.8] Williams, Llewelyn. "Vernacular names" n.d.
[7.9] Williams, Llewelyn. "Vernacular names of plants of the Orinoco Valley" 1939-1942
[7.10] Williams, Llewelyn. "Wood at work" n.d.
[7.11] Williams, Llewelyn. "Yopo, a South American narcotic" n.d.
[7.12] Wolf, Virginia S. "Guide to preparation of Entomology Research Division manuscripts" n.d.
[7.13] Manuscript fragments n.d.
[*19.8] Delboy, Emilio "Memorandum on the Peruvian jungle" 1952
[*19.9] Ernest, A. various papers n.d.
[*19.10] Rice, A. Hamilton "The Rio Negro, the Casiquiare Canal, and the Upper Orinoco" 1921
[*19.11] Schurer, H. "Development of the knowledge of rubber in France and England in the 18th Century" 1949
[*19.12] Williams, Llewelyn "Apuntes estadisticos del estado Zulia" n.d.
[*19.13] Williams, Llewelyn. "Boletin de la Sociedad Venezolana" 1939
[*19.14] Williams, Llewelyn. "Diario del Dr. Llewelyn Williams al Alto Orinoca" 1941-1942
[*19.15] Williams, Llewelyn. "La Guayana Venezolana y sus forestales y agricolas" n.d.
[*19.16] Williams, Llewelyn. "Gum species in the province of Zamboanga, Philippine Islands" n.d.
[*19.17] Williams, Llewelyn. "In a land of promise" (Venezuela) n.d.
[*19.18] Williams, Llewelyn. "Informe preliminar sobre el Territorio Amazonas" 1941-1942
[*19.19] Williams, Llewelyn. "Informe sobre la colonia 'Chirgua'" (Venezuela) n.d.
[*19.20] Williams, Llewelyn. "Informe sobre el Ricino o Tartago" n.d.
[*19.21] Williams, Llewelyn. "Lista alfabetica, de las maderas Venezolanas" n.d.
[*19.22] Williams, Llewelyn. "Memorandum sobre unos productos forestales" n.d.
[*19.23] Williams, Llewelyn. "Notes on the biology of Pseudococcus gahani Green" n.d.
[*19.24] Williams, Llewelyn. On herbs and spices n.d.
[*19.25] Williams, Llewelyn. Papers on Venezuela n.d.
[*19.26] Williams, Llewelyn. "Plantas del Caura" 1939
[*19.27] Williams, Llewelyn. "Preliminary study of the leaf-miner insects of North Wales" n.d.
[*19.28] Williams, Llewelyn. "El problema de la explotacion del caucho en Venezuela" n.d.
[*19.29] Williams, Llewelyn. "Los recursos forestales de Venezuela" n.d.
[*19.30] Williams, Llewelyn. "Sources of Balata" n.d.

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Series 3. Research Papers.

Scope and Content:

The Research Papers consist of subject files on (a) latex-yielding plant species; (b) gum and rubber products; (c) tropical woods; (d) agricultural and forest resources (by country); and (e) genus files. There are 13 files of bibliographic material, 22 files of field exploration reports (primarily from Brazil), and 9 files of photo indices (see Series 6: Photographic Material). Thirty-eight files of data entitled "Field Collection Numbers" are organized regionally and/or sequentially (e.g. "18000" sequence). Of these there is comprehensive collection data on Peruvian woods (1929-1930), Orinoco River basin plants (1939-1942), Plantas Venezolanos (1938), and Plantas Recogidas en Guayana (1940) among several others. These files consist of transcriptions of field notebook data for which see Series 12: Field Notebooks below.

Research milestones of Dr. Williams' career are documented with data on the Marshall Field Amazon Expedition (1929), Rubber Development Corporation reports on sources of South America rubber during World War II (1942-46), Dreyfus Corporation reports and memoranda, and research on chicle and chilte for the Wrigley Chewing Gum Co. Several files relate to government research under the auspices of the USDA on the effects of herbicides and patterns of successional forest growth after defoliation. For this project see under Advanced Research Projects Agency; Forests of Southeast Asia, Puerto Rico, and Texas; Thailand; Vietnam, and various USDA files. An index card file is located in Box 18, and oversize documents in Boxes 19-22.

Arranged alphabetically by subject

Folder Title Date
[7.14] Advanced Research Projects Agency, U.S. Department of Defense n.d.
[7.15] Advanced Research Projects Agency, "Assessment of ecological effects of extensive or repeated use of herbicides" 1967
[7.16] Aerial photography and mapping n.d.
[7.17] Afghan drugs (Elizabeth Bacon collection, 1939) n.d.
[7.18] Africa n.d.
[7.19] Amazonia n.d.
[7.20] Anatomy of Venezuelan woods n.d.
[7.21] Angola n.d.
[7.22] Arabica Kivu n.d.
[7.23] Bahia, Brazil n.d.
[7.24] Bahia - specimen collection n.d.
[7.25] Balata Report n.d.
[7.26] Balata - Massaranduba n.d.
[7.27] Balsa survey in Colombia and Venezuela - itinerary n.d.
[7.28] Barbasco n.d.
[7.29] Belgian Congo, gums and rubber n.d.
[7.30] Bibliography (5 files) n.d.
[8.1] Bibliography, Amazonia n.d.
[8.2] Bibliography, Brazil n.d.
[8.3] Bibliography, coca (annotated) n.d.
[8.] Bibliography, rubber development reports n.d.
[8.4] Bibliography, USDA library n.d.
[8.5] Bolivia n.d.
[8.6] Book lists n.d.
[8.7] Botanical field investigations (6 files) n.d.
[8.8] Botanical notes, Central America - latex plants by family n.d.
[8.9] Botanical products and uses n.d.
[8.10] Botanical references (2 files) n.d.
[8.11] Brazil n.d.
[8.12] Brazil, Janauba (Tiborna) n.d.
[8.13] Brazil coast - rubber (2 files) n.d.
[8.14] Brazilian Amazon n.d.
[8.15] Burma n.d.
[8.16] Candelilla plant n.d.
[8.17] Castilla or Castiloa rubber n.d.
[8.18] Central America n.d.
[8.19] Chart - world plant formations or natural life zones n.d.
[8.20] Chewing gum n.d.
[8.21] Chicago Natural History Museum - Certificate of Commission for Collections, 1949 n.d.
[8.22] Chilte Report, 1954 (William Wrigley Jr. Company) n.d.
[8.23] Chilte - test planting of red chilte in Florida n.d.
[8.24] Common names / species names n.d.
[8.25] Couma and chicle (2 files) n.d.
[8.26] Couma guatemalensis ("Cow Tree") tapping operations n.d.
[8.27] Couma guianensis (sorva) n.d.
[8.28] Couma - Peru (raw gums records) n.d.
[8.29] Crop protection, Southeast Asia n.d.
[8.30] Dominica n.d.
[8.31] Dahomey (2 files) n.d.
[8.32] Dahomey, government reports (U.S. and Dahomey) n.d.
[8.33] Dipteryx - Tonka Bean n.d.
[8.34] Duplicate wood samples n.d.
[8.35] Drugs, Iran and Iraq n.d.
[8.36] Ecuador n.d.
[9.1] Elastomers n.d.
[9.2] El Verde Nuclear Site, Luquillo National Forest, Puerto Rico (2 files) n.d.
[9.3] Emergency Rubber Project - Final Report, USDA 1946
[9.4] Exploration Reports, Set 3 as follows

