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Collectors: Seaver, Fred Jay, 1877-1970.
Maguire, Bassett, 1904-
Irwin, Howard S.
Keck, David D.
Prance, Ghillean T., 1937-
Holmgren, Patricia K.
Title: Records of the Herbarium Office (RG4)
Dates: 1909-1997
Dates: bulk, 1937-1996
Quantity: 30 linear feet; 24 boxes
Call Phrase: Herbarium (RG4)

Historical Note:

An 1896 agreement between the Board of Managers of the New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) and the Trustees of Columbia University made it possible to deposit, on permanent loan, the large and historic Columbia College (University) Herbarium at the NYBG. The Columbia College Herbarium was begun in the early 19th century and included the historically significant private herbarium of Dr. John Torrey, which included specimens from many early explorations of the United States. The collections contained over 400,000 specimens at the time of the transfer and included the collections of Professor F. Meisner of Basle, Switzerland, A.W. Chapman of Apalachicola, Florida, the mosses and hepatics accumulated by C. F. Austin, and the famous collection of mosses by Dr. J.G. Jaeger of Switzerland.

As the NYBG Museum building neared completion in 1899, the accumulation of mounted herbarium specimens was moved from temporary offices into newly installed oak herbarium cases. During the early years, the herbaria of the College of Pharmacy of Columbia College, consisting of the collections of Alphonso Wood, W.M. Canby, and Henry Hurd Rusby and those of Princeton University and Hunter College were added. The Garden's herbarium incorporated the J.B Ellis collection, at the time the largest accumulation of fungi in American, as well as the John J. Crooke herbarium of North American and West Indian plants, the F.M. Hexamer herbarium of European and North American plants, the H.E. Hasse herbarium of plants from North America, Greenland and Mexico, and the Per Axel Rydberg herbarium of specimens from the Sweden and the Rocky Mountain region.

Dr. Nathaniel Lord Britton, the first Director in Chief, and his associates, continually secured new collections from all parts of the world by either exploration or exchange, and the collections continued to grow under the direction and leadership of the Head Curators and other herbarium administrators. In 1944, Bassett Maguire inaugurated a landmark exploration program in Venezuela and the Guianas, where he made extensive collections for the next 30 years. In 1964, Ghillean Prance began the garden's program in the Brazilian Amazon, which continued until 1988. Exploration programs continue to this day and Garden scientists have led more than 800 expeditions to botanically unknown areas, mainly to the West Indies, the United States, northern South America, especially Brazil, the Guyana Highland area, and the Andes.

As one of the nations largest herbaria, the NYBG has a responsibility to rescue the smaller herbaria being abandoned by many universities, and to make these valuable specimens available for taxonomic research throughout the world. Orphaned herbaria collections are added to the Herbarium, as they are available, continually strengthening the scope and breadth of the collections.

The collections continue to grow by acquisition of exchange specimens and collecting activity of current staff. The geographical emphasis has always been on the flora and mycota of the New World. The collections of vascular plants, bryophytes, fungi, lichens and algae are among the largest in the Western Hemisphere.

Scope and Content

The herbarium records were organized as a central file for routine Herbarium activities, from the inception of the herbarium to 1997. Large gaps in the files exist, but additional administrative papers of the Herbarium may be found within the records or papers of individuals who served in an administrative capacity. The records encompass the work of various head curators and administrators as well as curatorial and other herbarium staff, including Richard Cowan, Arthur Cronquist, Patricia Holmgren, Avery Howe, Henry Allan Gleason, Howard Irwin, David Keck, Frank McKeever, Bassett Maguire, Harold Moldenke, Joseph Monochino, Iain Prance, David Rogers, Clark Rogerson, Fred Jay Seaver, Albert Charles Smith, William Steere, Gustav Ludwig Wittrock and John J. Wurdack.

These records consist of incoming and outgoing correspondence pertaining to business matters, travel, botanical exploration, and taxonomy and; records regarding the overall operations and policies of the herbarium; minutes of meetings; internal staff memorandum; requests for identifications, and general botanical information; documentation of specimens offered for sale, purchase, or received from collectors affiliated with, or sponsored by the NYBG; annual reports; personnel files; and grant applications.

In September 2000, Dr. Patricia Holmgren retired her position as Director of the Herbarium. Her records have been transferred to the archives but not yet included in this guide.


The collection is organized into seven series:
Series 1: Administrative files. 1900-1994.
Subseries A: Subject Files.
Subseries B: Files of Fred Seaver.
Subseries C: Files of David Keck.
Subseries D: Files of Bassett Maguire.
Subseries E: Files of Horward Irwin.
Subseries F: Files of Ghillian T. Prance.
Subseries G: Files of Patricia Holmgren.
Series 2: Collections. 1898-1989
Series 3: Research. (Grant files). 1965-1993.
Series 4: Personnel records (Staff and graduate students). 1959-1973.
Series 5: Visitor records. 1966-1990.
Series 6: Annual reports and Herbarium sheet. 1970-1995.
Series 7: Affiliations. 1975-1994.


Access restrictions

This collection is open for research with permission from Mertz Library staff, with the exception of Series 4: Personnel records (Staff and graduate students). 1959-1973.


Requests for permission to publish material from the collection should be submitted in writing to the LuEsther T. Mertz Library of the New York Botanical Garden.

Indexing Terms

The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the library's online public access catalog.
Holmgren, Patricia K.
Irwin, Howard S.
Keck, David D.
Maguire, Bassett, 1904-
Prance, Ghillean T., 1937-
Seaver, Fred Jay, 1877-1970.
New York Botanical Garden Archives.
New York Botanical Garden. Herbarium -- Records and correspondence.
William and Lynda Steere Herbarium.

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Records of the Herbarium Office (RG4), Archives, The New York Botanical Garden.

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This collection was transferred to the New York Botanical Garden Archives.

