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Collectors: Burt, E.A (Edward Angus), 1859-1939.
Title: Edward Angus Burt Papers (PP)
Dates: 1895-1926
Quantity: 1.5 linear feet; 4 boxes
Call Phrase: Burt (PP)

Biography of Edward Angus Burt

Edward Angus Burt (1859-1939) was a mycologist and an authority on a family of terrestrial fungi, the Thelephoraceae. He was born in Athens, Pennsylvania and was educated at the State Normal School of Albany, NY, where he taught natural history from 1880 to 1885. He obtained his M.A. (1894) and Ph.D. (1895) at Harvard University studying under William G. Farlow and Roland Thaxter. He was Professor of Natural History at Middlebury College, Vermont from 1895 to 1913 whereupon he joined the Missouri Botanical Garden as Mycologist and Librarian from 1913 to 1933. He held a concurrent position as Professor of Botany at the Henry Shaw School of Botany at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

Dr. Burt’s work focused on the systematic study of the Thelephoraceae, a family of fungi whose fruiting bodies are often resupinate (flat on the substrate). He published a series of articles on thelephore taxonomy in the Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden, later published as The Thelephoraceae of North America, I-XV (1914-1926). His research encompassed systematic description of basidiomycetes such as Merulius and fungi from Vermont, Siberia, and Java. Among his many publications he was author of descriptive text for Icones Farlowianae (1929) by William G. Farlow.

Scope and Content

The Edward Angus Burt papers consist of correspondence, research papers, manuscripts, and graphic material, including photographs and sketches. It covers his career at Middlebury College, Vermont, and at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis to 1926.


The collection is organized into seven series:
Series 1: Correspondence.1926.
Series 2: Research Papers. 1895-1907. Arranged alphabetically by subject.
Series 3: Manuscripts and Typescripts. 1896-1926. Arranged alphabetically by author.
Series 4: Graphic Material. 1896-1924. Arranged alphabetically by subject.


Access restrictions

This collection is open for research with permission from Mertz Library staff.


Requests for permission to publish material from the collection should be submitted in writing to the LuEsther T. Mertz Library of the New York Botanical Garden.

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Thelephoraceae--North America.

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Container List


Series 1. Correpspondence.

Scope and Content:

There is one file of correspondence pertaining to a paper Dr. Burt presented in 1926 before the section on mycology at the International Congress of Plant Sciences in Ithaca, NY. Correspondents include Liberty Hyde Bailey, Benjamin M. Duggar, and H. M. Fitzpatrick.

Folder Title Date
1.1 International Congress of Plant Sciences, Ithaca, NY 1926

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Series 2. Research Papers.

Scope and Content:

There are 12 files consisting of species descriptions and dichotomous keys to various fleshy fungi. Two files contain notes relating to basidiomycetes identified by Charles Horton Peck and by George F. Atkinson, and one contains notes on the Thelephoraceae described by Narcisse-Theophile Patouillard.

Folder Title Date
1.2 Agaricaceae (Leucosporae) notes ca. 1895-1907
1.3 Basidiomycete descriptions (Atkinson) ca. 1895-1907
1.4 Basidiomycetes described by Peck ca. 1895-1907
1.5 Basdiomycetes other than Agaricaceae, descriptions ca. 1895-1907
1.6 Hydnaceae notes (excluding Hydnum) ca. 1895-1907
1.7 Key to resupinate Hydnums ca. 1895-1907
1.8 Merulius, species descriptions ca. 1895-1907
1.9 Polyporaceae notes ca. 1895-1907
1.10 Septobasidium notes ca. 1895-1907
1.11 Species notes ca. 1895-1907
1.12 Species notes ca. 1895-1907
1.13 Thelephoraceae notes (Patouillard) ca. 1895-1907

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Series 3. Manuscripts and Typescripts.