Brazil, Acre Territory, 6/30/44-9/18/45
Brazil, Amazonas; Baixo Amazonas
Brazil, Amazonas (Benjamin Constant)
Brazil, Amazonas (Rio Negro & Rio Solimores)
Brazil, Guapore
Brazil, Forteleza District (Ceara)
Brazil, Forteleza District (West Rio Grande do Norte; Maranhao; Pernambuco)
Brazil, Forteleza District (Alagoas; Paraiba; East Rio Grande do Norte; North Piaui)
Brazil, Mato Grosso
Brazil, Sao Salvador District (Bahia-General; Bahia-East; Bahia-Hevea Area)
Brazil, Sao Salvador District (Bahia-West; South Piaui; Sergipe)
British Guiana
Columbia (2 files)

[10.1] Exploration Reports, Set 3 as follows

Peru, General; Iquitos Area
Peru, Central Peru; Upper Ucayali
Peru, South Peru; Madre de Dios

[10.2] Field Collection Numbers [FCN]

Belgian Congo area specimens (1952)
Belgian Congo gums and rubbers (1952)
Brazil, 18016 - 18975
E. P. Killip determinations
Mexico - Fortuno, Veracruz; 8260 - 9109 (2 files)
Mexico - Oaxaco, 9110 - 9908 (2 files)
Middle and Lower Caura, Venezuela, 11200 - 13495 (1939)
Nicaragua, 17417 - 19075 (1949-1953)
North American Woods, 70000 sequence
Orinoco Basin
Orinoco Basin (1939-1942)
Orinoco Plants, 13013 - 16185 (1940-42) (4 of 5; see Box 23)
Orinoco Plants (1941-1942) (copy)
Peru (described in Flora of Peru by family)
Peruvian Amazon, 18000 sequence (1955)
Peruvian woods, 9 - 8229 (1929-1930)
Philippines, 17000 sequence
Plants of Venezuela, 9925 - 12243
Various collections
Western United States, 13690 - 13723 (1941)
FCN 10000 - 15000 (list ex USFP lab)
FCN 10437 - 10547 (1939); 10652 - 10785 (locations only)
FCN 15540 - 15599 (locations)
FCN 16073 - 16178
FCN 18000 sequence
FCN 19000 & 17000 sequences

[11.1] Field investigations, herbicides - Texas 1966
[11.2] Field notes 1953
[11.3] Field notes, Belem-do-Para 1959
[11.4] Field reports, Dreyfus Company n.d.
[11.5] Flora of Peru 1941
[11.6] Foodstuffs n.d.
[11.7] Forest Products Laboratory Employees Association newsletter (Chips) n.d.
[11.8] Forteleza district n.d.
[11.9] Gambia n.d.
[11.10] Genus Files

Lacmellea (Zschokkea)
Mimusops (Manilkara)

[12.1] Genus Files cont'd.

Zschokkea (Lacmellea)

