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Collectors: Britton, Nathaniel Lord, 1859-1934.
Title: Nathaniel Lord Britton Records (RG4)
Dates: 1875 - 1934
Dates: bulk, 1888 - 1930
Quantity: 14.75 linear feet; 37 boxes
Call Phrase: NL Britton (RG4)

Biography of Nathaniel Lord Britton

Nathaniel Lord Britton (1857-1934) was a botanist, taxonomist, and first Director-in-Chief of the New York Botanical Garden. He was born on 15 January 1857 at New Dorp, Staten Island, New York son of Jasper Alexander Hamilton Britton and Harriet Lord Turner. In 1875 Britton entered the Columbia College School of Mines to study geology under John Strong Newberry. Upon graduation in 1879 he became assistant instructor under Newberry whose position he assumed in 1886. He published his Ph.D. thesis A Preliminary Catalogue of the Flora of New Jersey in 1881.

Dr. Britton and his friend Charles Hollick worked as field assistants with the Geological Survey of New Jersey (1879-84), traveling to the Wyoming Territory to collect fossils. They later published The Flora of Richmond County, New Yorkbased on botanical investigation of Staten Island. During this period Dr. Britton and the bryologist Elizabeth Gertrude Knight became leading members of New York City's Torrey Botanical Club. Their marriage in August 1885 was grounded in mutual botanical interests and career aspirations. Both worked at the forefront of a movement to establish a botanical garden in New York City. The Torrey Botanical Club circulated a public appeal in 1889 to establish a botanic garden and two years later by an act of the New York State legislature; the New York Botanical Garden was founded.

Dr. Britton, as Professor of Geology & Botany at Columbia University, curated its herbarium and botanical library, resigning in 1895 to become the Garden's first Director-in-Chief. By agreement with Columbia, the collections followed him. During the Garden's first decade he worked assiduously to build its scientific program yet remained deeply involved in a personal mission to establish the "American Code" of botanical nomenclature. From 1896 to 1898 he published the landmark floristic study An Illustrated Flora of the Northern United States and Canada. Financed by Judge Addison Brown, the work became known as the Britton & Brown Illustrated Flora.

In 1902 the Brittons began the first of their annual botanical excursions to the Caribbean. Dr. Britton's investigation of tropical flora culminated in the Scientific Survey of Puerto Rico through the auspices of the NYBG and New York Academy of Sciences and published in eight parts through the 1920s. From 1906 he collaborated with Joseph Nelson Rose of the Carnegie Institute on The Cactaceae, a four-volume work published in 1924. Other monographs included The Flora of Bermuda (1918) and The Bahama Flora (1920) with Charles F. Millspaugh.

As Director of the Garden, Britton directed botanical research throughout North America and the West Indies, founded its public education and horticulture programs, launched several serial publications, and built alliances and collaborations with scientific organizations throughout the United States, especially in New York City. In particular, he established a consortium of scientific societies known as The Scientific Alliance of New York that flourished through the 1890s until 1907. His own botanical research and publication proceeded apace through the formative years of the institution. Dr. Britton retired from the Garden in 1929 and spent his final years writing a Puerto Rican flora (Flora Borinquena) left unfinished at his death. His wife Elizabeth died in February 1934, an emotional shock from which he never recovered. Dr. Britton soon followed her in death in June of that year.

Scope and Content

The Nathaniel Lord Britton collection consists of correspondence, research and personal papers, manuscripts and typescripts, lecture notes, photography, certificates, and a suede-bound presentation volume. It covers his botanical career including graduate studies at Columbia College (1875-79), association with the Torrey Botanical Club, the founding and directorship of the New York Botanical Garden (1891-1929), and post-retirement years to his death in 1934. Information about Dr. Britton's publications, notably the Britton & Brown Illustrated Flora, and on botanical expeditions to Caribbean, including those relating to the Scientific Survey of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, are well-documented in the correspondence and written materials. His field records are located in the NYBG Collectors' Field Notebook collection. The entire collection except for series seven was digitized by Wiley Digital Archives in spring 2018 and is available for viewing online by subscription.


The collection is organized into seven series:
Series 1: Correspondence, 1875-1934. Arranged by subject.
Series 2: Research Papers, 1892-1934. Arranged by subject.
Series 3: Manuscripts & Typescripts, 1895-1933. Arranged by subject.
Series 4: Lectures, 1905-1928. Arranged by subject.
Series 5: Photography, 1902-1923. Arranged by subject.
Series 6: Personal Papers, 1875-1933. Arranged by subject.
Series 7: Certificates & Diplomas, 1878-1928. Arranged by subject.


Access restrictions

This collection is open for research with permission from Mertz Library staff.


Requests for permission to publish material from the collection should be submitted in writing to the LuEsther T. Mertz Library of the New York Botanical Garden.

Indexing Terms

The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the library's online public access catalog.
Brown, Addison, 1830-1913.
Fawcett, William, 1851-
León, hermano, b. 1871.
MacDougal, Daniel Trembly, 1865-1958.
Millspaugh, Charles Frederick, 1854-1923.
Rose, J. N. (Joseph Nelson), 1862-1928.
Small, John Kunkel, 1869-1938.
Abrams, Le Roy, 1874-1956. Illustrated flora of the Pacific States.
Andros Island (Bahamas) -- Maps, Manuscript.
Botanical exploration -- Puerto Rico.
Britton, Nathaniel Lord, 1859-1934 -- Archives.
Britton, Nathaniel Lord, 1859-1934. Bahama flora.
Britton, Nathaniel Lord, 1859-1934. Catalog of the flora of Cuba.
Britton, Nathaniel Lord, 1859-1934. Flora of Bermuda.
Britton, Nathaniel Lord, 1859-1934. Flora of Jamaica.
Britton, Nathaniel Lord, 1859-1934. Illustrated flora of the northern United States and Canada.
New York Botanical Garden Archives.
Plants -- Bahamas.
Plants -- Canada.
Plants -- Cuba.
Plants -- Florida.
Plants -- Jamaica.
Scientific survey of Porto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

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Separated Material

Series 2f: Field Notebooks.

