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Collectors: Rogerson, Clark T., 1918-2001.
Title: Clark T. Rogerson Records (RG4)
Dates: 1939-1997
Dates: bulk, 1944-1997
Quantity: 55.5 linear feet; 51 boxes
Call Phrase: Rogerson (RG4)

Biography of Clark T. Rogerson

Clark Thomas Rogerson (born 1918) is a mycologist, editor, educator, and authority on Hypocrealean fungi. Born in Ogden, Utah Dr. Rogerson gained his B.S. (1940) at Utah State University and his Ph.D. (1950) at Cornell University where he studied under Harry M. Fitzpatrick. During his years at Cornell he was a graduate teaching assistant in mycology in the Department of Plant Pathology. Upon graduation he was appointed to the faculty of Kansas State University (1950-57) where he was associated with the Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station and began publication on topics in plant pathology, including the diseases of grasses.

In 1958 Dr. Rogerson began his career with the New York Botanical Garden, first as Curator of Cryptogamic Botany (1958-67) then as Senior Curator (1967-89) and Senior Curator Emeritus (1990-present). At the Garden he continued his study and publication on the taxonomy of the Ascomycetes, especially of Hypomyces, a genus of fungi that parasitize other fungi. Dr. Rogerson has been an enthusiastic fieldworker and has collected fungi throughout the U.S., notably in Utah and New York. During World War II he collected in the Philippine and Solomon Islands. He has been a guiding presence at mycological forays for many years and a tireless educator of amateurs interested in the world of fungi. He has held faculty appointments at Columbia University and at Lehman College (CUNY).

At the Garden Dr. Rogerson has had a distinguished career as editor of several scientific publications, notably of Mycologia, serving as Managing Editor (1958-89) and Editor-in-Chief (1960-65). He has also served as editor of the Memoirs of the NYBG (1963-88), North American Flora (1963-88), and Flora Neotropica (1969-83). He has served as historian of the Mycological Society of America (1960-90) and the Torrey Botanical Club (1968-89). He was MSA president in 1969. He has also been a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and life member of the North American Mycological Association, Bergen Swamp Preservation Society, and Utah Academy of Sciences. In 1984 the NYBG presented him its Distinguished Service Award. Dr. Rogerson currently resides in Utah.

Scope and Content

The Clark T. Rogerson collection consists of correspondence, notebooks, research papers, manuscripts and typescripts, specimen material, and graphic material including color slides, photographs, negatives, and illustrations of fungi. The collection covers his career as a mycologist at Cornell University, Kansas State University, and the Garden. There are significant holdings relating to his editorship of the journal Mycologia and other scientific publications.


The collection is organized into eleven series:
Series 1: Correspondence, 1944-1997. Arranged alphabetically by last name of correspondent
Series 2: Mycologia, 1952-1988. Arranged alphabetically by subject
Series 3: Research Papers, 1939-1996. Arranged by alphabetically by subject
Series 4: Education Materials, 1942-1987. Arranged alphabetically by subject
Series 5: Research Grants, 1958-1992. Arranged alphabetically by title of grant
Series 6: New York Botanical Garden, 1951-1996. Arranged alphabetically by subject
Series 7: Manuscripts & Typescripts, 1948-1986. Arranged alphabetically by last name of author
Series 8: Affiliations, 1961-1975. Arranged alphabetically by name of organization
Series 9: Graphic Material, 1952-1993. Arranged by medium
Series 10: Personal Papers, 1968-1996. Arranged alphabetically by subject
Series 11: Certificates & Awards, 1954-1984. Arranged alphabetically


Access restrictions

This collection is open for research with permission from Mertz Library staff.


Requests for permission to publish material from the collection should be submitted in writing to the LuEsther T. Mertz Library of the New York Botanical Garden.