[12.1] Ginseng n.d.
[12.2] Gauyule rubber n.d.
[12.3] Guianas n.d.
[12.4] Gum samples n.d.
[12.5] Gum sources in the Philippines n.d.
[12.6] Gums of the Amazon Basin of interest to the chewing gum industry n.d.
[12.7] Gums, with collection numbers and collection data n.d.
[12.8] Gums and gum sources of Thailand and Philippines 1950
[12.9] Gutta-percha n.d.
[12.10] Gutta sources - H. N. Hooper compilation 1945
[12.11] Guttas 1945
[12.12] Haiti n.d.
[12.13] Haiti, red chilte project 1953
[12.14] Hancornia and Hancornia rubber n.d.
[12.15] Hardekool n.d.
[12.16] Hevea rubber (3 files) n.d.
[12.17] Honduras n.d.
[12.18] Hooper, H. N., reports on latex-bearing trees n.d.
[12.19] Index to literature, by genus n.d.
[12.20] India n.d.
[12.21] India, latex-bearing trees n.d.
[12.22] Indo-China n.d.
[12.23] Indragiri - Report 1940
[12.24] Insect pests, sketches and notes n.d.
[12.25] Inter-American Committee on Tropical Agriculture, Minutes 1940
[12.26] International Society of Tropical Foresters n.d.
[12.27] Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Mexico n.d.
[12.28] Ivory Coast n.d.
[12.29] Janauba n.d.
[12.30] Janauba trees in Bahia, Brazil n.d.
[12.31] Jelutong (Dyera spp.) (2 files) n.d.
[13.1] Kenaf (Hibiscus spp.) n.d.
[13.2] Laboratory report on materials from Thailand and Philippines n.d.
[13.3] Lactiferous trees, herbarium material examined n.d.
[13.4] Latex and lactiferous tissue n.d.
[13.5] Latex plants, Africa n.d.
[13.6] Latex plants, Congo n.d.
[13.7] Latex-bearing trees of Latin America n.d.
[13.8] Latex-trees of Venezuela collected by Llewelyn Williams n.d.
[13.9] Latex-yielding trees n.d.
[13.10] Latin America n.d.
[13.11] Latin America - operators, producers, businesses, merchants n.d.
[13.12] Latin American Conference on Forests Products 1948
[13.13] Leche-Caspi n.d.
[13.14] Leche-Caspi, Report on tapping tests 1954
[13.15] Leche-Caspi, tapping and operations 1954
[13.16] Madagascar n.d.
[13.17] Mangabeira and Manicoba rubber n.d.
[13.18] Manihot n.d.
[13.19] Map and notes, Fortuno Territory n.d.
[13.20] Map of Venezuela indicating known gum sources n.d.
[13.21] Medicinal plants - Peruvian jungle n.d.
[13.22] Malyasia n.d.
[13.23] Mekong Delta, Vietnam n.d.
[13.24] Mexico n.d.
[13.25] Mexican species (2 files) n.d.
[13.26] Mexican woods - catalogue list 1937
[13.27] Mexican woods collected by Llewelyn Williams, Parts I & II Feb-July, 1937
[13.28] Miscellaneous n.d.
[13.29] Missouri Botanical Garden re: Manilkara 1960
[13.30] Mural marquetry n.d.
[13.31] Netherlands East Indies n.d.
[13.32] New Guinea and Papua n.d.
[13.33] Nicaragua n.d.
[13.34] Nigeria n.d.
[13.35] North American woods - list of duplicates n.d.
[13.36] Notes on Hilgard Sternberg's lecture, "Man and water in the Amazon floodplain" 1959
[13.37] Orchids n.d.
[13.38] Outline of a plan for the treatment of foreign woods n.d.
[13.39] Palaquium n.d.
[13.40] Papaya n.d.
[13.41] Pendarito in Columbia 1954
[13.42] Peru n.d.
[13.43] Peruvian Woods - Marshall Field Amazon Expedition 1929-1930
[14.1] Philippine Islands (2 files) n.d.
[14.2] Philippine Islands, gum samples n.d.
[14.3] Philippine Islands, plant resources n.d.
[14.4] Philippine Islands, rubber production n.d.
[14.5] Photo Index, Dahomey n.d.
[14.6] Photo Index, East Texas 1966
[14.7] Photo Index, Marshall Field Amazon Expedition 1929
[14.8] Photo Index, Marshall Field Expedition Narrative: "Botanical Collecting in the Amazon" n.d.
[14.9] Photo Index, Mexico n.d.
[14.10] Photo Index, Orinoco Basin 1940
[14.11] Photo Index, Orinoco and Casiquiare, Venezuela (Kodachrome) n.d.
[14.12] Photo Index, Orinoco (Upper) Expedition 1942-1945
[14.13] Photo Index, Peruvian Amazon n.d.
[14.14] Phytogeography of Peru n.d.
[14.15] Pines n.d.
[14.16] Plant explorations of Southern Brazil and Argentina - collecting areas n.d.
[14.17] Plant families, descriptions n.d.
[14.18] Plant families, properties and uses n.d.
[14.19] Plant materials and field numbers, Orinoco Basin 1939-1942
[14.20] Plantas Venezuelanas: Recogidas en el territorio federal Amazonas 1941-1942
[14.21] Ports and harbors of Brazil n.d.
[14.22] Preparation of chewing gum n.d.
[14.23] Progress report on chilte 1953
[14.24] Progress report on red and white chilte (Cnidoscolus) n.d.
[14.25] Pseudococcus gahani Green (insect) sketches n.d.
[14.26] Puerto Rico n.d.
[14.27] Puerto Rico botanical investigations, USDA 1963
[14.28] Puerto Rico - Defoliation and evaluation of successional growth n.d.
[14.29] Rainfall record, St. Croiz 1942-1946
[14.30] Report on trip to Amazon by P. Druiding 1945-1948
[14.31] Rotenone n.d.
[14.32] Rubber (2 files) n.d.
[14.33] Rubber species (1 of 2 files; see Box 24) n.d.
[14.34] Rubber (Guyana) n.d.
[14.35] Rubber Development Corporation [RDC] Reports, Argentina and Bolivia n.d.
[14.36] RDC, Brazil n.d.
[14.37] RDC, Brazil coast; British Guyana n.d.
[14.38] RDC, Columbia (2 files) n.d.
[14.39] RDC, Haiti n.d.
[14.40] RDC, Memoranda and reports 1942-1943
[14.41] RDC, Memoranda and reports 1942-1945
[14.42] RDC, Peru n.d.
[15.1] Rubber Development Corporations, Reports n.d.
[15.2] RDC, Reports, index n.d.
[15.3] RDC, Rubber n.d.
[15.4] RDC, Summary of field technicians' reports n.d.
[15.5] Sapium and Sapium Rubber n.d.
[15.6] Sapodilla (Achras) n.d.
[15.7] Sierra Leone n.d.
[15.8] South America n.d.
[15.9] South Borneo n.d.
[15.10] Southeast Asia n.d.
[15.11] Species in mangrove woodland, South Vietnam n.d.
[15.12] Species of wood n.d.
[15.13] Specimen material - Parinari montana Aublet (Chrysobalanaceae) 1958
[15.14] Sumatra - Forest survey for jelutong 1939-1940
[15.15] Survey of the guttas of Sumatra 1939
[15.16] System of tapping Sapium rubber used in Venezuela n.d.
[15.17] Temare n.d.
[15.18] Tests of crude rubber n.d.
[15.19] Thailand n.d.
[15.20] Thailand, agricultural chemicals n.d.
[15.21] Thailand, agricultural development 1972
[15.22] Thailand, botanical field investigations 1964-1965
[15.23] Thailand, crop diversification 1971
[15.24] Thailand, germ plasm requirements, USDA reports 1971-1972
[15.25] Travel regulations n.d.
[15.26] Tree (woods) species (6 files) n.d.
[15.27] Tropical rain forests n.d.
[15.28] Tropical woods of northeast Peru n.d.
[15.29] Tunu (Castilla, or Castiloa)

1 of 2; see Box 24

[15.30] Type specimens from Venezuela n.d.
[15.31] USDA aerobotanical photography 1963
[15.32] USDA Agricultural Diversification in Thailand 1973
[15.33] USDA Cancer Project - Puerto Rico collections 1969
[15.34] USDA commercial data on botanicals n.d.
[15.35] USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, unclassified reports 1972
[15.36] USDA Line Project, CR-O n.d.
[15.37] USDA manuscript preparation guidelines n.d.
[16.1] USDA New Crops Research Branch Information System n.d.
[16.2] USDA personnel file - Llewelyn Williams n.d.
[16.3] USDA Puerto Rico Botanical Investigations 1963
[16.4] Vegetable wax n.d.
[16.5] Venezuela n.d.
[16.6] Venezuela - Botany, geology, and field collection numbers n.d.
[16.7] Vernacular names - checklist; Spanish, Quechua, et al n.d.
[16.8] Vernacular names of plants n.d.
[16.9] Vernacular names of plants of the Orinoco Valley 1939-1942
[16.10] Vietnam, phytogeography and defoliation n.d.
[16.11] Virgin Islands n.d.
[16.12] Wood collections, Chicago Field Museum 1935
[16.13] Wood specimens from China - checklist n.d.
[16.14] Woods collected by Elizabeth Bacon Hudson n.d.
[16.15] Woods of East Indies, Lunda, and Andaman Islands n.d.
[16.16] Woods and wood products n.d.
[18.a] Index cards

[18.b] Index cards

[18.c] Index cards

[*19.31] Amapa territory n.d.
[*19.32] Architectural sketch n.d.
[*19.33] Bahia, Brazil n.d.
[*19.34] Balata ("Mrs. Fink's folder") n.d.
[*19.35] Bibliography (2 files) n.d.
[*19.36] Bibliographic notes n.d.
[*19.37] Borneo groundnuts scheme survey n.d.
[*19.38] Clippings sequence - botanical exploration; biographical (2 files) n.d.
[*19.39] Couma n.d.
[*20.1] Exploraciones botanicas en la Guayana Venezuela en bayo y media caura 1942
[*20.2] Field Collection Numbers

Gutta Percha
Orinoco Plants, 12500 - 13012 (1940) (1 of 5; see Box 10)
Plantas Venezolanas, 9920 - 12471 (1938)
Plantas Venezolanas, (1938) (re-type of master list)
Unidentified, 11201 - 12089 (on boards)
Various collections
Woods from Cauro region, Venezuelan Guiana; 10000 - 12000 sequences