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Originally processed by Susan Fraser, Head, Information Services, NYBG Archivist. February 2000, with grant funding from The National Endowment for the Humanities. (NEH-PA 23141-98). Converted to EAD in October 2006 by Kathleene Konkle under a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH-PA 50678-04).

Container List


Series 1. Administrative files

Scope and Content:

Arranged in broad categories by the years of the administration of the Head Curators and then alphabetically by subject.

These files include routine office files such as the business records and subject files regarding the overall operations; on the care and maintenance of the herbarium cases, samples of mounting paper for herbarium specimens, fumigation procedures, formulas for glues used to mount herbarium specimens; general correspondence on the operation of the herbarium; minutes of general staff meetings (including a bound notebook of weekly staff meetings called "Weekly botanical conventions"; internal staff memorandum; finance records; policies of the herbarium, ", as well as the files on and important correspondence between herbarium administrators and botanists in the field. The files encompass the work of various head curators and herbarium administrators such as Fred Seaver, Bassett Maguire, Howard Irwin, David Keck, Ghillian Prance, Patricia Holmgren, and the business and finance officers such as R.F. Kolkebeck Roger Biringer, William Mooney and William Beals.

General arrangement is chronological by the years covering the administration of the head curator or administrator. Files are arranged alphabetically by subject within the term of the administration. This series contains 6 boxes.


Subseries A: Subject files

Box Title Date
1 Record of Weekly Botanical Conventions 1900- 1905, 1906-1911
1 ACSRB Mounting, Fumigation Survey n.d.
1 Announcements of Seminars 1964-1972
1 Announcements of Seminars 1974-1977
1 Announcements of Seminars 1975-1981
1 Cryptogamic Herbarium Memoranda, 1956-1976
1 Herbarium Cases - Cleaning and Waxing n.d.
1 Herbarium Cases 1951-1956, 1965
1 Herbarium Cases prior to 1960
1 Herbarium Cases 1960-1961
1 Herbarium Cases 1961-1963, 1991
1 Mounting Herbarium Sheets 1944-1959
1 Herbarium Mounting paper 1958-1962
1 Glue Formula for Specimens (no longer used) n.d.
1 Herbarium Library 1943
1 Library Committee 1963-1964
1 Renovations 1973, 1974
1 Toluene, Methyl Bromide 1958-1972
1 U.S. Type Specimen Register 1972
1 Kolkebeck files (Business manager) 1959-1969
1 General memos 1959-1961
1 Administrative Memos - Maguire 1959-1963
1 Administrative Memos - Maguire 1964-1965
1 Administrative Memos - Maguire 1968-1969
1 Administrative Memos - Irwin 1961-1968
1 Herbarium Assistants 1961-1963
2 (Financial records) 1968-1978
2 Biringer, Roger. (Administrator) n.d.
2 Finanical records - Irwin 1969-1977
2 Administrative memos- Holmgren 1970-1977
2 Mooney, Wm. - Accounting department 1968-1970
2 Beals, Wm. -Director of Finance 1975-1978
2 General Operating records n.d,

Subseries B: Files of Fred Seaver

Box Title Date
2 Memoranda 1938-1947
2 General herbarium correspondence A-Z 1943-1948
2 General Correspondence 1945-1946
2 General Correspondence 1947-1948
2 Berlin Herbarium 1944
2 Brown, H.P. 1945-1947
2 Constance, Lincoln 1947
2 Camp, W.H. 1947
2 Degener, O. 1947
2 Fernald, M.L. 1944-1945
2 Herter, W.G. 1948
2 Killip, E.P. 1947-1948
2 Korf, R. 1947
2 Liana, A.H. 1948
2 Maguire, B. 1944, 1948
2 Massey, L.M. 1948
2 Garden Affairs1947-1948 n.d.

Subseries C: Files of David Keck

Box Title Date
2 American Midland Naturalist n.d.
2 Austin Motor Car rental n.d.
2 Committee on Genetics and Systematic Biology - National Resource Council n.d.
2 Courses in Plant Breeding n.d.
2 Courses in Systematic Botany n.d.
2 General correspondence 1952-1957
2 General correspondence 1957-1958
2 Keck re: South American Expeditions (Maguire, Steyermark, Wurdack) 1954-1956
2 Keck, w/ Cowan, R. and Frances, M. n.d.
2 Keck, w/ Cronquist n.d.
2 Keck and Cowan w/ Cressman, K. re:photography n.d.
2 Exhibits n.d.
2 Fund raising initiatives 1951-1957
2 Genera Plantarum (Paris Congress) n.d.
2 Grants and fellowships 1953-1957
2 Harvard and Arnold Arboretum Controversy 1955-1957
2 Internal memos 1951-1953
2 Internal memos 1954-1956
2 Internal memos 1957-1958
2 Requests for reprints 1955-1959
2 Torrey Botanical Club n.d.
2 Type Photograph project 1954-1957
2 Vienna extraction lists n.d.
2 Visiting Investigators n.d.
2 Welfare Program (Dept. of Labor) n.d.
3 3rd annual symposium on systematics - St. Louis 1956
3 7th International botanical congress - Sweden 1950
3 8th International botanical congress - Paris 1954
3 9th International botanical congress - Montreal 1957
3 Montreal congress 1959
3 National Academy of Sciences - AAAS meeting 1956

Subseries D: Files of Bassett Maguire

Box Title Date
3 Customs broker 1960-1965
3 Tropica Studies Center proposal, 1958
3 General Correspondence 1950-1958
3 General Correspondence 1959-1960
3 General Correspondence 1962-1964
3 Constance, L. 1945-1950
3 Ewan, J. 1943
3 Goodspeed, T.H. 1957
3 Harper, F. 1954
3 Klein, W.E. 1946
3 Nilsson, S. 1959
3 Porsild, A.E. 1943-1957
3 Weber, W. 1955-1957
3 Rogers, David n.d.
3 Correspondence w/ Magurie, Irwin and Steere n.d.
3 Rogers, David -Course work n.d.

