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Collectors: Hervey, Annette Hochberg, 1920-1980.
Title: Annette [Hochberg] Hervey Records (RG5)
Dates: 1945-1980
Dates: bulk, 1947-1979
Quantity: 3 linear feet; 4 boxes
Call Phrase: Hervey (RG5)

Biography of Annette [Hochberg] Hervey

Annette [Hochberg] Hervey was born in New York City on April 20, 1920. As a child she lived in the Bronx, and attended Evander Childs High School where she graduated first in her class in 1936. While at Evander Child she was placed in Dr. Leon Hervey’s biology class. Dr. Hervey encouraged Annette’s interest in biology and he became a mentor and friend. In December of 1939, they were married. After high school she was accepted into Barnard College where she majored in botany and took classes in bacteriology. She submitted her thesis The Morphological and Physiological Effects of Bacteria on Plants, in 1940 graduated Phi Beta Kappa in June 1940.

Further encouraged by Dr. Hervey, Annette entered Smith College in the Fall of 1940 for her Master’ s Degree. At Smith she held an appointment as a teaching fellow and became acquainted with Dr. Harold Rickett of the New York Botanical Garden. At Smith Annette pursued Mycological and Horticultural studies. In 1942, she was awarded her Master’s Degree submitting a thesis entitled Methods of Separating the Mycelium of Phycomyces blakesleeanus from the Liquid and Solid Media in the Assay of Thiamin (Vitamin B1).

Upon her return to New York, Annette entered Columbia University, to begin her doctoral work, where she requested permission to be Dr. Robbins graduate student. Dr William Robbins was the Director of the New York Botanical Garden and Chairman of the Department of Botany at Columbia.

While at work on her own dissertation, Annette published with Dr. Robbins, four scientific papers. Her thesis, A Survey of Basidiomycetes for Anti-bacterial Activity, was published in 1947 in the Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club. She was appointed Research Associate in 1947 and three years later she transferred to the Rockefeller fund at Columbia University. In 1961 she was promoted to Senior Research Associate.

When Dr. Robbins left the Garden in 1961 to become the Assistant Director of the National Science Foundation’s International Science Activities division, Rockefeller University had offered him Laboratory facilities. Annette received permission from Dr. Steere, Director of the Garden at the time, to spend a day or two a week at Rockefeller University, to continue the research initiated by Dr. Robbins at the Garden. Dr. Hervey was a member of the adjunct faculty of Rockefeller University (1979). The partnership proved beneficial to both institutions.

Her interests encompassed studies of antibiotic substances from basidiomycetous fungi, studies of nutritional and development characteristics of certain fungi and higher plants, and studies with plant tissue culture and orchids. She also studied and evaluated the use of mineral oil for preserving the Garden’s stock culture collection of microorganisims.

During her 37 years at the NYBG, Dr. Hervey’s involvement included teaching adult education courses, lecturing to garden clubs, science clubs and college biology students. In 1971 she become the Coordinator of Special Programs in the Education department.

She belonged to the AAAS (Fellow), AIBS, The Mycological Society of American, The Society of Protozoology, The American Society of Microbiology, the Society for Industrial Microbiology, the Tissue Culture Association. She was a life long member of Torrey Botanical Club and their corresponding secretary for 20 year. She was elected President of the club in 1978 and served in 1979.

On December 9th, 1979, Dr. Annette Hervey was admitted to Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York, where she died on January 28th, 1980.

Scope and Content

Dr. Hervey carried on research on natural growth substances in several fungi. Her research includes tissue culture experiments and the anti-bacterial action and nutritional requirements of fungi. Her work included the evaluation of the mineral oil technique in preserving the stock culture collection of microorganisms and proved to be a successful method of long term preservation. She collaborated with Dr. Wm. Robbins until his death in 1978 so their correspondence and research notebooks are mingled. The correspondence files include scientific correspondence as a Research Associate as well as administrative correspondence as the Coordinator of Special Programs for the Education Department. Records include her Laboratory notebooks from 1945-1947 before her appointment as research assistant, and her thesis dated 1947 although the bulk of her records represent her work as an employee at the NYBG from 1947 until her death.


The collection is organized into six series:
Series 1: Correspondence. 1959-1980. Arranged chronologically.
Series 2: NYBG Administrative papers. Arranged alphabetically by subject.
Series 3: Associations.
Series 4: Research Notes, Laboratory Notebooks.
Series 5: Grant Records.
Series 6: Photographic material.


Access restrictions

This collection is open for research with permission from Mertz Library staff.


Requests for permission to publish material from the collection should be submitted in writing to the LuEsther T. Mertz Library of the New York Botanical Garden.

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Goodwin, Richard H., 1910-
Lederberg, Joshua.
Robbins, William Jacob, 1890-
Antibiotics -- Research.
Fungi -- Growth.
Hervey, Annette Hochberg, 1920-1980 -- Archives.
Kalanchoe -- Photographs.
New York Botanical Garden -- History -- Sources.
New York Botanical Garden Archives.
Orchidaceae -- Breeding.
Plant hormones.
Plant tissue culture.
Tumors, Plant.

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Annette [Hochberg] Hervey Records (RG5), Archives, The New York Botanical Garden.

Acquisition Information

This collection was transferred from the Laboratory to the archives by Bernice (Bunny) Winkler, Dr. Hervey’s secretary.

Processing Information

Originally processed by Susan Fraser, Head, Information Services/NYBG Archivist, January 1999. Converted to EAD in August 2006 by Kathleene Konkle under a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH-PA 50678-04).

Container List


Series 1. Correspondence .

Scope and Content:

Includes correspondence pertaining to her research on antibacterial action on fungi, normal and abnormal plant growth, tissue culture from higher plants, toxicity of water stored in polyethylene bottles, and coleus and orchid research, as well as the letters from the general public inquiring about the education department services or culture samples.