[*20.3] Jelutong n.d.
[*20.4] Latex Llewelynia Pittier n.d.
[*20.5] Mailing list re: botanical exploration in Venezuela n.d.
[*20.6] Manilkara n.d.
[*20.7] Mimusops or Manilkara n.d.
[*20.8] Map: Carto do Rio Amazonas n.d.
[*20.9] News articles on woods n.d.
[*20.10] Nicaragua - gum resources n.d.
[*20.11] Nigeria n.d.
[*20.12] North American woods n.d.
[*20.13] Notes and texts on rubber n.d.
[*20.14] Notes on species (trees of Venezuela, et al) n.d.
[*20.15] Palaquium (Gutta percha) n.d.
[*20.16] Plant lists ("not L. Williams?") n.d.
[*20.17] Plants of Peru (with collection numbers) n.d.
[*20.18] Planting test with Jelutong n.d.
[*20.19] Red chilte n.d.
[*20.20] Report on Nigeria 1952
[*20.21] Report on the Philippines n.d.
[*20.22] Report on Thailand n.d.
[*20.23] Reports on samples (chilte, et al), Dreyfus Company n.d.
[*20.24] Rubber n.d.
[*20.25] Rubber Development Corporation n.d.
[*21.1] Rubber Development Corporation, systematic list of genera and species n.d.
[*21.2] Rubber species (2 of 2 files; see Box 14) n.d.
[*21.3] Sapotaceae n.d.
[*21.4] Settlement in the Amazon Valley, Office for Emergency Management, 1944 n.d.
[*21.5] Species descriptions n.d.
[*21.6] Tunu (Castilla, or Catiloa) (2 of 2; see Box 15) n.d.
[*21.7] Wood Exhibit - Chicago Field Museum of Natural History n.d.
[*21.8] Wood species collections, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago n.d.
[*22.1] Field Collection Numbers, Plantas Recogidas en Guayana

12500-16185 (1940) copy 1 (annotated)

[*22.2] Field Collection Numbers, Plantas Recogidas en Guayana

12500-16185 (1940) copy 2 (annotated)

[*22.3] Field Collection Numbers, Plantas Venezolanas

9920-12471 (1938)

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Series 4. Personal Papers.

Scope and Content:

The Personal Papers consist of biographical writings, clippings, correspondence, diaries, memorabilia, typescripts of short stories, and personal records (e.g. employment, financial, genealogical, legal, and medical). There are 15 correspondence files, including four files with Dr. Williams' wife, Mary Williams. The latter provide personal information about events at home and about detailed travel itineraries, hardships, personnel, and accomplishments from field locations throughout the world. Several files contain records and memorabilia relating to Dr. Williams' membership in religious and fraternal organizations and his participation in a variety of Welsh and Welsh-American organizations. Notable items include diaries (English and Spanish) of field trips to the upper Orinoco River basin (1941-42) and to the Peruvian Amazon (1959) and a missionary's account of travel to the North Lushai Hills of Assam, India (1924).

Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Folder Title Date
[16.17] Acenas, Juan - U.S. Medal of Freedom citation n.d.
[16.18] Acquaintances in Peru n.d.
[16.19] Autobiography n.d.
[16.20] Biographical n.d.
[16.21] Book reviews n.d.
[16.22] Botany Practice Book n.d.
[16.23] Certificates and diplomas n.d.
[16.24] Clippings, biographical n.d.
[16.25] Clippings, general n.d.
[16.26] Clippings, Welsh n.d.
[16.27] Committee to Aid the Defense of Wales (Cymru) n.d.
[16.28] Corporate stock n.d.
[16.29] Correspondence - Academic degrees (M.Sc. & D.Sc.) August 15, 1963
[16.30] Correspondence - The Druid n.d.
[16.31] Correspondence - Knudsen, Phyllis n.d.
[16.32] Correspondence - Official business n.d.
[16.33] Correspondence - Persian rug n.d.
[16.34] Correspondence - Personal (3 files) n.d.
[16.35] Correspondence - U.S. Immigration & Naturalization Service n.d.
[16.36] Correspondence - University of Wales, registrar n.d.
[16.37] Correspondence - Welsh n.d.
[16.38] Correspondence - Williams, Mary (2 of 4 files) n.d.
[17.1] Correspondence - Williams, Mary (2 of 4 files) n.d.
[17.2] Curriculum vita n.d.
[17.3] Degrees awarded by the University of Wales n.d.
[17.4] Deposition, Welsh n.d.
[17.5] Diario de Llwewlyn Williams al alto Orinoco 1941-1942
[17.6] Diary of travels in the Peruvian Amazon 1959
[17.7] Diary of a trip made by Dr. Llewelyn Williams to the Upper Orinoco River Basin (2 copies/files) December 1941 to July 1942
[17.8] Diary 1962
[17.9] Employment applications n.d.
[17.10] Estate of Mary Williams n.d.
[17.11] Financial and tax records n.d.
[17.12] Foreign Commerce Curriculum n.d.
[17.13] Genealogical n.d.
[17.14] Gymanfa Ganu Association of Wisconsin n.d.
[17.15] Insurance n.d.
[17.16] Johns Hopkins University n.d.
[17.17] "Land of Our Fathers" (Wales) 1963
[17.18] "Land of Wales" address at St. David's Society, Washington, DC n.d.
[17.19] Legal n.d.
[17.20] Lewis, Kitty. "Record [letters] of a trip to the North Lushai Hills, Assam, India" 1924 n.d.
[17.21] Map of Wales n.d.
[17.22] Medical n.d.
[17.23] Memorabilia - Botanical exploration n.d.
[17.24] Memorabilia - Chicago Natural History Museum n.d.
[17.25] Memorabilia - General n.d.
[17.26] Memorabilia - Historical n.d.
[17.27] Memorabilia - Inspirational n.d.
[17.28] Memorabilia - Masonic n.d.
[17.29] Memorabilia - Personal n.d.
[17.30] Memorabilia - Religious n.d.
[17.31] Memorabilia - Travel n.d.
[17.32] Memorabilia - Welsh n.d.
[17.33] Modern Reader's Bible - St. John n.d.
[17.34] Notebook, church budget n.d.
[17.35] Notes with business cards n.d.
[17.36] Passports and visas n.d.
[17.37] Personal data statement, USDA n.d.
[17.38] Poetry and music n.d.
[17.39] Police Department certifications n.d.
[17.40] Portrait, (chalk on cardboard) 1943
[17.41] Public speaking n.d.
[17.42] Publications by Llewelyn Williams at Yale n.d.
[17.43] Reminiscences n.d.
[17.44] Review of work in economic botany "The Romance of Southern Mexico" Chicago Daily News, re: Llewelyn Williams travel to Tehuantepec, Mexico December 4, 1937
[17.45] Sermons n.d.
[17.46] Short story: "Christmas Blends All Hearts" [In Central Africa] 1944
[17.47] Short story: "A Most Precious Gift" [Boyhood Days in Wales] 1914
[17.48] Short story: "The Night Prowler of Karimganj" [In India] 1924
[17.49] Short story: "Tangarawa (The Fire Ant)" [In the Amazon] 1929
[17.50] Scrapbook (clippings) "Los Llanos de Venezuela" by Raymond E. Crist n.d.
[17.51] Union of Welsh Exiles n.d.
[17.52] Wills and testaments n.d.
[17.53] Zor Zephyr (Masonic) n.d.
[*21.9] Business cards and notes n.d.
[*21.10] Curriculum vita (Spanish) n.d.
[*21.11] News clippings (Spanish) 1939

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Series 5. Research Grants.