Subseries E: Files of Howard Irwin

Box Title Date
3 AAM questionnaire n.d.
3 Administrative memorandum 1972-1975
3 Administrative memorandum 1975-1979
3 Correspondence -administrative 1971-1976
3 General Herbarium Policies - 1970
3 Memos to and from Herbarium staff 1968-1969
3 Memos to and from Herbarium staff 1970-1971
3 Proposed plan of Herbarium Laboratory n.d.

Subseries F: Files of Ghillian T. Prance

Box Title Date
2 H. Irwin re: South American Expeditions 1966-1971
2 B. Maguire re: South American Expeditions 1963-1967
2 Employment, salary and title file 1961-1971
2 Administrative memos and correspondence 1973-1988
2 Computer feasibility study n.d.

Subseries G: Files of Patricia Holmgren

Box Title Date
4 Action Plan (the Herbarium) 1983
4 Action Plan (the Garden) 1984-1985
4 Action Plan (for Science) 1982-1983
4 Action Plan (for Science) 1981
4 Advisory Committee Meeting -Summaries 1979-83
4 Advisory Committee Meeting -Summaries 1984-87
4 Advisory Committee Meeting -Summaries 1988-90
4 Appointment and Promotion Policy n.d.
4 Awards and Recognitions n.d.
4 Bedford Park Apt. 1991
4 Britton's Opal Tie Pin - to Pat and Noel from Wm. Steere n.d.
4 Centennial I Campaign- 1982-85
4 Centennial II Campaign- 1986-89
4 Centennial Book- corresp. Asking for remembrances n.d.
4 Centennial Book -requests by Stafleu n.d.
4 Centennial Book - material sent to Stafleu n.d.
4 Centennial Book - expenses n.d.
4 Computer proposal n.d.
4 Cronquist - memorial fund n.d.
4 Curricula vitae of Herbarium managers, Herbarium support staff,etc. n.d.
4 Cryptogamic herbarium n.d.
4 Delegation to IV International Botanical Congress n.d.
4 Draft letter concerning loss of Herbaria n.d.
4 Employee welfare n.d.
4 Exchange Visitor Program n.d.
4 Expeditions - NYBG 1897-1984
4 Fall Conference--non science 1980
4 Fall Conference - 1980 - science n.d.
4 Fellowships -OAS n.d.
4 Field Collector's notebook Index 1-233 n.d.
4 Fremont, Charles (Book for Centenniel) n.d.
4 Funds- Cronquist n.d.
4 Funds -Dumont n.d.
4 Funds - Koyama n.d.
4 Funds - Krukoff n.d.
4 Funds - Maguire n.d.
4 Funds -Steere n.d.
5 Gifts - Non Specimen 1974-1989
5 Gifts - Non Specimen 1990
5 History Book -post Stafleu 1991
5 IAB Conference of Bryoecology 1985
5 Improvements Council 1974
5 Institutional Representatives - NSF n.d.
5 Index Herbariorum 1977-1980, 1981-1985
5 Index Kewensis CD-ROM beta n.d.
5 Internships - Everett 1990
5 Invitations n.d.
5 (U.S.) Japan Cooperative Science Program- Proceedings 1983
5 Koyama, Tetsuo (4 folders) n.d.
5 Catalog of Carex types n.d.
5 Lab Committee n.d.
5 Lieberman Laboratory n.d.
5 Long Range Planning n.d.
5 Maguire's Replacement n.d.
5 Meckler Microfiche Project n.d.
5 Meetings w/ Staff n.d.
5 Memos 1971-1973
5 Memos 1981-1992
5 Memos 1993
5 Misc. Statistics n.d.
5 Mycologia n.d.
5 NatureNet n.d.
5 North American Rock Garden Society -Edgar T. Wherry Award to Noel Holmgren n.d.
5 NSF/Mitre n.d.
5 NYS Pesticide Applicator Permit and Test Info n.d.
5 NYBG 100th Anniversary 1985-1991
5 Osaka 90 Exposition 1986-1989
5 Parties sponsored by Herbarium/Science n.d.
5 Personnel Directory 5 n.d, 1972, 198
5 Promotions 1991-1994
5 Plant Quarantine 1962-1971
5 Paleobotany Department -fossil collection to Yale 1983
5 Planning Process 1989
5 Prance, I -Farewell party, Retirement n.d.
5 Program Plan 1988
5 Plant Science booklet n.d.
5 Plant Studies Center n.d.
5 Policy, Priority and Procedural Statements for the Intermountain Herbarium 1984-85
5 Publications by staff 1955-1970, 1986-1988, 1989-1990
5 Projects - staff 1983-1993

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Series 2. Collections

Scope and Content:

Arranged alphabetically.

This series includes files on the exchange of specimens; correspondence regarding collections offered for purchase or sale or of "orphaned" collections transferred to the NYBG; letters from the public to various herbarium staff members requesting identification of plant material; correspondence to and from herbarium staff responding to requests for identifications of plant materials; lists of identifications and determinations of herbarium specimens from individual and institutions; and requests for loans and exchange of herbarium specimens.

Correspondence regarding loans of herbarium specimens are arranged by and outgoing, incoming and returned. Within those groups, the files are arranged alphabetically by city. Loans are sent to and from institutions throughout the world and cover the period from 1943- 1964. Correspondence regarding outgoing and outgoing returned loans is intermingled.

Files on collections purchased or offered for sale are arranged by the name of the collection or herbarium.

This series contains 4 boxes.