Indexing Terms

The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the library's online public access catalog.
Barr, Margaret E.
Cooke, William Bridge.
Fidalgo, M. E. P. K. (Maria Eneyda Pacheco Kauffmann).
Fidalgo, Oswaldo.
Fitzpatrick, Harry Morton, 1886-1949.
Lowe, Josiah L. (Josiah Lincoln), 1905-
Maguire, Bassett, 1904-
Olive, Lindsay S.
Petersen, Ronald H. 1934-
Samuels, Gary J.
Shaffer, Robert L.
Singer, Rolf.
Smith, Alexander Hanchett, 1904-
Smith, Stanley Jay.
Fungi -- Philippines.
Fungi -- Solomon Islands.
Fungi -- Utah.
Hypocreaceae -- Classification.
Hypocreales -- Photographs.
New York Botanical Garden Archives.
Rogerson, Clark T., 1918-2001 -- Archives.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Records of Clark T. Rogerson (RG4), Archives, The New York Botanical Garden.

Acquisition Information

This collection was transferred to the New York Botanical Garden Archives.

Processing Information

Originally processed by David Rose, Archives Assistant, January 2001 with grant funding from The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH-PA 23141-98) and the Harriet Ford Dickenson Foundation. Revised July 2001. Converted to EAD in November 2006 by Kathleene Konkle under a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH-PA 50678-04).

Container List


Series 1. Correspondence.

Scope and Content:

There are 9 containers of correspondence organized by individual, organization, and subject that relates to professional and scientific subjects, including research, publication, specimen collection and identification, and education. Notable correspondents include Howard and Margaret Barr Bigelow, William Bridge Cooke, Oswaldo and Marie Fidalgo, H. M. Fitzpatrick, Richard P. Korf, Josiah L. Lowe, Lindsay Olive, Ronald H. Petersen, Gary Samuels, Robert L. Shaffer, Rolf Singer, Alexander H. Smith, and Stanley J. Smith. Three files of correspondence (1992-96) are organized chronologically. Correspondence is also located in pertinent files of the series described below.