Field notebooks are located in the Collectors' Field Notebook collection and consist of the following volumes:

West Indies (Vol. 51, 1901)
St. Croix et al (Vol. 185, 1901)
Bahamas (Vol. 43-45, 132-156 & 159-160; 1903-19, 1904-05)
Cuba (Vol. 64-68 & 132-157; 1903, 1909-16)
Jamaica (Vol. 55, 1903-06)
Florida and New Providence (Vol. 174, 1903)
Florida (Vol. 18, 1904)
Bermuda (Vol. 46-47, 188-190 & 230; 1905, 1912, 1914)
Porto Rico (Vol. 263-273; 1906, 1914-15, 1929-33)
Nassau et al (Vol. 173, 1907)
Cactaceae (Vol. 274, 1911-21)
Virgin Islands (Vol. 186-187, 1913)
Porto Rico, Virgin Islands (Vol. 60-63; 1921-33, 1922-29)
Trinidad (Vol. 104, nd).

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Nathaniel Lord Britton Records (RG4), Archives, The New York Botanical Garden.

Acquisition Information

This collection was transferred to the New York Botanical Garden Archives.

Processing Information

Originally processed by David Rose, Archives Assistant, April 1999 (revised December 1999)with grant funding from The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH-PA 23141-98) and the Harriet Ford Dickenson Foundation. Converted to EAD in December 2006 by Kathleene Konkle under a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH-PA 50678-04).

Digitized April 2018, Wiley Digital Archives.

Container List


Series 1. Correspondence.

Scope and Content:

Correspondence is divided into ten categories, the first being general correspondence, primarily concerning specimen identification and exchange. The remaining 9 categories are organized by research projects which are associated with the publication of research findings. See Series 2: Research Papers and Series 3: Manuscripts & Typescripts for related material.


Subseries 1a: General Correspondence

Consists of letters to and from Britton over the course of his career. Correspondents in this section may also have material in other categories that follow. Correspondents include Liberty Hyde Bailey, Charles E. Bessey, Alphonse de Candolle, Frederick Coville, Job Bicknell Ellis, William Farlow, Asa Gray, Albert S. Hitchcock, William Kellerman, Otto Kuntze, Auguste Langlois, James Macoun, William Maxon, Elmer Drew Merrill, Thomas Morong, Charles Peck, Thomas Conrad Porter, Sir David Prain, Charles Sprague Sargent, Roland Thaxter, William Thistleton-Dyer, and William Trelease.