Scope and Content:

There are 7 files of research grant application and related material. Most relate to applications for National Science Foundation (NSF) grants; all but one concern research projects of Dr. Williams.

Arranged alphabetically by granting institution.

Folder Title Date
[23.1] The Creole Foundation, "Forest Types and Resources of the Orinoco Basin" 1973
[23.2] National Science Foundation, Agricultural…Resources of the Orinoco Basin" 1973
[23.3] National Science Foundation, "Biogeographical Comparisons" E. G. Leigh 1968
[23.4] National Science Foundation, "Forest Types and Resources of the Orinoco Basin" 1973
[23.5] National Science Foundation, "Rain Forest of Amazonia - Floristic Study" 1972
[23.6] U.S. Dept of Health, Education, and Welfare Grant #RG-8351, "Studies of Medicinal n.d.
[23.7] Plants of the World" 1960

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Series 6. Photographic Material.

Scope and Content:

There are an estimated 11,000+ photographic images in the collection in the form of positive and negative prints, color slides, and glass slides. The photography documents botanical expeditions and fieldwork, tapping and production operations of latex-bearing trees, identity and forms of plant species (especially those producing gums and rubbers), plant cultivation, and regional surveys of forest and agricultural habitats. Comprehensive regional surveys in Thailand, Puerto Rico, and the Peruvian Amazon include aerial photography. Some of the photographic material consists of line drawings of plant species, diagrams, and maps. Much of the photography is captioned and has been used in published material (Series 10), documenting a variety of research projects and botanical expeditions throughout the tropics. See Series 3: Research Papers for a photo index list.

Photos appear in single shots, numbered photographic sequences, scrapbooks (intact and disassembled), and suspended on hanging mounts ("Fotofolio" books). There are four boxes of color slides, some of which duplicates other photographic material. Images are organized alphabetically by plant species, botanical product, country, or location. Positive and negative prints have been cross-referenced with Dr. Williams' identifying numbers where possible. Major pictorial sequences have been coded systematically as follows: D = Dahomey; E1 = Puerto Rico defoliation study; IC = Indochina; M = Manilkara; PR = Puerto Rico; T = Texas; #-63/64 = Thailand, 1963/64; #-65 = Thailand, 1965; W = Vanilla.

Photographic subjects include surveys of latex-yielding species (e.g. Achras, Castilloa, Cnidoscolus, Couma, Dyera, Hevea, Manilkara, Palaquium, Sapium et al) and latex products (e.g. balata, chicle, chilte, gutta-percha, jelutong, leche-caspi et al). There are photo surveys of the Marshall Field Amazon Expedition (1929); exploration of South America during World War II; comparative studies of the forest resources of Puerto Rico, Texas, and Thailand relating to herbicide testing; and the economic botany of the Caura and Orinoco Valleys, Venezuela. Much of the collection has ethnographic significance as Dr. Williams photographed individuals of aboriginal cultures in the context of their aesthetic, material, economic, and social culture. There are portraits of Dr. Williams, his wife and family, and group photos of professional organizations. Oversize photos are located in Boxes 33 and 34. Photographic material can also be found in Series 2: Manuscripts & Typescripts; Series 3: Research Papers; and Series 4: Personal Papers.

Arranged by media, thereunder by size, thereunder alphabetically by subject.