Scope and Content:

There are 34 files of manuscripts and typescripts. One contains a paper by R. P. Burke on the agarics of Alabama, and the remaining were authored by Dr. Burt. Most material consists of drafts of published articles on the fleshy fungi, including descriptive work on the Phalloideae and Tremellaceae. Dr. Burt’s work on the Thelephoraceae was issued in 15 parts in the Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden from 1914 to 1926 and collected in The Thelephoraceae of North America, I-XV. There are typescripts of 9 of the 15 parts of this series, viz. II, III, V, VI, VII, IX, X, XI, and XIII.

Folder Title Date
1.14 Burke, R. P.--Descriptive list and color record of Agarics of Alabama 1922
1.15 Burt, E. A.--Ascosparassis alba n. gen. & n. sp., a coralloid fungus of the Rhizinaceae 1919
1.16 Basidiomycetes n.d.
1.17 Classification of species of Corticium by the tissues of the fructification 1926
2.1 The development of Mutinus caninus 1896
2.2 An edible garden Hebeloma n.d.
2.3 Elongation of the stipe in Anthurus n.d.
2.4 The formation and structure of the dissepiment on Parathelium n.d.
2.5 Higher fungi of the Hawaiian Islands n.d.
2.6 Hymenocetous fungi of Siberia and eastern Asia 1931
2.7 Is there a basidiomycetous stage in the life history of some ascomycetes? n.d.
2.8 A list of Vermont Helvellae, with descriptive notes 1889
2.9 Merulius in North America--manuscript ca. 1917
2.10 Merulius in North America--tyoescript ca. 1917
2.11 Merulius in North America” supplemental notes n.d.
2.12 Nothing lost graduation essay, NY State Normal School n.d.
2.13 Odontia sacchari & O. saccharicola, new species on sugar cane n.d.
2.14 On collecting and preparing fleshy fungi for the herbarium 1898
2.15 The Phalloideae of the United States III 1897
2.16 Pistillaria thaxteri Burt, n. sp., the smallest known hymenomycete n.d.
2.17 Protomerulius farlowii Burt, n. sp. n.d.
2.18 Some North American Tremellaceae n.d.
2.19 Some wood-destroying fungi of Java n.d.
2.20 Staining sections cut by freezing method n.d.
2.21 Thelephoraceae of North America II. Craterellus 1914
2.22 Thelephoraceae of North America III. Craterellus borealis and cyphella 1914
3.1 Thelephoraceae of North America V. Tremellodendron et al 1915
3.2 Thelephoraceae of North America VI. Hypochnus 1916
3.3 Thelephoraceae of North America VII. Septobasidium et al 1916
3.4 Thelephoraceae of North America IX. Aleurodiscus 1918
3.5 Thelephoraceae of North America X. Hymenochaete 1918
3.6 Thelephoraceae of North America X. Hymenochaete 1918
3.7 Thelephoraceae of North America XI. Tulasnella et al 1919
3.8 Thelephoraceae of North America XIII. Cladoderrus et al 1924

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Series 4. Graphic Material.

Scope and Content:

There are 14 files of photographs and drawings, most of which are illustrations of textual materials in Series 3: Manuscripts and Typescripts. Seven of the files contain illustrations from the series The Thelephoraceae of North America, I-XV as described above in Series 3.

Folder Title Date
4.1 The Development of Mutinus caninus 1896
4.2 Dissepiment on Parathelium n.d.
4.3 Helvellae of Vermont n.d.
4.4 Merulius in North America ca. 1917
4.5 North American Tremellaceae n.d.
4.6 Pistillaria thaxteri n.d.
4.7 Some wood-destroyed fungi of Java n.d.
4.8 Thelephoraceae of North America, II, III, V 1914-1915
4.9 Thelephoraceae of North America, VI 1916
4.10 Thelephoraceae of North America, VII 1916
4.11 Thelephoraceae of North America, IX 1916
4.12 Thelephoraceae of North America, X 1918
4.13 Thelephoraceae of North America, XI 1919
4.14 Thelephoraceae of North America, XIII 1924

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