Box Title Date
1 Abbott, Henry Larcom n.d.
1 Adams, Edward Dean n.d.
1 Ahern, George P. n.d.
1 Allen, John Alpheus n.d.
1 Allen, Oscar Dana n.d.
1 Allen, Timothy Field n.d.
1 Amende, Charles George n.d.
1 Ames, Oakes n.d.
1 Ami, Henri Marc n.d.
1 Anderson, Frederick William n.d.
1 Apgar, Austin Craig n.d.
1 Apgar, Emeline n.d.
1 Arechevalata, Jose n.d.
1 Arnold, Isabel S. n.d.
1 Arthur, Joseph Charles n.d.
1 Atwell, Charles Beach n.d.
1 Austin, Benjamin W. n.d.
1 Austin, Coe Finch n.d.
1 Austin, Mrs. Coe Finch n.d.
1 Autran, Eugene n.d.
1 Bailey, Liberty Hyde n.d.
1 Bailey, William Whitman n.d.
1 Baillon, Henri Ernest n.d.
1 Bain, Samuel McCutchen n.d.
1 Baird, Spencer Fullerton n.d.
1 Baker, John Gilbert n.d.
1 Baldwin, George van Nest n.d.
1 Balfour, Isaac Bayley n.d.
1 Banning, Mary Elizabeth n.d.
1 Barcelo, Bartolome n.d.
1 Barnes, Charles Reed n.d.
1 Barron, Leonard n.d.
1 Bartlett, Harley Harris n.d.
1 Bassett, Frank L. n.d.
1 Bassett, George W. n.d.
1 Bates, John Mallery n.d.
1 Beadle, L. D. n.d.
1 Bayer, Edwin n.d.
1 Beal, William James n.d.
1 Beauchamp, C. E. n.d.
1 Beauchamp, William Martin n.d.
1 Beauveri, Gustave n.d.
1 Bebb, Michael Schuck n.d.
1 Beck von Managetta, Gunther n.d.
1 Bell, Robert n.d.
1 Benedict, Joel Tyler n.d.
1 Benner, Walter M. n.d.
1 Bennett, Arthur n.d.
1 Bennett, James Lawrence n.d.
1 Berger, Alwin n.d.
1 Berlese, Augusto Napoleone n.d.
1 Bessey, Charles Edwin n.d.
1 Bessey, Ernst Athearn n.d.
1 Best, George Newton n.d.
1 Bicknell, Eugene Pintard n.d.
1 Bishop, James Nathaniel n.d.
1 Bissell, Charles H. n.d.
1 Blake, Sidney F. n.d.
1 Blankinship, Joseph William n.d.
1 Blytt, Axel Gudlerard n.d.
1 Boldingh, Isaac n.d.
1 Boone, Ilsley and Ella n.d.
1 Bottomley, John n.d.
1 Bower, Frederick Orpen n.d.
1 Boyer, Charles Sumner n.d.
1 Brainerd, Ezra n.d.
1 Brandegee, Mary Katherine (Layne) n.d.
1 Brewer, William Henry n.d.
1 Bridgham, Joseph n.d.
1 Briggs, Glenn n.d.
1 Brinton, Jeremiah Bernard n.d.
1 Britten, James n.d.
1 Broadway, Walter Elias n.d.
1 Brotherus, Viktor Ferdinand n.d.
2 Brown, Addison n.d.
2 Brown, Nicholas Edward n.d.
2 Brown, J. Stanford n.d.
2 Brown, Stewardson n.d.
2 Bruner, E. Murray n.d.
2 Buchenau, Franz Georg Philipp n.d.
2 Bunge, Carlos n.d.
2 Burdge, M. J. n.d.
2 Burdon, J. A. n.d.
2 Burgess, Edward S. n.d.
2 Burgess, Thomas Joseph Workman n.d.
2 Burk, Isaac n.d.
2 Burrill, Thomas Jonathan n.d.
2 Bush, Benjamin Franklin n.d.
2 Butler, Edwin E. n.d.
2 Butler, Nicolas Murray n.d.
2 Calkins, William Wirt n.d.
2 Calvino, M. n.d.
2 Camp, Samuel Higby n.d.
2 Campbell, Douglas Houghton n.d.
2 Campbell, Mary E. n.d.
2 Campbell, William n.d.
2 Canby, William Marriott n.d.
2 Candolle, Alphonse L n.d.
2 Cannon, C. L. n.d.
2 Carleton, Mark Alfred n.d.
2 Carter, Henry C. n.d.
2 Chamberlain, Charles J. n.d.
2 Chambers-Ketchum, Annie n.d.
2 Chapman, Alvan Wentworth n.d.
2 Chardon, Carlos E. n.d.
2 Chickering, John White n.d.
2 Churchill, Joseph Richmond n.d.
2 Cincke, Charles L. n.d.
2 Clarke, Charles Baron n.d.
2 Claypole, Katherine Benedicta n.d.
2 Clements, Frederic E. n.d.
2 Cleveland, Daniel n.d.
2 Clothier, George L. n.d.
2 Clute, A. B. n.d.
2 Cockayne, Leonard n.d.
2 Cockerell, Theodore Dru Alison n.d.
2 Cogniaux, Celestin Alfred n.d.
2 Collins, Frank Shipley n.d.
2 Commons, Albert n.d.
2 Cook, Frank M. n.d.
2 Cook, George H. n.d.
2 Cope, E. D. n.d.
2 Cordova, Ramon Gandia n.d.
2 Coryell, H. N. n.d.
2 Coulter, John Merle n.d.
2 Cousins, Herbert Henry n.d.
2 Coville, Frederick Vernon n.d.
2 Cowdin, L. P. n.d.
2 Cowell, John F. n.d.
2 Cox, Charles Finney n.d.
2 Crepin, Francois n.d.
2 Cretin, Jules C. n.d.
2 Crooke, John J. n.d.
2 Cuthbert, Albert n.d.
2 Cuyler, J. Y. n.d.
2 Davenport, George Edward n.d.
2 Davis, Charles Albert n.d.
2 Dawson, John William n.d.
2 Day, David Fischer n.d.
3 Deam, Charles C. n.d.
3 Deane, Walter n.d.
3 Dearness, John n.d.
3 Re: Degener, Otto n.d.
3 Delafield, Maturin L. n.d.
3 Dellenbaugh, Frederick S. n.d.
3 Demeter, Ch. n.d.
3 Denslow, Herbert MacKenzie n.d.
3 Dickenson, M. C. n.d.
3 Dier, D. P. n.d.
3 Drew, Elmer Reginald n.d.
3 Dudley, William Russel n.d.
3 Durand, Elias Judah n.d.
3 Duss, Antoine n.d.
3 Dutcher, Basil Hicks n.d.
3 Dykes, W. A. n.d.
3 Eames, Edwin H. n.d.
3 Earle, Franklin Sumner n.d.
3 Eastwood, Alice n.d.
3 Eaton, Daniel Cody n.d.
3 Eckfeldt, John Wiegand n.d.
3 Edwards, James L. n.d.
3 Eggers, Henrich F. A. (Baron) n.d.
3 Eggert, Henry n.d.
3 Eggleston, W. W. n.d.
3 Eichler, August Wilhelm n.d.
3 Ekman, Erik Leonard n.d.
3 Ellis, Job Bicknell n.d.
3 Engelmann, George n.d.
3 Engler, Heinrich Gustav Albert n.d.
3 Evans, Alexander W. n.d.
3 Evans, Morgan W. n.d.
3 Ewing, Olive M. n.d.
3 Farlow, William Gibson n.d.
3 Farrington, R. W. n.d.
3 Farwell, Oliver Atkins n.d.
3 Fawcett, William n.d.
3 Faxon, Charles Edward n.d.
3 Faxon, Edwin n.d.
3 Ferguson, William C. n.d.
3 Fernald, Merritt Lyndon n.d.
3 Fernow, Bernhard Eduard n.d.
3 Fishlock, Walter Charles n.d.
3 Fitzgerald, David A. n.d.
3 Fletcher, Alice C. n.d.