Folder Title Date
[23.8] Achras and tree-tapping operations n.d.
[23.9] Botanical caricature, Llewelyn Williams(framed) 1968
[23.10] Brazil, Amazon trading stations n.d.
[23.11] Brazil, Manaus (scrapbook collection) (2 files) n.d.
[23.12] Brazil, Peru; Japan n.d.
[23.13] Brazil, South n.d.
[23.14] Brazil, southeast (Parana, Sao Paulo, et al) n.d.
[23.15] Brazil(duplicates) (2 files) 1958
[23.16] Candelilla - Arizona: Biltmore, Phoenix, Arizona n.d.
[23.17] Cartoons n.d.
[23.18] Castilla ulei - Caucho, Peruvian Amazon n.d.
[23.19] Caura; Orinoco n.d.
[23.20] Chilte (Cnidoscolus) (with legend) n.d.
[23.21] Congo (4 files) n.d.
[23.22] Couma, leche-caspi extraction n.d.
[23.23] Couma, Orinoco Basin n.d.
[23.24] Couma, Peruvian Amazon n.d.
[24.1] Dahomey (2 files) n.d.
[24.2] Dahomey - Report of USDA Forest Survey, (2 files) 1966
[24.3] Diagram, tapping latex n.d.
[24.4] Diagrams n.d.
[24.5] Diagrams, Hevea brasiliensis and bud-grafting n.d.
[24.6] Diagrams, laticifers (includes drawings) n.d.
[24.7] Diagrams, leaves and forest profiles n.d.
[24.8] Diagrams, seeds and plant structures n.d.
[24.9] Drawings (Couma, Hevea, et al) by Regina Hughes n.d.
[24.10] Drawings (Manilkara) n.d.
[24.11] Falls of Rio Caronia n.d.
[24.12] Forests of Southeast Asia, Appendix No. 1, (2 files) 1965
[24.13] Forests of Southeast Asia, Puerto Rico, and Texas, II (complete original) (2 files) n.d.
[24.14] Guatemala n.d.
[24.15] Hevea brasiliensis (Para rubber tree) n.d.
[24.16] Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Mexico, 1937 n.d.
[24.17] Jelutong tree n.d.
[24.18] Herbarium photos with captions (3 files) n.d.
[24.19] Lacmellea n.d.
[24.20] Leche-caspi (Couma macrocarpa) n.d.
[24.21] Leche-caspi, tapping Couma macrocarpa n.d.
[24.22] Leopoldinia and Lonchocarpus (barbasco) n.d.
[24.23] Malaysia (Dipterocarp) n.d.
[24.24] Manilkara n.d.
[24.25] Manilkara, products and operations n.d.
[25.1] Mexico (3 files) n.d.
[25.2] Mexico, Isthmus of Tehuantepec, (2 files) 1937
[25.3] Mexico, Oaxaca and Fortuna n.d.
[25.4] Nigeria (3 files) n.d.
[25.5] Orinoco River n.d.
[25.6] Orinoco River - Cultures and Botany (fishing with barbasco root) n.d.
[25.7] Orinoco River (upper) - Duida Mountain Range n.d.
[25.8] Orinoco River (upper) - foliage and land formations n.d.
[25.9] Orinoco River (upper) - native cultures: Huitot, Piapoco, et al n.d.
[25.10] Palaquium (Dyera spp.) n.d.
[25.11] Palms, Venezuela n.d.
[25.12] Peru (7 files) n.d.
[26.1] Philippines n.d.
[26.2] Phytelephas palm, Ecuador, Esmeraldas region n.d.
[26.3] Portrait (group), Forest Products Laboratory, 83d class in kiln-drying of lumber, 1959 n.d.
[26.4] Portrait (group), International Association of Wood Anatomists c. 1930
[26.5] Portraits, Llewelyn Williams n.d.
[26.6] Portraits, Llewelyn Williams c. 1920s
[26.7] Portraits, Mary Williams (studio) n.d.
[26.8] Portraits, Wrigley (Chewing Gum) Company Executives n.d.
[26.9] Puerto Rico n.d.
[26.10] Puerto Rico (B) n.d.
[26.11] Puerto Rico, defoliation n.d.
[26.12] Report on Southeast Asia, Puerto Rico, and East Texas n.d.
[26.13] Re: "Review of the development of the rubber industry in Southeast Asia" 1972
[26.14] Rosewood, Peruvian Amazon n.d.
[26.15] Santa Catalina Island, California n.d.
[26.16] South America (70000 series) n.d.
[26.17] South America (from scrapbook) n.d.
[26.18] Southeast Asia forests n.d.
[26.19] Texas, grasslands and scrub n.d.
[26.20] Texas, rangeland n.d.
[26.21] Texas (East), vegetation n.d.
[26.22] Tezcatllipoca and rubber ball game n.d.
[26.23] Thailand (2 files) n.d.
[26.24] Thailand, agriculture and forest resources n.d.
[26.25] Thailand, culture, theater, urban scenes (bound scrapbook) n.d.
[26.26] Thailand, defoliation n.d.
[26.27] Thailand, (100-149) 1963-1964
[26.28] Thailand, (150-249) 1963-1964
[26.29] Thailand, (250-342) 1963-1964
[27.1] Thailand, I (1-99) 1963-1964
[27.2] Thailand, I (151-342) (3 files) 1963-1964
[27.3] Thailand, II (1-99) 1963-1964
[27.4] Thailand, II (151-342) (3 files) 1963-1964
[27.5] Thailand, (3 files) 1964-1965
[27.6] Thailand, (1-500) (3 files) 1964-1965
[27.7] Thailand, (15-489) 1964-1965
[27.8] Thailand, (508-937) (3 files) 1964-1965
[27.9] Thailand Report n.d.
[27.10] Thailand and Cambodia, A (2 files) 1968
[27.11 Thailand and Cambodia, B (2 files) 1968
[28.1] Thailand, various n.d.
[28.2] Twine raw materials (116) (from scrapbook) n.d.
[28.3] Unidentified n.d.
[28.4] Venezuela n.d.
[28.5] Venezuela 1938-1939; 1940
[28.6] Venezuela - botany, forest products, Guahibo culture n.d.
[28.7] Venezuela - Caura Valley (3 files) n.d.
[28.8] Venezuela - economic and material culture n.d.
[28.9] Venezuela - indigenous cultures: Guahibo, Panare, et al n.d.
[28.10] Venezuela - north coast n.d.
[28.11] Vietnam, South 1966
[28.12] Washington, DC n.d.
[28.13] "Fotofolio" scrapbooks (photos suspended on hanging mounts) (2 of 4) 1939-1940
[29.1] "Fotofolio" scrapbooks (photos suspended on hanging mounts) (2 of 4)

[29.2] Negatives

Dahomey, portrait with scarified face
Diagrams, leaves and forest profiles
Drawings by Regina Hughes
Drawings, Manilkara (Regina Hughes)
Herbarium material
Maps, Africa
Maps, Puerto Rico
Maps, South America
Maps, Texas (East)
Maps, Thailand (2 files)
Maps, various
Maps, Vietnam