Box Title Date
7 Exchanges 1932-1967
7 Collections purchased or offered for sale 1943-1969
7 A-C n.d.
7 D-J n.d.
7 K-M n.d.
7 N-Z n.d.
7 Carnegie Museum Fungus Herbariun Transfer n.d.
7 DePauw University -Specimen exchange 1989
7 Fryxell Herbarium n.d.
7 Garrett Herbarium (fungal collections) n.d.
7 Gettysburg College Herbarium n.d.
7 Heller Herbarium - Brooklyn Botanic Garden 1981
7 Hobart and William Smith Colleges n.d.
7 Otto Kuntze Herbarium - The Charleston Museum 1981
7 Mianus River Gorge Wildlife and Botanical Reserve Herbarium n.d.
7 Tate Collection Duplicates - American Museum of Natural History 1981
7 Wabash College Herbarium (5 folders) n.d.
7 Wabash College Herbarium - Custer Info n.d.
7 Sartwell Herbarium - Hamilton College n.d.
7 Wellesley Herbarium (5 folders) n.d.
7 Draft letter concerning Loss of Herbaria n.d.
7 Collections--correspondence and determination lists n.d.
7 Alston, A.H.G Venezuela 1958-1959
7 Beard, Pamela 1946-1947
7 Bennett F.L. Black Hills 1947
7 Brass, L.J. Archbold Expedition - New Guinea (3 folders) 1933-1934
7 Brass/Vernay Archbold Expedition - Nyasaland (3 folders) 1946-52
7 Brenes, A.M. Costa Rica 1947
7 Brooke, U.M.A. Bolivia n.d.
7 Carr, E.E. New Guinea 1935-1936
7 Gerhart, G.A. 1935
7 Hinton, G.B. Mexico (3 folders) 1944-1962
7 Shomburgk duplicates 1959
7 Skutch, A.F. Guatemala and Costa Rica 1936-1940
7 Smith, H.H. Colombia 1898-1901
8 Identifications n.d.
8 Miscellaneous identifications list 1937-1963
8 Miscellaneous identifications list 1945-1963
8 Miscellaneous identifications list A-M 1957-1958
8 Miscellaneous identifications list A-Z 1958-1960
8 Determinations 1977-1978 n.d.
8 Identifications -Koyama 1973-1988 (3 folders) n.d.
8 General Identifications (3 folders) n.d.
9 Loans out going and outgoing returned A-Z n.d.
9 Loans incoming A-Z n.d.
10 Loans - outgoing queries and cancelled loans. 1947-1964 n.d.
10 Loans - incoming and outgoing (card file) 1921-1932
10 Loans 1932-1942
10 Loans 1941-1949
10 Loans 1949-1966
10 Loan requests - arranged by person A-Z 1967-1982
8 Loan requests and determination letters - arranged by city A-Z 1951-57

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Series 3. Research

Scope and Content:

Arranged alphabetically by name of principal investigator.

Grant applications filed under the name of the principal investigator dating from 1965 to 1993. Files also include the NSF facilities grants from 1965 to 1993 and are arranged chronologically by year.

This series contains 5 boxes.