Box 1 Title Date
-A- (3 files) n.d.
Abstracts of Mycology n.d.
Aldrich, Henry C. n.d.
Alexopoulos, Constantine J. n.d.
Alfieri, S. A. n.d.
Almodovar, Lius R. n.d.
American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Council n.d.
AAAS representatives n.d.
American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) n.d.
American Smelting" Refining Company, Utah, re: Fungi Utahensis n.d.
American Society of Plant Taxonomists (ASPT) n.d.
Anagnostakis, Sandra n.d.
Ando, Hiratsugu n.d.
Ant fungi (Neal Weber et al.) n.d.
Arnold, Gunter n.d.
Arnold, Ruth Horner n.d.
Arroyo, Mary T. Kalin de n.d.
Association for Tropical Botany n.d.
-B- (5 files) n.d.
Badham, Edmond R. n.d.
Bandoni, Robert J. n.d.
Barnett, Horace L. n.d.
Baroni, Timothy n.d.
Bartholomew, David M. n.d.
Bartram, Edwin B. n.d.
Batista, A. Chaves n.d.
Batra, Lekh R. n.d.
Bauchet, John M. n.d.
Beneke, Everett S. n.d.
Benjamin, Chester R. n.d.
Benjamin, Richard K. n.d.
Benjamin, Richard K., Mycologia Editor-in-Chief (2 files) n.d.
Benny, Gerald L. n.d.
Bhatt, Girish C. n.d.
Bigelow, Howard E. n.d.
Bigelow, Margaret Barr (3 files) n.d.
Box 2 Title Date
Bills, Gerald F. n.d.
Book requests n.d.
Booth, Colin n.d.
Botanical Society of America, Northwestern Section, Field Meetings n.d.
Brassard, Guy R. n.d.
Brodo, Irwin n.d.
Braun, Uwe n.d.
Buck, William R. n.d.
Burdsall, Harold H. n.d.
Burk, William R. n.d.
-C- (5 files) n.d.
Cage, John n.d.
Cain, Roy F. n.d.
Camazine, Scott M. n.d.
Carey, Susan T. (nee Canham) n.d.
Carpenter, Steven E. n.d.
Carroll, George n.d.
Chamoris, George P. n.d.
Chanticleer Press, re: Audubon Field Guide to North American Mushrooms n.d.
Civil Service Commission n.d.
Claasen, Clara (Doubleday" Co.) n.d.
Conklin, Elmire L. n.d.
Council of Biology Editors n.d.
Cooke, William Bridge (2 files) n.d.
Cooke, William Bridge re: A. P. Morgan herbarium n.d.
Couch, John N. n.d.
Cox, Darrell C. n.d.
Cramer, J. (Natural History Publisher and Bookseller) n.d.
Crane, J. Leland n.d.
Crum, Howard n.d.
Cummins, George B. n.d.
-D- (3 files) n.d.
D'Ambrosio, Robert n.d.
Damon, Samuel Chester n.d.
Dansereau, Pierre n.d.
Davidson, Ross W. n.d.
Degener, Otto n.d.
Demoulin, Vincent n.d.
Denison, William C. n.d.
Diaz-Piferrer, M. n.d.
Dick, Esther n.d.
Diehl, W. W. n.d.
Doi, Yoshimichi n.d.
Donk, M. A. n.d.
Doyle, Anna n.d.
Dutton" Co., Inc. (Lloyd, Jeanne F.) n.d.
Dyko, Barbara n.d.
Box 3 Title Date
-E- n.d.
Eiten, George n.d.
El-Ani, Arif S. n.d.
Ellett, Clayton Wayne n.d.
Elliott, Mary E. n.d.
Ellis, John J. n.d.
Emerson, Ralph n.d.
Emmons, Chester W. n.d.
Re: Endothia n.d.
Eriksson, Ove n.d.
Espenscheid, Gertrude n.d.
Espenshade, Marlin A. n.d.
-F- n.d.
Farr, Marie L. n.d.
Fennell, Dorothy I. n.d.
Fergus, Charles L. n.d.
Fidalgo, Oswaldo and Marie n.d.
Fitzpatrick, Harry M. n.d.
Fleming, Mary n.d.
Fogel, Robert (2 files) n.d.
Re: Follstad" Christensen n.d.
Re: French" Christensen n.d.
Fulford, Margaret n.d.
Fuller, Melvin S. n.d.
Furtado, Joao S. n.d.
-G- (2 files) n.d.
Gams, Walter (Centraalbureau von Schimmelcultures) n.d.
Gamundi de Amos, Irma J. n.d.
Geesteranus, R. A. Maas n.d.
Gerdeman, James W. n.d.
Gilbertson, Robert L. n.d.
Gilkey, Helen M. n.d.
Gilliam, Martina n.d.
Ginns, James H. n.d.
Goos, Roger D. n.d.
Goree, Harold n.d.
Grand, Larry F. n.d.
Gray, William D. n.d.
Grear, John n.d.
Greene, Stanley W. n.d.