3 Foerste, August Friedrich n.d.
3 Forwood, William Henry n.d.
3 Fowler, James n.d.
3 Frank, Otto n.d.
3 Freeman, W. G. n.d.
3 Fretz, Clayton Detweiler n.d.
3 Fries, Robert E. n.d.
3 Fruwirth, Carl n.d.
3 Fuller, Charles H. n.d.
4 Gattinger, Augustin n.d.
4 Gayle, Edward Edgerly n.d.
4 George, David S. n.d.
4 Gifford, John Clayton n.d.
4 Gleason, Henry A. n.d.
4 Goodale, George Lincoln n.d.
4 Goodell, Henry Hill n.d.
4 Grant, Chapman n.d.
4 Graves, Charles Burr n.d.
4 Gray, Asa and Jane n.d.
4 Green, Henry Albert n.d.
4 Green, Theodore n.d.
4 Greene, Edward Lee (2 files) n.d.
4 Gregory, Emily Loriva n.d.
4 Griffith, J. P. n.d.
4 Grimes, Mildred P. n.d.
4 Griscon, Ludlow n.d.
4 Gross, C. A. n.d.
4 Hall, Isaac Hollister n.d.
4 Halsted, Byron D. n.d.
4 Harkness, Harvey Willson n.d.
4 Harris, Carolyn W. n.d.
4 Harris, William n.d.
4 Harrison, George J. n.d.
4 Hart, J. H. n.d.
4 Harvey, Francis LeRoy n.d.
4 Havard, Valery n.d.
4 Heller, Amos Arthur n.d.
4 Helms, Alwin n.d.
4 Hemsley, William Batting n.d.
4 Henriques, Julio Augusto n.d.
4 Henry, Augustine n.d.
4 Re: Herbarium specimens, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew n.d.
4 Herman, Esther n.d.
4 Herriot, W. n.d.
4 Hervey, Alphonse Baker n.d.
4 Heylman, Henry B. n.d.
4 Hill, Arthur W. n.d.
4 Hill, Ellsworth Jerome n.d.
4 Hill, Thomas n.d.
4 Hitchcock, Albert Spear n.d.
4 Hitchings, Ebenezer Herring n.d.
4 Hochreutner, B. P. S. n.d.
4 Hodge, Edwin T. n.d.
4 Holden, William n.d.
4 Hogg, Thomas n.d.
4 Hollick, Charles Arthur n.d.
4 Holm Herman Theodor n.d.
4 Holzinger, John Michael n.d.
4 Hooper, Franklin William n.d.
4 Horn, Claude L. n.d.
4 Horne, William T. n.d.
4 Houghton, Arthur D. n.d.
5 Howe, Louis McH. n.d.
5 Howell, H. M. n.d.
5 Howell, Thomas n.d.
5 Hoyt, E. D. n.d.
5 Hulst, George Duryee n.d.
5 Hunt, Ray W. n.d.
5 Hutchinson, John n.d.
5 Ingraham, R. H. n.d.
5 Ito, Tokutaro n.d.
5 Jackson, Benjamin Daydon n.d.
5 Jackson, Holiday n.d.
5 James, Bushrod W. n.d.
5 James, Davis Lawler n.d.
5 James, Joseph Francis n.d.
5 Jennings, Otto Emory n.d.
5 Jesup, Henry Griswold n.d.
5 Jewitt, Ezekiel n.d.
5 Johnson, Ivan M. n.d.
5 Jone, L. R. n.d.
5 Johnson, Lorenzo Nickerson n.d.
5 Johnston, John R. n.d.
5 Julinn, C. E. n.d.
5 Kaighn, Anna Mary n.d.
5 Kain, Charles Henry n.d.
5 Kearney, T. H. n.d.
5 Keenan, Thomas J. n.d.
5 Kellerman, William Ashbrook n.d.
5 Kelsey, Francis Duncan n.d.
5 Kemp, James Furman n.d.
5 Killip, Ellsworth P. n.d.
5 King, George n.d.
5 Kinney, Asa S. n.d.
5 Knowlton, Frank Hall n.d.
5 Kuntze, Carl Ernst Otto n.d.
5 Kunz, George n.d.
5 Lacaita, Charles n.d.
5 Lamborn, Robert H. n.d.
5 Lamson-Scribner, Frank n.d.
5 Langlois, Auguste Barthelemy n.d.
5 Lawson, George n.d.
5 Lecompte, H. n.d.
5 Lee, Frederick Schiller n.d.
5 Lee, Leslie A. n.d.
5 Lee, W. S. n.d.
5 Leggett, William Henry n.d.
5 Lemmon, John Gill (re: Index to Psoralea) n.d.
5 Leon, Hermano (Brother) [Sauget, Joseph Sylvestre] n.d.
5 Leonard, Emory C. n.d.
5 Leroy, Peter Vincent n.d.
5 Letterman, George Washington n.d.
5 Re: Library, NYBG n.d.
5 Lloyd, F. E. n.d.
5 Lighthipe, Lewis Henry n.d.
5 Lockwood, Samuel n.d.
5 Long, Bayard n.d.
5 Louis-Arsene, Frere n.d.
5 Lyons, Albert Brown n.d.
5 MacKenzie, Kenneth K. n.d.
5 Macloskie, George n.d.
5 MacMillan, Conway n.d.
5 Macoun, James Melville (2 files) n.d.
6 Mark, E. L. n.d.
6 Martin, Daniel Strobel n.d.
6 Martindale, Isaac Comly n.d.
6 Masters, Maxwell Tylden n.d.
6 Matthew, George Frederick n.d.
6 Maximowicz, Carl Johann n.d.
6 Maxon, William R. n.d.
6 May, D. W. n.d.
6 Mayer, Alexander U. n.d.
6 McBride, Thomas n.d.
6 McCalla, W. C. n.d.
6 McCarthy, Michael Gerald n.d.
6 McClelland, T. B. n.d.
6 McGeorge, Bella n.d.
6 McLean, Forman T. n.d.
6 Mearns, Edgar Alexander n.d.
6 Meehan, Thomas n.d.
6 Meissner, Carl Friedrich n.d.
6 Mellor, C. C. n.d.
6 Merriam (Co.), G. C. n.d.
6 Merrill, Elmer Drew n.d.
6 Meyer, Annie Nathan n.d.
6 Miller, Bertha n.d.
6 Miller, Edward B. n.d.
6 Millieux, Arthur S. n.d.
6 Millspaugh, Charles Frederick n.d.
6 Millspaugh, Daniel T. n.d.
6 Miyabe, Kingo n.d.
6 Moe, Henry Allen n.d.
6 Mohr, Charles Thomas n.d.
6 Monnet, Emilio n.d.
6 Moore, Spencer le Marchant n.d.
6 Morenos, David Levi n.d.
6 Morris, E. L. n.d.
6 Morong, Thomas n.d.
6 Morris, Daniel n.d.
6 Morse, S. R. n.d.
6 Mortimer, W. Golden n.d.
6 Mueller, Ferdinand Jacob Heinrich von n.d.
6 Mulford, Isabel n.d.
6 Munson, Thomas Volney n.d.
6 Neally, G. C. n.d.
6 Newberry, John Strong n.d.
6 Newhall, Charles Stedman n.d.
6 Nichols, George E. n.d.
6 Northrop, John Isaiah n.d.
6 Norton, C. M. n.d.
6 Norton, J. B. S. n.d.
6 Ogilvie, Ida H. n.d.
6 Ohashi, Mrs. Ayako n.d.
6 Oliver, Daniel n.d.
6 Orcutt, Charles Russell n.d.
6 Ostenfeld, Carl Emil Hansen n.d.
6 Oyster, John Houck n.d.
6 Paine, George J. n.d.
6 Palm, Robert n.d.
6 Palmer, Boyd P. n.d.
6 Palmer, Edward n.d.
6 Pammel, L. H. n.d.
6 Pamplin, William n.d.
6 Parish, Samuel Bonsall n.d.
6 Parker, Charles F. n.d.
6 Parry, Charles Christopher n.d.
6 Parsons, Frances Theodora n.d.
6 Patterson, Harry Norton n.d.