Box Title Date
9 Association for Tropical Biology. Comprative evolution of Tropical Forest Ecosystems in Africa and South America. n.d.
9 Balick, M. Ethnobotanical Studies of South American Indians 1: Venezuela n.d.
9 1990, Balick, M and A. Henderson. Toward a treatment of the Palmae for Flora Neotropica. n.d.
9 Barneby, R. Revision of Mimosa of the Brazilian Planalto n.d.
9 Revision of Mimosa of Tropical South America and West Indies n.d.
9 Barneby and Grimes. Generic seg. of Pithecellobium Mart. 7 rev. of Abarema … n.d.
9 Taxonomic revision of generic segregates Pithecellobium sensu lato n.d.
9 Barneby and Irwin. Rev. of Neotropical Cassia and subgen. Senna n.d.
9 Beach, J.H. and B.M. Thiers. Development and Installation of a Botanical Collection Database Management System. n.d.
Title Date
Boom, B and C. Padoch. Ethnobotany and Less Developed Countries: Ethical Considerations for U.S. Researchers. n.d.
Box Title Date
9 Boom, B. Science in Developing Countries. n.d.
9 Florula of Kaieteur National Park, Guyana. n.d.
9 NYBG's Participation in "Proyecto Inventario Recursos Naturales del la Region Guyana" of the Corporacion Venezolana de Guayano. n.d.
9 Fulbright - Wenner- Gren Foundation. Fulbright - Hays Grant Program [report] Georgetown, Guyana. The Panare Indians and their Forest n.d.
9 Botta, S. Taxonomia y miofologia de Verbenaeas. n.d.
9 Buck, Wm. A moss flora of the West Indies 1: The Greater Antilles and the Pleurocarpous Mosses. n.d.
9 -Flora of the Greater Antilles. n.d.
9 -Botanical Resource Management Plan for US Naval Base at Guantanamo. n.d.
9 Cronquist, A. Vascular Plants of the Intermountain West. n.d.
9 -Improving Doctoral Dissertation Research. n.d.
9 -A systematic revision of Schoenocaulen. n.d.
9 Cronquist and Holmgren. Vascular Plants of the Intermountain West. n.d.
9 Cronquist, and P.& N Holmgren. Support for Publication of Vol. 4 of the Intermountain West. n.d.
9 Churchill, S. A.I.D.Supplemental funding. n.d.
9 -Moss Flora of Colombia. n.d.
9 Daly. D. Chemical Systematics of Taxane producing plants. n.d.
9 Desjardin, d. and R.E. Halling. Monographic studies on Marasmius in North America. n.d.
9 Dorr, L. and L. Barnett. Stercuiaceae of Madagasgar and Tropical East Africa. n.d.
9 Dorr, L. Plant Collector's in Madagasgar and the Comoro Islands. n.d.
9 Dumont, K. Monographic studies in the Sclerotiniaceae and other related Discomycetes. n.d.
9 An inventory of the Mycological Flora of Colombia. n.d.
9 Elias, T. Manual of the Trees of U.S.S.R. n.d.
9 Frank, S. and Wm. Buck. The Moss Flora of Mexico. n.d.
9 Goldblatt, P. and S.A. Mori. Joint NYBG/MO Symposia-Neotropical and African Biology and Biogeography. n.d.
9 Grimes, J. A taxonomic revision of Cullen. n.d.
9 Halling, R. Monographic studies on Collybia in tropical South America. n.d.
9 Halling, R. and A. Frano. The genus Lepiota sensu lato in the tropical Andes. n.d.
9 The genus Lepiota in Colombia. n.d.
9 Holmgren, N.H. Scrophulariaceae ex. Calceolaria for flora of Ecuador. n.d.
9 Southwest flora: The Vascular plants of the Southwest U.S. n.d.
9 Holmgren , N. and K. Vincent. Biosystematic studies on the Pentstemon kingii group. n.d.
9 Holmgren, P. Incorporation of the DePauw and Wabash college Herbaria… n.d.
9 Biological Research Resource Program. n.d.
9 Howard, R. Joint w/ AMNH, NYBG and CUNY. A center for the study of Biodiversity. n.d.
9 Irwin, H.. Specialized Research Facility, 1971. n.d.
9 Irwin, H. and R. Barneby. Revision of Neotropical Cassia. n.d.
9 Koyama, T. and W. Nanakorn. A systematic revision of the Tribe Andropogonaeae. n.d.
9 Koyama, T. U.S.-Japan Joint Seminar: Origin of the East Asian and N.A. Floras from Arctoteriary precursors. n.d.
9 Koyama, T. Proposal to AID/SCI Prog. Agro-Bot Eval. And Germplasm Coll. 1986. n.d.
9 Koyama, T. A Taxonomic Monograph of the Rhynchosporea of Cyperarceae. n.d.
9 Koyama, T. A Taxonomic Revision of Trop. Am. Smilacaceae. n.d.
9 Koyama, T. U.S.-Taiwan Symposium on the Improved Exploitation and Development of Plant Resources. n.d.
9 Koyama, T. A Taxonomic Revision of the Tropical American Cyperaceae. n.d.
9 Koyama, T. Survey of Unexploited and Underexpoited Food Plant Resources in Asia… n.d.
9 Koyama, T. Studies in Critical Taxa of Cyperaceae. n.d.
9 Koyama, T. Survey of fungal parasitism in Graminaceae, Cyperaceae, Leguminoseae… n.d.
9 Koyama, T. A Taxonomic Monograph of the Family Smilacaceae. n.d.
9 Koyama, T. Purchase of Scanning Electron Microscope. n.d.
9 Koyama, T. Taxonomic revisions of important flowering plant families of Korea… n.d.
9 Landrum, L. Monographic studies of the genera Acca., Blepharocalyx, Campomanesia, Luma and Pimenta. n.d.
9 Lebron-Luteyn, M. Support publication of Carlowrightia (Acanthaceae) and Cavendishia (Ericaceae) in the Flora Neotropica series. n.d.
9 Lebron-Luteyn, M. Publication of sponsored research. n.d.
9 Lebron-Luteyn, M. Support publication of Flora Neotropica and NAF. n.d.
9 Lebron-Luteyn, M. Support for publication of sponsored research reports: Mimosa. n.d.
9 Lee, J. J. The City College of CUNY (CD #16) jointly w/ Research Foundation of CUNY. n.d.
9 Likens G.E. Collaborative Research Hydrologic-Nutrient Cycle Interaction in Small Undisturbed and Man-manipulated Ecosystems. n.d.
9 Liogier, Bro. Alain. Floristic studies of Hispaniola: Filed, herbarium, and library studies leading to the preparation of a Flora of Hispaniola. n.d.
9 LoConte, H. NSF Grant to study at NYBG. n.d.
9 LoConte, H. Cladistic analysis of Hamamelidae. n.d.
9 Luteyn, J.L. Botanical Diversity in Andean Paramos. n.d.
9 Luteyn, J.L.and Callajas, R. Revision of the Ottonia complex (Piperaceae) n.d.
9 Luteyn, J.L., American Species of Gaultheria and Pernettya (Ericaceae) n.d.