Prominent correspondents include Joshua Lederberg, President of Rockefeller University, Richard Goodwin, President of the Conservation and Research Foundation….

Folder Title Date
1.1 American Philosophical Society-George Corner ca. 1959-1980
1.2 Conservation Research Foundation 1962-1979
1.3 Hass, G ca. 1959-1980
1.4 Higgens, C ca. 1959-1980
1.5 Kaolin Mushroom Farm ca. 1959-1980
1.6 Krochmal, Arnold and Connie ca. 1959-1980
1.7 Long, Charles Robert ca. 1959-1980
1.8 Montgomery, A ca. 1959-1980
1.9 Ritchie, D ca. 1959-1980
1.10 Saeger, A ca. 1959-1980

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Series 2. NYBG Administrative Papers .

Scope and Content:

Includes annual reports for the years 1959-1980, documenting the research Dr. Anchel oversaw in the Laboratories, budget reports, account information, internal memorandum and correspondence about tenure.

Folder Title Date
1.11 Accounts/Budgets ca. 1959-1980
1.12 Annual Reports ca. 1959-1980
1.13 Internal Memorandum ca. 1959-1980
1.14 Tenure ca. 1959-1980
1.15 Time Sheets/Attendance Records ca. 1959-1980

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Series 3. Associations.

Scope and Content:

A Member of numerous professional associations, this series includes correspondence and membership information on associations and organizations including the Botanical Society of America, the Mycological Society of America, the First International Congress, the Tissue Culture Association and the Torrey Botanical Club.

Folder Title Date
1.16 Botanical Society of America – Microbiological Section Publications ca. 1959-1980
1.17 1st International Mycological Congress – Devon, England 1971
1.18 Mycological Society of America – Newsletter ca. 1959-1980
1.19 Tissue Culture Association ca. 1959-1980
1.20 Torrey Botanical Club ca. 1959-1980

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Series 4. Research Notes, Laboratory Notebooks.

Scope and Content:

Research notes on Morchella, and investigations on unique collections of fungi cultivated as a major food source for some species of leaf-cutting ants, fungi being screened for antibiotic activity and problems relating to the improvement and survival of the orchid collections, research on coleus and experiments on normal and abnormal growth of plants including tumors.

Folder Title Date
1.21 Mss. 1947 Thesis –A survey of Basidiomycetes for Antibacterial Activity. ca. 1959-1980
1.22 Microbiology Lab Write-ups: Notes for Elementary Bacteriology ca. 1959-1980
1.23 Microbiiology Lab Write-ups: Normal and Abnormal growth and development of plants ca. 1959-1980
1.24 Microbiology Lab Write-ups: Number of Isolates tested ca. 1959-1980
1.25 Microbiology Lab Write-ups: Numbering of Weber Ant Fungi at the NYBG ca. 1959-1980
1.26 Microbiology Lab Write-ups: R medium with 2 2/l nitrogen source ca. 1959-1980
1.27 Mss. Substrate specificity and kinetic properties … ca. 1959-1980
1.28 Mss. Studies of Bryophyllum Calcinium ca. 1959-1980
1.29 Mss. List of Cultures of Basidiomycetes – from Czech Acad. Sciences ca. 1959-1980
1.30 Coleus – Mss. Development of Plants from Leaf Discs of variegated coleus and its relation to patterns of leaf chlorosis. ca. 1959-1980
1.31 Morchella: Research Notes ca. 1959-1980
1.32 Morchella: Research Notes ca. 1959-1980
1.33 Morchella: Research Notes ca. 1959-1980
1.34 Morchella: ca. 1959-1980
1.35 Morchella: Correspondence ca. 1959-1980
1.36 Morchella: Articles on morchella ca. 1959-1980
1.37 Orchids: Notes ca. 1959-1980
1.38 Orchids: Seed cultures ca. 1959-1980
1.39 Orchids: Orchid collection ca. 1959-1980
1.40 Orchids: Orchid Biology ca. 1959-1980
1.41 Orchids: Orchid committee ca. 1959-1980
2.1 Notebooks: N Series, L Series -- Thesis 1945-1947
2.2 Notebooks: Cultures sent out 1946-1973
2.3 Notebooks: Experiments 1942-1943
2.4 Notebooks: Tumors 1947-1951
2.5 Notebooks: Experiments 1948
2.6 Notebooks: Experiments 1949
2.7 Notebooks: Morchella Notes, Vols 1-3, 7-9 (4-6 lacking) ca. 1959-1980

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Series 5. Grant Records.

Scope and Content:

Grant proposals and reviewers comments from the National Science Foundation, the American Philosophical Society, Includes proposals to investigate

Folder Title Date
2.8 American Philosophical Society- Plant Cell and Tissue culture propagation 1977
2.9 National Science Foundation (NSF): The stock culture collection of Microorganisms at the NYBG 1960
2.10 National Science Foundation (NSF): Abstract n.d.
2.11 National Science Foundation (NSF): “Studies of Fungi Cultivated by Ants" 1977
2.12 National Science Foundation (NSF): Ad hoc review of proposal n.d.
2.13 National Science Foundation (NSF): Abstract n.d.
2.14 National Science Foundation (NSF): “Investigation on Fungi Cultivated by Ants" 1979
2.15 National Science Foundation (NSF): Proposal evaluations 1979

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Series 6. Photographic material.

Scope and Content:

35mm slides of higher plants, fungi and in particular Bryophyllum alcineum. Most slides are unidentified and unarranged.

Box Title Date
3 Photographs ca. 1959-1980
4 Photographs ca. 1959-1980

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