6 Paulsen, Ove n.d.
6 Pearce, O. E. n.d.
6 Pearson, William Henry n.d.
6 Peary, Robert Edwin n.d.
6 Peck, Charles Horton n.d.
6 Penhallow, David Pearce n.d.
6 Pennell, F. W. n.d.
6 Perkins, George Henry n.d.
6 Perry, Rachel C. n.d.
6 Peters, John Ellsworth n.d.
6 Philippine Islands n.d.
6 Pierson, Lincoln n.d.
6 Pinder, William J. n.d.
6 Piper, Charles Vancouver n.d.
6 Pirotta, Pietro Romualdo n.d.
6 Pittier, H. n.d.
6 Plank, Elisha n.d.
6 Plowright, Charles Bagge n.d.
6 Plumb, Charles Sumner n.d.
7 Pollard, Charles Louis n.d.
7 Pond, Edwin J. n.d.
7 Porter, Thomas Conrad (2 files) n.d.
7 Post, George Edward n.d.
7 Potter, I. Barron n.d.
7 Powell, Thomas n.d.
7 Prain, Sir David n.d.
7 Prentiss, Albert Nelson n.d.
7 Pringle Cyrus Guernsey n.d.
7 Race, Henry n.d.
7 Radlkoffer, L. n.d.
7 Rand, Edward Lothrop n.d.
7 Rankin, Walter Meade n.d.
7 Rau, Eugene Abraham (2 files) n.d.
7 Ravenel, Henry William n.d.
7 Record, Samuel J. n.d.
7 Redfield, John Howard n.d.
7 Regel, Eduard August von n.d.
7 Rehder, Alfred n.d.
7 Rendle, A. B. n.d.
7 Reverchon, Julien n.d.
7 Richards, Josephine L. n.d.
7 Riddle, Lincoln W. n.d.
7 Ridley, Henry Nicholas n.d.
7 Robb, J. Hampden n.d.
7 Roberson, Horace n.d.
7 Robinson, Benjamin Lincoln n.d.
7 Robinson, Charles Budd n.d.
7 Robinson, John n.d.
7 Roig y Mesa, Juan Tomas n.d.
7 Rood, Almon Nicholson n.d.
7 Rose, Joseph Nelson n.d.
7 Rosendahl, C. O. n.d.
7 Rostrup, Frederik Georg Emil n.d.
7 Rothrock, Joseph Trimble n.d.
7 Rudkin, William H. n.d.
7 Rusk, Samuel E. n.d.
7 Ruth, H. F. n.d.
7 Rydberg, Per Axel n.d.
7 Ryder, Clayton n.d.
7 St John, Harold n.d.
7 Standley, Paul C. n.d.
7 Safford, William Edwin n.d.
7 Sandberg, John Herman n.d.
7 Sargent, Charles Sprague n.d.
7 Schaffer, Charles n.d.
7 Schaffranck, A. n.d.
7 Schneck, Jacob n.d.
7 Schrenk, Joseph n.d.
7 Schuh, Richard Edwin n.d.
7 Schlutze, Edwin A. n.d.
7 Schumacher, L. n.d.
7 Schwarz, Herbert F. n.d.
7 Seymour, Arthur Bliss n.d.
7 Shaw, George Russell n.d.
7 Sheldon, John Lewis n.d.
7 Sheppard, Joseph n.d.
7 Sherwood, George A. n.d.
7 Shriver, Howard n.d.
7 Siegfried, Hans n.d.
7 Simpson, Joseph Herman n.d.
7 Small, John Kunkel n.d.
8 Smith, Charles Eastwick n.d.
8 Smith, John Donnell n.d.
8 Smith, Lewis Lawrence n.d.
8 Smyth, Bernard Bryan n.d.
8 Spalding, Volney Morgan n.d.
8 Sparks, Mary E. (re: Thomas Hogg) n.d.
8 Spaulding, Randall n.d.
8 Spegazzini, Carlos Luigi n.d.
8 Sprague, Thomas Archibald n.d.
8 Standley, Paul C. n.d.
8 Stearns, Elmer n.d.
8 Sterns, Emerson E. n.d.
8 Steele, E. S. n.d.
8 Stevenson, John A. n.d.
8 Stewart, Samuel Alexander n.d.
8 Stokes, Alfred C. n.d.
8 Stokes, Joseph n.d.
8 Stone, Witmer n.d.
8 Stout, Arlow Burdette n.d.
8 Stowell, Willard Allen n.d.
8 Stryker, Garrett V. n.d.
8 Sturtevant, Edward Lewis n.d.
8 Surgis, E. n.d.
8 Sudworth, George Bishop n.d.
8 Svenson, Henry K. n.d.
8 Swezey, Goodwin Deloss n.d.
8 Swingle, Walter Tennyson n.d.
8 Taubert, Paul Herman Wilhelm n.d.
8 Taylor, Katherine Augusta n.d.
8 Taylor, Norman n.d.
8 Temple, F. L. n.d.
8 Thaxter, Roland n.d.
8 Thistleton-Dyer, William Turner n.d.
8 Thompson, S. D. n.d.
8 Thompson, J. B. n.d.
8 Thompson, William Gilman n.d.
8 Thorp, James n.d.
8 Tillinghast, F. N. n.d.
8 Tomkins, S. P. n.d.
8 Torrey, Raymond H. n.d.
8 Treichler, A. C. n.d.
8 Tracy, Samuel Wills n.d.
8 Trelease, William n.d.
8 Treub, Melchior n.d.
8 Trimble, William n.d.
8 Tuckerman, Edward n.d.
8 Tweedy, Frank n.d.
8 Underwood, Lucien Marcus n.d.
8 Underwood, Lucien Marcus (letters relating to) n.d.
8 Urban, Ignatz n.d.
8 Vail, Anna Murray n.d.
8 Van Brunt, Cornelius n.d.
8 Vasey, George n.d.
8 Vilmorin, P. de n.d.
8 Vines, Sydney H. n.d.
8 Volk, Ernest n.d.
8 Vroom, James n.d.
8 Waghorne, Charles Arthur n.d.
8 Watrous, Elizabeth S. N. n.d.
8 Watson, Sereno n.d.
8 Watts, Francis n.d.
8 Weatherby, Charles A. n.d.
8 Webber, Herbert John n.d.
8 Weber, R. n.d.
8 Weed, Clarence Moores n.d.
8 Weed, Ella n.d.
8 Weed, Walter Harvey n.d.
8 Weinberg, Frank n.d.
8 Weingart, W. n.d.
8 Went, F. A. F. C. n.d.
8 Wheeler, Charles Fay n.d.
8 Williams, R. O. n.d.
8 White, Alfred T. n.d.
8 White, David n.d.
8 Wibbe, Johns Hermann n.d.
9 Wight, W. F. n.d.
9 Wilcox, Timothy Erastus n.d.
9 Willey, Henry n.d.
9 Williams, Thomas Albert n.d.
9 Williamson, Charles Sumner n.d.
9 Willis, John Christopher n.d.
9 Willis, Oliver Rivington n.d.
9 Willmarth, Harriet M. n.d.
9 Wilson, William Powell n.d.
9 Winship, Governor n.d.
9 Wolf, John n.d.
9 Wolf, W. M. n.d.
9 Wolle, Francis n.d.
9 Wood, Thomas Fanning n.d.
9 Wood, William H. S. n.d.
9 Woolson, George Clark n.d.
9 Wooton, Elmer Ottis n.d.
9 Wright, Isabel n.d.
9 Wright, Samuel Hart n.d.
9 Yaeger, Arthur n.d.
9 Yatabe, Ryo-Kichi n.d.
9 Yates, Lorenzon Gordin n.d.
9 Zawadzki, Alexander n.d.
9 Zentmayer, Joseph n.d.
9 Unidentified n.d.
9 Miscellaneous n.d.
9 Anthophyta and Pteridophyta n.d.
9 Carbon copies of Britton correspondence, 1930-1934 n.d.
9 On the resignation and retirement of N. L. Britton n.d.
9 On the death of Mrs. Britton n.d.