9 Lutuyn, J.L. Revision of the Genus Cavandishia n.d.
9 Luteyn, J.L. Systematics in the Neotropical Ericaceae. n.d.
9 Luteyn, J.L. Investigations of the Flora and Fauna of the Cerro de la Neblina, Venezuela. n.d.
9 Luteyn, J.L and Clemants, S. Systematic Revision of the Genus Befaria (Ericaceae). n.d.
9 Maguire, B. Botany of the Guyana Highland. n.d.
9 Maguire, B. Herbarium Facility and Rehabilitation. n.d.
9 Maguire, B and J. Wurdack. A Plant survey of the Guiana Region of South America. n.d.
9 Meurer-Grimes, B. The Systematic significance of betalains in the Phytolaccaceae. n.d.
9 Mickel, J.T. Manual of the Pteridophytes of Mexico. n.d.
9 Mickel, J.T. Pteridophyte Flora of Oaxaca, Mexico. n.d.
9 Mickel, J.T. Pteridophyte Flora of Hispaniola. n.d.
9 Mori, S. Botanical Inventory of French Guiana Forest. n.d.
9 Mori, S. Botanical Exploration of Guyana. n.d.
9 Mori, S. and B. Boom. Botanical Survey of the Endangered moist forest of eastern Brazil. n.d.
9 Final Report. Mori, S. and Chih-hua Tsou. The Embryology of Lecythaceae and its Systematic Application.. n.d.
9 Mori, S. Monographic Study of Neotropical Lecythidaceae n.d.
9 Mori, S. Phenolgoy and Floral Biology of the Lecythidaceae of the Vicinity of Saul, French Guiana. n.d.
9 Mori, S. Ecological Tree Flora of LaFumee Mt. French Guiana. n.d.
9 Mori, S. Permission to collect botanical specimens in Brazil. n.d.
9 Mori, S. and R. Cowan. Flora of the Guianas. n.d.
9 Mori, S. nd G.T. Prance. A Manual of neotropical lowland moist forest tree families. n.d.
9 Mori, S. and J. Pipoly. Systematics of the Genus Grammadenia (Myrsinaeae). n.d.
9 Mori, S. and J. Piploy. Systmatic Revision of Grammadenia Bentham (Myrsinaceae). n.d.
9 Nee, M. A modern revision of Cucurbita (Curcubitaceae) n.d.
9 Palta, H. Application of Tissue culture technology for legume crop Improvement. n.d.
9 Prance, G.T. Biological Studies of the Babassu Palm. n.d.
9 Prance, G.T The uses of Computers in Taxonomy n.d.
9 Prance, G.T. Projeto Flora Amazonica. n.d.
9 Prance, G.T Enzyme and seed protein variability of some common Lecythidaceae. n.d.
9 Prance, G.T. An ethnobotanical study of the Kuikuru Indians. n.d.
9 Prance, G.T. Latin American involvement in Symposium. Threatened and endangered species of plants in the Americas. n.d.
9 Prance, G.T. Plant Survey of Threatened Areas of Brazilian Amazonia. n.d.
9 Prance, G.T. Monographic study of neotropical Lecythidaceae. n.d.
9 Prance, G.T. Projeto Flora Amazonica Phase III. n.d.
9 Projeto Flora Amazonica. Phase IV. n.d.
9 Prance, G.T. and C. Lumer. Additional Pollination studies of Blakea. (Melastomataceae). n.d.
9 Prance, G.T. for Shirley Keel. Phenology of the Blackwater Igapo in Central Amazonia. n.d.
9 Prance, G.T. Innovative Sci. Res. Forest Palms as Tropical Crops. n.d.
9 Prance, G.T. A Florula of the Reserve Florestal Adolpho Ducke. n.d.
9 Prance, G.T. and A. Henderson. Toward a treatment of the Palmae for Flora Neotropica. n.d.
9 Richardson, P.M. and J.T. Mickel. Internal flavonoids of the ferns. n.d.
9 Rogerson, C. Monographic studies in the Hypocreales (Fungi:ascomycetes) n.d.
9 Rogerson, C. Support publication of Memoirs of the NYBG and North American Flora. n.d.
9 Rogerson, C. Monographic Revision of Nectrioid Genera (Asco., Hyp.) in North America. n.d.
9 Rogerson, C. Support Publications n.d.
9 Samuels, G. Floristic Monograph of the Hypocreales (Fungi, Ascomycetes) in the American Tropics. n.d.
9 Samuels, G. and K. Rodrigues. Endophytic fungi in the palm Euterpe oleracea. n.d.
9 Samuels, G. Mycobiota of Saul, a tropical lowland forest. n.d.
9 Samuels, G. C. Rogerson. Floristic monograph of Hypocrea and its relatives…in the American tropics. n.d.
9 Smith, G. A taxonomic study of polytrichaceae (Musci) n.d.
9 Steere, W. Production of the Wildflowers of the U.S. n.d.
9 Steere, W. The mosses of Arctic North America. A monographic treatament. n.d.
9 Stevenson, D. A monograph of the Neotropical Zamiaceae. n.d.
9 Stevenson, D. Renovation of the Harding lab. n.d.
9 Stevenson, D. Wood anatomy, pollen morphology and endothecium structure in relation to the systematics and phylogeny of the Ebenaceae. n.d.
9 Thiers, B. A re-evaluations of the Lejeuneaceae. n.d.
9 Thiers, B. Proposal for the Development of a Herbarium Management Specimen Database Package. n.d.
9 Thiers, B. Revision of the American species of Simaroubaceae. n.d.
9 Thomas, W. A Revision of the Genus Picramnia (Simaroubaceae). n.d.
9 Thomas, W. The Simaroubaceae: Revision of Am. Species and Delimination of family boundaries. n.d.
9 Thomas, W. Effects of reservoir flooding on nutrient cycling and diversity in Amazonian forest ecosystems. n.d.
9 Thomas, W. Travel by Latin Americans to 1992 TDWG/IOPI meetings in Xalapa, Mexico. n.d.
14 General information 1958-1966 n.d.
14 NSF Facilities Grants 1965, 1970-77
14 NSF Facilities Grants 1975-78
14 NSF Facilities Grants 1976
14 NSF Facilities Grants 1978-79
14 NSF Facilities Grants 1979
14 NSF Facilities Grants 1979-1984
14 NSF Facilities Grants 1980-82
14 Progress report 1980-82
14 Progress report 1980-83
14 Progress report 1981-83
14 Progress report 1982
14 NSF Facilities Grants 1983
14 Support of the Systematic Collections at NYBG n.d.
14 Proposal submitted to the Biological Research Resource Program n.d.
14 Progress report 1984-1992
14 National Museum Act n.d.
14 Guidelines n.d.
14 Grant Proposal 1979-80
14 Grant Proposal 1980-81
14 Grant Proposal 1981-82
14 Grant Proposal 1982-83
14 Grant Proposal 1983-84
14 Grant Proposal 1984-85
14 Grant Proposal 1985-86
14 Grant Proposal 1986-87
15 Request for funds - USDA - Proposed facility- Library Herbarium Building 1991