[*33.1] Amazon River 1929n.d.
[*33.2] Caura and Orinoco Valleys (from scrapbook) (4 files) n.d.
[*33.3] Defoliation tests, Puerto Rico and Texas n.d.
[*33.4] Ethnographic: Guahibo culture, Upper Orinoco (2 files) 1938
[*33.5] Mexico: Chiapas, Oaxaca, Veracruz (from scrapbook) (6 files) n.d.
[*33.6] Mexico: Oaxaca and Veracruz n.d.
[*33.7] Thailand, temple n.d.
[*34.1] Caura and Orinoco Valleys (scrapbook) (4 files) n.d.
[*34.2] Orinoco River (mounted) n.d.
[*34.3] Portrait (group) International Association of Wood Anatomists (captioned) 1930
[*34.4] Portrait (group) Society for Economic Botany, 10th Anniversary (captioned) 1969
[*34.5] Portraits (a) South America with Masiquitares; (b) with artifact n.d.
[*34.6] Travel exhibit, ethnographic (6 files) n.d.
[*34.7] Wisconsin Dells 1967
[35.1] Brazil - Ornamentals of South Brazil n.d.
[35.2] Puerto Rico - Luquillo National Forest n.d.
[35.3] Peru - Rosewood n.d.
[35.4] Slides, unsorted (17 boxes) n.d.
[35.5] Slides, three-ring binder n.d.
[36.1] Slides, 2 files n.d.
[36.2] Slides, three-ring binders (6) n.d.
[37.1] Slides, 11 boxes n.d.
[37.2] Slides, mounted n.d.
[38.1] Santa Elena, Mexico n.d.
[38.2] Philippine Islands and Venezuela n.d.
[38.3] Virgin Islands and Damascus n.d.
[38.4] Unidentified n.d.
[38.5] Slides, mounted n.d.
[39.1] Ecuador n.d.
[40.1] Chilte, Mexico n.d.
[40.2] Laticifers, Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon 1947-1949
[41.1] Belgian Congo n.d.
[41.2] Brazilian Amazon n.d.
[41.3] Ecuador n.d.
[41.4] India n.d.
[41.5] Laticifers n.d.
[41.6] Nigeria n.d.
[41.7] Siam n.d.
[42.a] Thailand 1963
[42.b] Thailand 1963
[42.b] Thailand 1965
[42.c] Texas n.d.
[42.c] Thailand n.d.
[42.d] Achras spp. (Manilkara) n.d.
[42.d] Chilte n.d.
[42.d] Laos n.d.
[42.d] Orinoco n.d.
[42.d] Texas n.d.
[42.d] Unidentified n.d.
[42.d] Vanilla n.d.
[42.d] Venezuela n.d.
[43.a] Ecuador n.d.
[43.a] Miscellaneous n.d.
[43.b] Amazon, Brazilian and Peruvian n.d.
[43.c] Amazon, Brazilian and Peruvian n.d.
[43.d] Dahomey n.d.
[43.d] Diagrams, drawings, and text n.d.
[43.e] Indochina n.d.
[43.f] Indochina n.d.
[44.a] Manilkara n.d.
[44.a] Maps n.d.
[44.a] Mexico n.d.
[44.a] Photomicrographs, radial cross-sections of wood n.d.
[44.a] Puerto Rico n.d.
[44.a] Puerto Rico, defoliation tests n.d.
[44.a] Texas n.d.
[44.a] Thailand 1963; 1965
[44.b] Thailand 1963; 1965
[44.c] Thailand, 1963; 1965
[44.d] Unidentified n.d.
[44.d] Vanilla n.d.
[44.d] Venezuela n.d.
[44.e] Glass negatives n.d.
[45.a] Glass negatives (Peru, 1930s) n.d.
[45.b] Negative strips n.d.
[45.c] Africa n.d.
[45.c] Belgian Congo n.d.
[45.c] Dahomey n.d.
[45.c] Nigeria n.d.
[45.c] Peruvian Amazon n.d.
[45.c] Venezuela n.d.
[45.d] Achras spp. (Manilkara) (4) n.d.
[45.d] Castilla (tunu) (8) n.d.
[45.d] Chilte (includes numbered sequence) n.d.
[45.d] Mexico n.d.
[45.d] Venezuela and Guyana, botanical exploration, (42) c. 1942
[45.d] Venezuela, latex trees (5) n.d.
[45.d] Venezuela, Orinoco Valley n.d.
[45.e] Puerto Rico (PR2 - PR90; plant drawings) n.d.
[45.e] Puerto Rico defoliation (E1-483 - E1-973) (20) n.d.
[45.e] Texas (T1 - T164) n.d.
[45.e] Vanilla (includes 94000 sequence) n.d.
[45.e] Vanilla (W1 - W39) n.d.
[46.a] Thailand (1-63/64 - 383-63/64) 1963; 1964
[46.b] Thailand (15-65 - 937-65) 1965
[46.c] Drawings n.d.
[46.c] Laos (27) n.d.
[46.c] Maps n.d.
[46.c] Portraits n.d.
[46.c] Siam, (notes for photos) 1950
[46.c] Thailand, 1950 (11) n.d.
[46.c] Thailand, aerial views (6) n.d.
[46.c] Wales n.d.
[46.c] Unidentified n.d.
[46.d] Unidentified n.d.
[47.1] Belgian Congo n.d.
[47.2] Dahomey (D4 - D95) n.d.
[47.3] Nigeria n.d.
[47.4] Chilte n.d.
[47.5] Brazil n.d.
[47.6] Marshall Field Amazon Expedition n.d.
[47.7] Peruvian Amazon n.d.
[47.8] Venezuela, ethnographic (Guahibo) n.d.
[47.9] Venezuela, 72000 sequence (6) n.d.
[47.10] Miscellaneous n.d.
[47.11] Unidentified n.d.
[47.12] Photomicrographs, radial cross-sections of wood (4) n.d.
[47.13] Portraits n.d.
[47.14] Wales n.d.
[47.15] Maps n.d.
[48.1] Borneo (2) n.d.
[48.2] Cnidoscolus tepiquensis, 1962 n.d.
[48.3] Cymbopogon nardus 1964
[48.4] Defoliation tests n.d.
[48.5] Diagrams n.d.
[48.6] Dyera (jelutong), (2) 1940
[48.7] Laos n.d.
[48.8] Leopoldinia and Lonchocarpus (2) n.d.
[48.9] Manilkara (M1 - M16) n.d.
[48.10] Palaquium (4) n.d.
[48.11] Philippines (3) n.d.
[48.12] Poncirus trifoliata, 1966 n.d.
[48.13] Puerto Rico (PR23 - PR165) n.d.
[48.14] Texas (T32 - T193) n.d.
[48.15] Southeast Asia n.d.
[48.16] Thailand report (6) n.d.
[48.17] Vanilla (94949 - 94950) n.d.
[49.1] Thailand, (1 - 1005) 1963
[50.1] Indochina (IC-1 - IC-105) n.d.
[50.2] Thailand (unnumbered) n.d.
[51.1] Mexico (20) n.d.
[51.2] Thailand, (15-65 - 1001-65) 1965
[51.3] Mounted color slides n.d.

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Series 7. Maps.

Scope and Content:

There are two boxes containing maps in a variety of formats and media. Most of the maps are housed in file folders and are of photographic quality (glossy and matte) or of paper and board. There are 13 oversize maps, both published and hand-drawn. Subjects include travel routes, encampments, forest and agricultural zones, topography, and physical and national boundaries. Several are marked and annotated. Most are country maps, especially of Southeast Asia and South America; there are regional and local maps as well. Notable maps describe botanical areas studied by Dr. Williams, travel routes in the Orinoco and Peruvian Amazon River basins, and a wide variety of forest and agricultural zones and types in Thailand. There is one composite aeronautical chart of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Mexico. Negatives of photo-quality maps (and smaller photo maps) are located in Series 6: Photographic Material. The collection complements and supports botanical and expedition information of Series 2: Manuscripts & Typescripts, and Series 3: Research Papers.

Arranged alphabetically or by assigned number.

Folder Title Date
[29.3] Africa n.d.
[29.4] Amazon basin n.d.
[29.5] Belgian Congo n.d.
[29.6] Brazil, southeast (Llewelyn William travel routes, USDA, 1958) n.d.
[29.7] Brazil, southern n.d.
[29.8] Caribbean n.d.
[29.9] Casiquiare River (hand-drawn) n.d.
[29.10] Central America n.d.
[29.11] Columbia n.d.
[29.12] Columbia, Apure River n.d.
[29.13] Globe (mounted) n.d.
[29.14] Indonesia n.d.
[29.15] Information (with text) n.d.
[29.16] Mexico n.d.
[29.17] Mexico, geographical range of chilte n.d.
[29.18] Orinoco River Basin (areas studied botanically by Llewelyn Williams) n.d.
[29.19] Orinoco River Basin (travel routes) n.d.
[29.20] Orinoco and Caura River Basins n.d.
[29.21] Pakistan n.d.
[29.22] Peru n.d.
[29.23] Philippines n.d.
[29.24] Puerto Rico n.d.
[29.25] Rio Arauca (hand-drawn) n.d.
[29.26] South America n.d.
[29.27] South America, exploration routes of Humboldt and Bonpland n.d.
[29.28] Southeast Asia n.d.
[29.29] Texas n.d.
[29.30] Thailand (2 files) n.d.
[29.31] Thailand, agricultural and forest resources n.d.
[29.32] Thailand, forest and crop zone n.d.
[29.33] Thailand, forest types (color) n.d.
[29.34] Thailand report, 1966 n.d.
[29.35] Venezuela n.d.
[29.36] Venezuela, North (annotated - encampments) n.d.
[29.37] Venezuela, North (annotated; University of Wisconsin herbarium) n.d.
[29.3]8 Venezuela, Sapium zone (re: Llewelyn Williams Report #1) n.d.
[29.39] Vietnam n.d.
[29.40] World n.d.
[*30.1] Venezuela, physical and political n.d.
[*30.2] Venezuela, physical - roads and rivers n.d.
[*30.3] Venezuela, north n.d.
[*30.4] Venezuela, Cerro Duida n.d.
[*30.5] Venezuela, "Los Estados Unidos Venezuela" n.d.
[*30.6] Brazilian Amazon n.d.
[*30.7] Peruvian Amazon (oversize; not in box) n.d.
[*30.8] Mexico, south - aeronautical chart n.d.
[*30.9] Amazon, annotated n.d.
[*30.10] Venezuela, topographical / hand-drawn (2) (black tube) n.d.
[*30.11] Travel routes - Pan American Airways Clipper Club (oversize; not in box) n.d.
[*31.1] Cambodia n.d.
[*31.2] Laos (color) n.d.
[*31.3] South America, distribution of Couma species n.d.
[*31.4] Thailand n.d.
[*31.5] Vietnam n.d.
[*31.6] Vietnam (Russian map in Cyrillic) n.d.