Subseries 1b: Scientific Survey of Puerto Rico

This correspondence relates to the Scientific Survey of Puerto Rico and falls into five time periods, 1913-23; 1923-26; 1926-30; 1930-32; and 1932-34. Files are alphabetically ordered within each period. Subject matter includes the planning and progress of the survey, coordination of research efforts, botanical collections, and official communications, including that with the government of Puerto Rico.

Box Title Date
9 Scientific Survey of Puerto Rico 1913-1923 (19 files)
10 Scientific Survey of Puerto Rico 1923-1926 (15 files)
10 Scientific Survey of Puerto Rico 1926-1930 (15 files)
11 Scientific Survey of Puerto Rico 1930-1932 (8 files)
11 Scientific Survey of Puerto Rico 1933-1934 (8 files)

Subseries 1c: Cactus Investigation Correspondence

There are 13 files concerning fieldwork and composition of Dr. Britton's collaboration with Joseph Nelson Rose from 1911 to 1925 of The Cactaceae (1919-24). J. N. Rose and Daniel T. MacDougal are the primary correspondents.

Box Title Date
11 Correspondence A-W (8 files)
12 MacDougal, Daniel Trembly 1911-1926 (8 files)
12 Rose, Joseph Nelson 1911-1925 (15 files)

Subseries 1d: Britton & Brown Illustrated Flora

There are 15 files of correspondence, chiefly with Addison Brown, co-author of An Illustrated Flora of the Northern United States, Canada and the British Possessions (1896-98). Subject matter includes the planning, financing, and composition of the work, including contractual agreements with Scribner's & Sons. Also present is Brown's own correspondence with Willis S. Blatchley, Robert G. Leavitt, John Kunkel Small, Charles Eastwick Smith, and R. Weber.

Box Title Date
13 Brown, Addison, 1896-1912 (2 files)
13 Brown, A., contracts 1896-1913
13 Brown, A. - Blatchley, Willis Stanley n.d.
13 Brown, A. - Hollick, Arthur n.d.
13 Brown, A. - Leavitt, Robert G. n.d.
13 Brown, A. - Small, John K. n.d.
13 Brown, A. - Smith, Charles Eastwick n.d.
13 Brown, A. - Weber, R. n.d.
13 Brown, Helen n.d.
13 Correspondence G-L n.d.
13 Illustrated flora, critical reviews n.d.
13 Lancaster Press n.d.
14 Correspondence M n.d.
14 New Era Printing Company n.d.
14 Correspondence P-R n.d.
14 Scribner's & Sons (2 files) n.d.
14 Correspondence S n.d.
14 Correspondence T-W n.d.
14 Correspondence Weber, R. n.d.

Subseries 1e: The Bahama Flora

Consists of 7 files of correspondence.

Box Title Date
14 Correspondence, A-W, The Bahama Flora (with map of Andros Island) n.d.

Subseries 1f: The Bermuda Flora

Consists of 7 files of correspondence with Charles F. Millspaugh and others, with an accompanying map of Andros Island.

Box Title Date
14 Correspondence, The Flora of Bermuda (A-M) n.d.
15 Correspondence, The Flora of Bermuda (N-Z) n.d.

Subseries 1g: The Flora of Jamaica

Consists of 15 files of correspondence with William Fawcett, William Harris and others, organized chronologically. Two files contain papers related to the establishment of an NYBG Tropical Research Station in Jamaica.

Box Title Date
15 Correspondence, The Flora of Jamaica n.d.
15 NYBG Tropical Research Station n.d.
15 Correspondence, B-F n.d.
15 Fawcett, William, 1902-1917 n.d.
15 Correspondence, G-W n.d.
16 Harris, William, 1906-1918 n.d.

Subseries 1h: The Flora of Northern South America

Consists of 19 files of correspondence with Benjamin L. Robinson and others.

Folder Title Date
16 Correspondence, Flora of Northern South America n.d.
16 Correspondence (A-G) n.d.
17 Correspondence (H-R) n.d.
17 Robinson, B. L. n.d.
17 Correspondence, (S-W) n.d.

Subseries 1i: Abram's Pacific States Flora

Consists of 3 files, one of which contains lists of photographic electrotypes for illustrations in Abram's work

Folder Title Date
18 Abrams n.d.
18 B-Z n.d.
18 List of Britton & Brown line cuts n.d.

Subseries 1j: Flora Borinquena

Consists of 9 files of correspondence with Frances W. Horne, her husband Charles E. Horne, Rafael A. Toro, and Carlos E. Chardon regarding the publication, financing, and illustration of Dr. Britton's unfinished work on the flora of Puerto Rico.

Box Title Date
18 Chardon, Carlos E. n.d.
18 Lancaster Press n.d.
18 Horne, C. E. n.d.
18 Horne, Frances W. 1922-1933 (2 files)
18 Toro, Rafael A. n.d.
18 Correspondence and notes, pricing and prospectus n.d.
18 Correspondence and notes on species, Frances W. Horne n.d.

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Series 2. Research Papers.

Scope and Content:

The research papers fall into six categories: (a) Scientific Survey of Puerto Rico; (b) Catalogue of the Flora of Cuba; (c) Flora of Northern South America; (d) Nomenclature; (e) Miscellaneous; and (f) Field Notebooks. They contain committee minutes, reports, botanical notes, catalogues, descriptions, and keys.


Subseries 2a: Scientific Survey of Puerto Rico

Research papers in this series consist of minutes of the Puerto Rico Committee of the New York Academy of Science (1913-34), minutes of the Committee on Mineral Resources of Puerto Rico (1932-34), and assorted topics relating to the botany of Puerto Rico.