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Series 4. Personnel records. (Staff and graduate students)

Scope and Content:

Arranged alphabetically.

Files arranged alphabetically by individual and include correspondence as well as employment information. These files also include the records of graduate students in the NYBG affiliated programs. Access to files in this series is restricted.

This series contains 3 boxes.

Box Title Date
16 Agostini, G n.d.
16 Allen, Caroline n.d.
16 Anchel, Marjorie n.d.
16 Anderson, Frank n.d.
16 Andres, Tom n.d.
16 Angerman, Al n.d.
16 Aponte, Ismael n.d.
16 Arguela, Anna n.d.
16 Arrigo, Rossetta n.d.
16 Arroyo, Mary n.d.
16 Austin, Dan n.d.
16 Avitabile, Peter n.d.
16 Ayers, Tina n.d.
16 Bacolo, Victoria n.d.
16 Badger, Jennifer n.d.
16 Balee, Wm n.d.
16 Barelli John n.d.
16 Battista, Barbara n.d.
16 Barnea, Anat n.d.
16 Barringer, Kerry n.d.
16 Barnett, Lisa n.d.
16 Beacon, Mark n.d.
16 Beardsley, Dorothy n.d.
16 Becker, Herman n.d.
16 Beins, Alice n.d.
16 Beitel, Joseph n.d.
16 Belsky, Sandra n.d.
16 Benardette, miriam n.d.
16 Bhagat, Usha n.d.
16 Bijur, Herbert n.d.
16 Black, Donald n.d.
16 Blanning, n.d.
16 Boin, Joachim n.d.
16 Bond, M n.d.
16 Bookman, George n.d.
16 Bove, Pauline n.d.
16 Breckon, Gary n.d.
16 Brooks, Gloria n.d.
16 Brooks, Jessica n.d.
16 Brown, Dennis n.d.
16 Bridges, Joe n.d.
16 Burgess, Jean n.d.
16 Byrne, Pat n.d.
16 Callahan, Maureen n.d.
16 Callejas, Ricarado n.d.
16 Campbell, Gertrude n.d.
16 Carney, Richard n.d.
16 Caruso, Lorraine n.d.
16 Caucci, Angela n.d.
16 Chang, Chin-Sung n.d.
16 Clare, Charles n.d.
16 Conklin, Beth n.d.
16 Cotton, Elvira n.d.
16 Crisafulli, Steve n.d.
16 Cronquist, Arthur n.d.
16 Dalton, Pat n.d.
16 Davis, Amy n.d.
16 Dean, Ellen n.d.
16 DeLuise, Robin n.d.
16 Denslow, Julie n.d.
16 Desjardin, Dennis n.d.
16 Diaconescue, Florittza n.d.
16 Dinoia, Matilda n.d.
16 Dirle, Louis n.d.
16 Dorr, Laurence n.d.
16 Douglas, Florence n.d.
16 Downey, Julie n.d.
16 Earhart, John E. n.d.
16 Eisenstadter, Ingrid n.d.
16 Ellshoff, Zella n.d.
16 Farkas, H n.d.
16 Fay, John n.d.
16 Faithorn, Agnes n.d.
16 Feldt, Laurie n.d.
16 Fidalgo, Oswaldo n.d.
16 Fogel, Robert n.d.
16 Fox, Bob n.d.
16 Frame, Dawn n.d.
16 Frankel, Jeanne n.d.
16 Frederick, Naomi n.d.
16 Garcia, Christina n.d.
16 Goode, Jeanne n.d.
16 Grear, John n.d.
16 Grigalonis, Genevieve n.d.
16 Grimes, James n.d.
16 Haas, Gerhard n.d.
16 Hanahoe, Georgia n.d.
16 Hanley, John n.d.
16 Harley, Ray n.d.
16 Hellwig, Robert n.d.
16 Herger, Ann patricia n.d.
16 Hester, James n.d.
16 Hopkins, Michael and Helen n.d.
16 Horn, Axel n.d.
16 Howard, Richard n.d.
16 Hubbard, E. n.d.
16 Hucken, Charles n.d.
16 Hurst, Ann n.d.
16 Innacone, Mary n.d.
16 Inoue, Hiroshi n.d.
16 Irwin, Howard n.d.
16 Jablonski, Eugene n.d.
16 Johnson, Gail n.d.
16 Kallunki, Lois n.d.
16 Kanderfer, Gerald n.d.
16 Kattenhorn, Jana n.d.
16 Kay, Robert n.d.
16 Keller, Sue n.d.
16 Kern, Ruth n.d.
16 Khan, Nilda n.d.
16 King, Steve n.d.
16 Kluska, Lucy n.d.
16 Knight, Frank n.d.
16 Kong, Jung n.d.
16 Koyama, Yuh-wen Wu n.d.
16 Krauss, Marla n.d.
16 Krochmal, Arnold n.d.
16 Kuyper, Thomas n.d.
16 Ladiges, Pauline n.d.
16 Lautenschlager, Lyle n.d.
16 Lancelle, Susan n.d.
16 Lavin, n.d.
16 Lawlor, Josephine n.d.
16 Lawlor, Rosemary n.d.
Title Date
Lebron, Maria n.d.
Box Title Date
17 Lee, Yoo, Sung n.d.
17 Leonardi, Lorinda n.d.
17 Leuenberger, Beat n.d.
17 Levins, Richard n.d.
17 Liew, Fah Seong n.d.
17 Lioa, Huiyi Phanessia n.d.
17 Liogier, Alain n.d.
17 Liu, Bo n.d.
17 Loconte, Henry n.d.
17 Long, Charles n.d.
17 Long, Katherine n.d.
17 Lowen, Roz n.d.
17 Macior, Lazarus n.d.
17 Mackeever, Frank n.d.
17 Mahoney, Alberta n.d.
17 Majernik, Robert n.d.
17 Malukov, Fira n.d.
17 Mante, Seth n.d.
17 Marschner, Linda n.d.
17 Marshall, Melissa n.d.
17 Marttala, Vern n.d.
17 Mastrovincenzo, Miriam n.d.
17 McKenna, Ann n.d.
17 McKenna, Kevin n.d.
17 Mengharini, Athena n.d.
17 Methven, Andrew n.d.
17 Mesquita, Antonio n.d.
17 Mickel, Timothy n.d.
17 Miller, Abigal n.d.
17 Millman, Ann n.d.
17 Miskow, Christopher Frank n.d.
17 Mooney, Joan n.d.
17 Moestl, Sylvia n.d.
17 Mori, Scott n.d.
17 Morse, Larry n.d.
17 Moye, William III n.d.
17 Nagai, Ikue n.d.
17 Nanakorn, Weerachai n.d.
17 Nechamkin, Ellen n.d.
17 Nelson, Nicholas n.d.
17 Nicklas, Karl n.d.
17 Norum, Mary n.d.
17 Nowacki, Viola n.d.
17 O'Brien, Mary n.d.
17 O'Connor, Kevin n.d.
17 Oehmann, Theolyn n.d.
17 Oestry, Linda n.d.
17 Pacheco, Gysela n.d.
17 Panigrosso, Eleanor n.d.
17 Pardue, Larry n.d.
17 Park, Chong-wook n.d.
17 Peisel, Dorothy n.d.
17 Pennington, n.d.
17 Pires, Murca n.d.
17 Pitaro, Lee n.d.
17 Plowman, Timothy n.d.
17 Polonco, Carmen n.d.
17 Pruski, John n.d.
17 Ranieri, Margene May n.d.
17 Reed, Judith n.d.
17 Reed, Stephen n.d.
17 Reilly, Anne n.d.
17 Reitsma, Jan n.d.
17 Richardson, P.M. n.d.
17 Samuels, Gary n.d.
17 Smith, David n.d.
17 Smooth, Stephanie n.d.
17 Starbuck, Thomas n.d.
17 Steere, Dorothy n.d.
17 Steere, Wm. n.d.
17 Stivers, Elizabeth n.d.
17 Tan, Benito n.d.
17 Tiehm, Arnold n.d.
17 Vincent, Karl n.d.
17 Wiesman, Constance n.d.
17 Williams, Sandra n.d.
17 Williams, David n.d.
17 Williams, Drew n.d.
Title Date
Yunker, Barbara n.d.
Box Title Date
18 Personal Action forms n.d.
18 Slides of herbarium staff and activities n.d.
18 Information of Career as a Botanist 1957
18 Future Garden Students 1966
18 Columbia Unviesity Graduate students 1952-1957
18 Graduate Student index (4 folders) 1911-197?
18 Graduate Students 1951-54
18 Graduate Students 1955-57
18 Graduate Students 1961-62
18 Fellowships 1962
18 Fellowships 1963
18 Fellowships 1964-65
18 Graduate assistants 1967-68
18 List of past graduate students 1978