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Series 8. Audio Recordings.

Scope and Content:

There are two types of audio recordings: (a) dictaphone tape recordings, and (b) an oversize 33.3 long-playing record. The dictaphone recordings (ca. 1960) relate to latex substances, e.g. chilte, couma, et al, and are labeled by subject and date. The single oversize LP record is a recording of a 1937 radio broadcast of a program entitled "From the Ends of the Earth" featuring Llewelyn Williams' narrative about a Chicago (Field) Museum Expedition to Peru. A transcript of the recording is located in Series 2: Manuscripts & Typescripts, Box 3.

Arranged by media.

Folder Title Date
[*31.7] LP record (33.3 rpm, oversize)

"From the Ends of the Earth", Chicago Field Museum Botanical Expedition to Peru, University Broadcasting Council

August 4, 1937
[*32.1] Dictaphone tape recordings: Chilte

[*32.2] Dictaphone tape recordings: Couma, Palaquium, et al


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Series 9. Film, 16mm.

Scope and Content:

There are three boxes of film of fieldwork activities on several botanical expeditions. Of this material there are 31 containers of 16mm film and four oversize reels relating to travels in Venezuela and the western United States.

Arranged by subject.

Folder Title Date
[52.1] 16mm film (20 containers) n.d.
[53.1] 16mm film (11 containers) n.d.
[54.1] "A Trip across Venezuela: The Little Venice of South America" (No. 2) (in container) n.d.
[54.2] "A Trip across Venezuela: The Little Venice of South America" (A-1015) (in container) n.d.
[54.3] "Western United States" (2 reels) n.d.

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Series 10. Publications.

Scope and Content:

There is one box of publications (bound and unbound) most of which are USDA publications (1963-1973) on forest and agricultural studies in Southeast Asia and Puerto Rico. One item, Orinoco Basin (1962) contains original photographic prints pasted within. There is also an assortment of journal articles and reprints in both English and Spanish relating to tropical woods, latex-bearing trees, and botanical exploration of South America. Most published material appears in draft form in Series 3: Manuscripts & Typescripts. One oversize folder is located in Box 21.

Arranged alphabetically by title.

Folder Title Date
[*21.12] Journal "Maderas economicas de Venezuela"

Boletin Tecnico No. 2, Ministerio de Agricultura y Cria [See Box 55 below - Series 10: Publications]

[55.1] Forests of Southeast Asia, Puerto Rico, and Texas, USDA CR 1267 (inscribed) 1967
[55.2] Forests of Southeast Asia, Puerto Rico, and Texas, USDA CR-1267 (annotated) 1967
[55.3] Orinoco Basin, (inscribed) 1962
[55.4] Orinoco - Casiquiare, Volume II n.d.
[55.5] Peruvian Amazon, supplement for Woods of Northeast Peru / Flora of Peru 1929-1930
[55.6] Thailand: Current and Potential Crops , USDA 1974
[55.7] Thailand: Current and Potential Agricultural Crops, USDA (2 files) 1973
[55.8] Thailand: Agricultural and Forest Resources (boards for USDA 1973 above) n.d.
[55.9] Vegetation of Southeast Asia, Studies of Forest Types, USDA CR49-65 1963-1964
[55.10] Journals & Reprints

Boletin de la Sociedad Venezolana de Ciencias Naturales
Bulletin of the Pan-American Union (English and Spanish)
El Agricultor Venezolana
Journals and reprints, various
Pan-American Magazine
Reprints, Economic Botany
Reprints, Geographical Review; Journal of Forestry Tropical Woods
["Maderas economicas de Venezuela" 1939 Boletin Tecnico No. 2, Ministerio de Agricultura y Cria] (See Box 21)

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Series 11. Artifacts.

Scope and Content:

There is one box of artifacts that Dr. Williams collected in his travels to South America and elsewhere, including a wooden desk plate from the Philippine Islands. There are an assortment of woven items (baskets, brush, and pouch), a small box containing kapok (silk floss), two wooden spindles, a lump of resin, and ten wooden arrows (darts). [Caution: the darts are extremely sharp - handle with care.]

Folder Title
[56.1] Artifacts

Baskets, woven, miniature (3)
Belt, woven
Darts (10, of which 2 are broken)
Deskplate, wooden (inscribed "Llewelyn Williams"; on reverse "Davao Penal Colony, Supt. Juan Acenas")
Kapok (silk floss) in small box
Pouch, woven
Resin lump
Seashell, inscribed
Spindles, wooden (2)

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Series 12. Field Notebooks.

Scope and Content:

There are 48 field notebooks containing field collection (specimen) data and numbers, diaries, accounts, and other field notes as follows:

No: Field Location: Specimem Numbers: Date: Item Count:
119 Venezuela (w/ Steyermark) compilations various 1
380 Marshal Field Expedition 00001 - 08253 1929 7
381 Venezuela 11200 - 16072 1939-43 7
382 Venezuela 13801 - 15832 1942 8
383 Orinoco River Valley Species lists (?) 1
384 Puerto Rico 19040 - 19058 et al 1963 4
385 Mexico [a, b] 08315 - 09913 1937-38 2
385 Mexico, Vanilla [c] 19000 - 19039 1962-63 1
386 Thailand 17084 - 17296 et al 1950 et al 5
386 Thailand 19300 - 19329 1965 1
387 Malaysia / Philippines 17307 - 17376 1950 1
387 Peru / Philippines 18204 - 18211 1954 1
388 Philippines 17450 - 17488 1951 1
389 Siam 17064 - 17476 1950 1
390 Bangor (?) Field notes 1921 1
391 Brazil 18000 - 19101 1955; 1958 5
392 Unidentified 1

In addition, there is one (unnumbered) box containing 35 notebooks of field notes, diaries, accounts and other textual material. Most of these are small pocket notebooks. All of Dr. Williams' field notebooks have been separated and removed to the NYBG Collectors' Field Notebook collection.

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