Box Title Date
18 Minutes, NY Academy of Sciences, Scientific Survey of Porto Rico 1913-1923
18 Minutes, NY Academy of Sciences, Scientific Survey of Porto Rico 1923-1926
18 Minutes, NY Academy of Sciences, Scientific Survey of Porto Rico 1926-1903
18 Minutes, NY Academy of Sciences, Scientific Survey of Porto Rico 1930-1932
18 Minutes, NY Academy of Sciences, Scientific Survey of Porto Rico 1933-1934
18 Minutes, NY Committee on Mineral Resources in Porto Rico 1932-1934 (3 files)
18 Reports, Committee on Mineral Resources in Porto Rico n.d.
18 Correspondence, Committee on Mineral Resources in Porto Rico n.d.
18 Resolution re: Honorary Chairmanship of N. L. Britton, Committee on Mineral Resources in Porto Rico n.d.
19 List of fungi by Seaver, Fred J. n.d.
19 List of Puerto Rican Hepaticae n.d.
19 Plant list for arboretum, San German, Puerto Rico May, 1933
19 Table, mean monthly rainfall in Puerto Rico 1899-1928
19 Trees at the forest at Algarrubo; Notes on Abarema species n.d.
19 The Forests of Porto Rico, NY Academy of Sciences April, 1915
19 Record of germination of seeds of the Violet Tree or Hueso n.d.
19 Notes on the geology of Puerto Rico n.d.
19 Records of St. Croix Experiment Station n.d.
19 Key to Puerto Rican Lauraceae n.d.
19 Paleontology and Botany, miscellaneous notes n.d.

Subseries 2b: Catalogue of the Flora of Cuba

Consists of three files of notes on species.

Box Title Date
19 Notes on species (3 files) n.d.

Subseries 2c: Flora of Northern South America

There are 2 files containing an outline of the project and a report on an expedition to Columbia in 1922.

Box Title Date
19 Outline of project n.d.
19 Report on Columbia Expedition 1922

Subseries 2d: Nomenclature

This material consists of correspondence, meeting minutes, circular bulletins, and notes pertaining to the Committee on Nomenclature of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) covering the years from 1892 to 1929 (6 files). There are 2 files of material relating to the International Botanical Congresses of 1892 (Genoa) and 1905 (Vienna), and one containing the constitution of the Botanical Society of America.

Box Title Date
19 Position papers, International Botanical Congress, Genoa, Italy Sept. 1892
19 Nomenclature Committee, AAAS 1892-1904
20 Constitution, Botanical Society of America and related correspondence 1905
20 International Botanical Congress, Vienna (1905) 1904-1906
20 Nomenclature Committee AAAS 1906-1929

Subseries 2e: Miscellaneous.

Consists of three files of material.

Box Title Date
20 Genera of West Indies legumes n.d.
20 Keys and descriptions, Scleria n.d.
20 Bahama notes, N. L. Britton and Charles F. Millspaugh 1905
20 Bahama species noted, Britton and Millspaugh 1907
20 "A Preliminary Treatment of the Opuntioideae of North America," annotated
20 Species notes on Dioscorea and related correspondence with Sir David Prain n.d.
20 Catalogue of New Jersey Plants, annotated, re: E. A. Rau correspondence 1881
21 Notes on Types in European Herbaria 1891
21 Gustav Maudon Plantae Audium Bolivensiur, I (1 to 1260); Book II (1261 - X) n.d.
22 Notes on Types in Foreign Herbaria 1899

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Series 3. Manuscripts & Typescripts.

Scope and Content:

There are seven categories of material based on localities of botanical research: (a) Botany of Puerto Rico; (b) Britton & Brown Illustrated Flora; (c) Catalogue of the Flora of Cuba; (d) Flora of Northern South America; (e) Flora of Jamaica, and (f) Flora Borinquena. The last category (g) Notes on Polygala, is a genus study. Contents include annotated and edited typescripts, manuscript notes, and information on related work by other authors.


Subseries 3a: The Botany of Puerto Rico

Consists of 8 files of manuscript notes on the flora of Puerto Rico published as Part 4 of The Scientific Survey of Porto Rico and the Virgin Islands. There are typescripts of Joyce Hedrick's work on lichens and J. George Harrar's work on schizomycetes.

Box Title Date
23 Manuscript notes, 2nd supplement (5 files) n.d.
23 Typescript, Lichens of Porto Rico and Virgin Islands (with R. S. Williams) n.d.
23 Typescript, Lichens of Porto Rico and the Virgin Islands by Joyce Hedrick, pp. 1-93 (2 copies) n.d.
23 Typescript (annotated), Schizomycetes by J. George Harrar, Volume VIII, part 3 n.d.

Subseries 3b: Britton and Brown's Illustrated Flora

This is a typescript of the first edition of this work published in three volumes from 1896-1898. The typescript is edited, with pasted line illustrations that accompany descriptions that are arranged by family. The typescript generally follows the format and sequences in the published volumes. See also drawings for the second edition (1913) of this work located in the NYBG Art & Illustration collection.

Box Title Date
23 Cyperaceae (Beginning - Uncinia) n.d.
23 Cyperaceae (Carex sp. 1-79) n.d.
23 Cyperaceae (Carex sp. 80-169) n.d.
23 Cyperaceae (Carex sp. 170) - Juncaceae n.d.
24 ortulacaceae - Anonaceae n.d.
24 Ranunculaceae n.d.
24 Berberidaceae - Cruciferae (Roripa) n.d.
24 Botrychiaceae - Salviniaceae n.d.
24 Equisitaceae - Taxaceae n.d.
24 Typhaceae - Hydrocharitaceae n.d.
24 Poaceae - Syntherisma n.d.
24 Poaceae (Panicum - Savastana) n.d.
25 Poaceae (Aristida - Cinna) n.d.
25 Poaceae (Agrostis - Leptochloa) n.d.
25 Poaceae (Bulbilis - Cynosurus) n.d.
25 Poaceae (Poa - end) n.d.
25 Cruciferae (Cardamine - end) n.d.
25 Capparidaceae - Platanaceae n.d.
26 Rosaceae (through Ulmaria) n.d.
26 Rosaceae (Agrimonia) - Drupaceae n.d.
26 Mimosaceae - Papilionaceae (Psoralea) n.d.
26 Papilionaceae (Amorpha - Zornia) n.d.
26 Papilionaceae (Meibomia) - Geraniaceae n.d.