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Series 5. Visitor records

Scope and Content:

Arranged chronologically by year.

Includes guest log and sign in sheets for visitors registering to use the herbarium. Files arranged by year of visit.

This series contains 1 box.

Box Title Date
19 Visitor logs 1945-1965
19 Visitors 1969-1991

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Series 6. Annual reports and Herbarium Sheet

Scope and Content:

Annual reports from individual staff, scientists and curators dated from the years 1970 to 1993. The Herbarium Sheet chronicles the activities of herbarium staff and visitors from 1980-1995 (incomplete). This series contains 2 boxes.

Box Title Date
20 Annual Reports 1970-1993
20 Herbarium Sheet 1980-1995

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Series 7. Affiliations

Scope and Content:

Files pertaining to organizations affiliated with the NYBG or whose administrators, particularly Patricia Holmgren and Ghillean Prance, served as officers in the organization or association. Such affiliations include the American Association of Museums (AAM), American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) American Society of Systematic Collections (ASC) the National Biological Survey (NBS) the National Science Foundation (NSF) and The Associations of Natural Science Institutions (TANSI).

This series contains 2 boxes.

Box Title Date
21 American Association of Museums (AAM) n.d.
21 National Museum Survey n.d.
21 American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) 1983-1985
21 American Society of Plant Systematics (ASPT) n.d.
21 Association of Systematic Collections (ASC) 1975-1994
21 ASC/NBS (National Biological Survey) 1994
21 National Registry of Systematic Resources n.d.
21 Report to NSF on Systematic Collections Resources for the 1990s
21 Survey of Resources n.d.
21 ASC vs. TANSI n.d.
21 (Prance) ASC Membership Committee 1982-1988
21 (Prance) ASC Membership Committee 1984-1987
21 (Prance) ASC Membership Committee 1977-1982
21 (Prance) ASC Membership Committee 1982-1987
21 National Biological Survey (NBS) n.d.
21 (Holmgren) BSA- Economic Botany Society n.d.
22 National Science Foundation (NSF) n.d.
22 Workshops n.d.
22 Important Notice to Presidents of Universities and Colleges and Heads of other NSF grantee organizations. n.d.
22 Non -governmental grants 1980-85
22 Division of Environmental Biology n.d.
22 Division of Polar Programs n.d.
22 Division of Social and Economic Science n.d.
22 Systematic Biology Collections of the U.S.: An Essential Resource. 1970 n.d.
22 Workshop for Biological Collections 1987
22 National Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Property n.d.
22 The Association of Systematic Collections (TANSI) n.d.
22 Science Publicity Task Force 1985
22 Hearing before Task Force- House of Representatives n.d.
22 Tansi April- May 1985
22 Tansi Oct. - Dec. 1985
22 Tansi Jan. - Mar. 1986
22 Tansi April 1986
22 Tansi May 1986
22 Tansi June- July 1986
22 Tansi July - August 1986
22 Tansi Sept.- Oct. 1986
22 Tansi Oct.- Dec. 1986
22 Tansi Jan.-March 1987
22 Tansi April - June 1987
22 Tansi July - Sept. 1987
22 Tansi Oct.- Dec. 1987
22 Tansi Oct. 1987 - March 1988
22 Tansi April 1988
22 Tansi June 1988

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