Subseries 3c: Catalogue of the Flora of Cuba

This consists of 64 files containing a catalogue of species descriptions correlated with literature citations and plate numbers. In some cases dichotomous keys accompany the text. There is also a revised typescript and a Spanish translation. Percy Wilson and Brother Leon are named as contributors.

Box Title Date
21 Catalogue of the Flora of Cuba, rev. mss, notes on Mimosaceae n.d.
21 Note on inserts prepared by Harold Moldenke 1949
27 Books 1 through 3 n.d.
28 Books 1 through 5 (carbon duplicate) n.d.
29 Books 2 through 5 (pasteup) n.d.
30 Catalogue of the Flora of Cuba (revision), Book 5 pp. 1365-1523 n.d.
30 Preliminary version of Fabaceae n.d.
30 Catalogue of the Flora of Cuba (revised typescript), volumes 1-5 n.d.
31 Descriptions of two new legumes n.d.
31 Index n.d.
31 Catalogue of the Flora of Cuba, Spanish Translation

Revised typescript, Spanish version, pages 243-404
Spanish version with some revisions, pages 1-162
Spanish version with some revisions, pages 243-404
Spanish version with some revisions, miscellaneous pages


Subseries 3d: Flora of Northern South America

There is one file on the family Caesalpinaceae.

Box Title Date
31 Caesalpinaceae of Northern South America n.d.

Subseries 3e: The Flora of Jamaica

There are 12 files of edited typescript with contents organized by family, with habitat descriptions and literature citations.

Box Title Date
31 Typescript, pp. 1-149 n.d.
32 Typescript, pp. 150-779

12 files


Subseries 3f: Flora Borinquena

There are 19 files organized into 12 "batches" containing descriptions of plant anatomy, organized by family. There are also a duplicate copy entitled the "Frances Horne copy" and a "numbered copy" of which pages 1 to 198 are missing. There is an alphabetic list of species identified in the text, a published prospectus, introductory notes, and systematic descriptions.

Box Title Date
32 Batch 1-3

7 files

33 Batch 4 - 12

12 files

34 Numbered copy, pp. 199-400

4 files

34 Index, species sequence, text and notes n.d.
34 Species descriptions n.d.
34 Systematic descriptions n.d.

Subseries 3g: Notes on Polygala

Consists of 3 files of notes on species of with literature citations.

Box Title Date
35 Preliminary notes on Polygala

3 files


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Series 4. Lectures.

Scope and Content:

This series consists of 4 files containing lecture notes on tropical and native plants in the NYBG collection, public education announcements, a dinner program, and a syllabus to courses given at the NYBG and Columbia University.

Box Title Date
35 Announcements and correspondence, public education and lectures 1928-1929
35 Program, testimonial dinner to Dr. Britton and Associates from the Men Principals of the Bronx, The Fordham Club 25 May 1905
35 Public lectures, notes, with index n.d.
35 Syllabus, research courses of NYBG & Columbia University n.d.

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Series 5. Photography.

Scope and Content:

The photography consists of phytogeographical studies of insular, coastal, and montane vegetation of New Zealand, with descriptive notes, taken in 1902 by L. Cockayne; a photo album of the Botanic Garden of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, taken by F. Lawson-Scribner in 1903; and one file of personal photos.

Box Title Date
35 Photograph Album, Rio de Janeiro Botanic Garden

Made by F. Lamson-Scribner

35 Correspondence

Relating to photograph album, Rio de Janeiro Botanic Garden

35 Photograph (portrait)

Inscribed to Prof. N. Lord Britton, L. de Oliveria Batiste

35 Photographs, L. Cockayne

3 files

35 Notes

"Explanation of Phytogeographical Photographs sent by L. Cockayne to the NYBG"

36 Photographs, personal n.d.

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Series 6. Personal Papers.

Scope and Content:

This series consists of 10 files and a presentation volume. There is a catalogue of Britton's personal herbarium (1875); a letter to his cousin, Ellie B. Turner; a letter of resignation to the NYBG (25 May 1929); and a paper on the Britton family genealogy and property on Staten Island. There is a suede-bound volume presented by faculty, staff, and students of Bronx public schools in appreciation of Britton's Nature Study lectures.

Box Title Date
36 A Catalogue of plants in the herbarium of N. L. Britton, Staten Island


ca. 1875
36 Communication to the President & Fellows of Harvard College…in Regard to the Botanic Garden

by John Allen

36 Correspondence

Turner, Ellie B. (cousin)

36 Geology of Richmond County, NY

Annals of the NY Academy of Science

36 The Governor's Lot and the Britton Property

36 Letter of resignation

Annotated copy

25 May 1929
36 Locator of the Garden Club of America

With Britton ID card

36 Report of the Fire at the Mansion

Arthur Corbett

16 April 1923
36 Transcript

Radio program of the Bronx Historical Society, WFUV, N. L. Britton

1976 (1933)
36 Suede-bound volume

Presented to Dr. N. L. Britton from students, teachers, and principals, Borough of the Bronx public schools, 4B Grades, for Nature Study lectures and demonstrations at the NYBG

25 May 1905

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Series 7. Certificates & Diplomas.

Scope and Content:

There are 10 items in this series including two diplomas of the Columbia College School of Mines (Engineer of Mines, 1879 and Doctor of Philosophy, 1881), an honorary degree of the London Linnaean Society, three certificates of membership, and other appointments and awards

Box Title Date
37 Diploma, Engineer of Mines Degree, Columbia College School of Mines

11 June 1879
37 Diploma, Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Columbia College School of Mines

8 June 1881
37 Certificate of Membership, The Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia

28 Nov 1899
37 Titulo honorifico de Colaborador del Instituto del Medico Nacional de Mexico

29 January 1897
37 Certificate of Membership, Institut national Genevois

14 February 1906
37 Certificate of Appointment

NY State Delegate to the Third Annual Meeting of the National Association of Conservation Commissioners in New Orleans, LA

7 November 1914
37 Svym Clenem, Ceskoslovenska Botanicka Spolecnost v. Praze

25 October 1920
37 Dominum Doctorem, Societas Linnaeana Londinensis

7 May 1925
37 Certificate of Membership

The American Philosophical Society

21 April 1928
37 Honoris Causa et Epistolarum

Royal Horticultural Society

37 Honorary Doctor of Science (D. Sc.) degree

University of Pittsburgh
(oversize item, not boxed; see top shelf above collection)

ca. 1920

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