Groves, J. Walton n.d.
Guba, Emil F. n.d.
Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, re: John F. Mathias n.d.
Guzman, Gaston n.d.
-H- (3 files) n.d.
Haard, Richard n.d.
Hafner Publications n.d.
Hagelstein, Robert n.d.
Haines, John H. n.d.
Hale, Mason E. n.d.
Halling, Roy n.d.
Hammill, Terrence M. n.d.
Hammond, David n.d.
Box 4 Title Date
Hanlin, Richard T. n.d.
Harrison, Kenneth A. n.d.
Harvard University Search Committee n.d.
Herrernan Press n.d.
Heim, Roger n.d.
Hennen, Joseph F. n.d.
Hesler, Lexemuel R. n.d.
Hesseltine, Clifford W. n.d.
Hodges, Charles n.d.
Holmgren, Patricia n.d.
Homola, Richard L. n.d.
Honey, Edwin E. re: Fred J. Seaver n.d.
Hotchkiss, Arland n.d.
Houghton Mifflin, re: "Fungi" book n.d.
Howard, Richard A. n.d.
Hughes, Gilbert C. n.d.
Hughes, Stanley J. n.d.
Hunhdorf, Sabine n.d.
Hulbert, Lloyd C. n.d.
Huttleston, Donald G. n.d.
Re: Hypocreales n.d.
-I- n.d.
Illman, William I. n.d.
Inoue, Hiroshi n.d.
International Association for Plant Taxonomy (IAPT) n.d.
International Mycological Congress I, 1971, University of Exeter n.d.
Ireland, Robert R. n.d.
-J- n.d.
Jenkins, Anna E. n.d.
Johnson, Emily n.d.
Johnson, George T. n.d.
Johnson, Terry W. n.d.
-K- (2 files) n.d.
Kanouse, Bessie B. n.d.
Karling, John S. n.d.
Katsaros, Peter n.d.
Keck, David D. n.d.
Keller, Harold W. n.d.
Kempton, Phyllis E. n.d.
Kendrick, William Bryce n.d.
Kent, George C. n.d.
Kern, Frank D. n.d.
Kimbrough, James W. n.d.
Knighton, Harry n.d.
Kohlmeyer, Jan J. n.d.
Re: Kominami, Miyoko n.d.
Korf, Richard P. (4 files) n.d.
Korf, Richard P., re: Byssonectria n.d.
Box 5 Title Date
Kramer, Charles L. (2 files) n.d.
Krug, John C. n.d.
Kuehn, Harold H. n.d.
Kuwahara, Yukinobu n.d.
-L- (2 files) n.d.
Lamb, I. MacKenzie n.d.
Lang, Emil n.d.
Largent, David L. n.d.
Larsen, Michael J. n.d.
Lawton, Elva n.d.
Lazo, Waldo n.d.
Lebron-Luteyn, Maria n.d.
LeGallo, C. Rev. n.d.
Lentz, Paul L. n.d.
Leong, Ina n.d.
Liberta, Anthony E. n.d.
Lincoff, Gary n.d.
Litten, Walter re: mushroom watch, 1979 n.d.
Long, Charles R. n.d.
Long Island Institute of Natural History, re: Fungi of Southampton, NY n.d.
Long, Lois n.d.
Lowe, Josiah L. (4 files) n.d.
Lowen, Rosalind n.d.
Lowy, Bernard n.d.
Luck-Allen, Robena E. n.d.
Luedemann, George M. n.d.
Luttrell, E. S. n.d.
-M- (3 files) n.d.
Maass, Wolfgang S. G. n.d.
Maguire, Bassett and Celia n.d.
Mains, E. B. n.d.
Malloch, David n.d.
Marteka, Vincent n.d.
Martin, George W. n.d.
Box 6 Title Date
Martin, Mulford n.d.
Martin, Philip n.d.
May, Lenore W. n.d.
McGinnis, Michael R. n.d.
McGregor, Ronald L. n.d.
McGraw-Hill, re: book project n.d.
McKnight, Kent H. n.d.
McLain, Donald D. n.d.
McLain, Donald D., re: Ustilago commune n.d.
Mickel, John T. n.d.
Miller, Julian H. n.d.
Miller, Norton G. n.d.
Miller, Orson K. n.d.
Minot, John n.d.
Mitchell, D. H. (Sam) n.d.
Mitchell, Richard S. n.d.
Mix, Arthur J. n.d.
Moldenke, Harold n.d.
Moore, Royal T. n.d.
Morgan-Jones, Gareth n.d.
Morley, Thomas n.d.
Morton, Robert M. n.d.
Muenscher, W. C. n.d.
Mushroom cultivation n.d.
Mushroom identification requests n.d.
Mycological Society of India n.d.
-N- n.d.
Nag Raj, T. R. n.d.
Napolitano, Joseph J. n.d.
Nearing, Guy G. n.d.
New York State Civil Service n.d.
-O- n.d.
Olive, Lindsay S. n.d.
Orr, G. F. (Jeff) (2 files) n.d.
Ouelette, G. B. n.d.
-P- (2 files) n.d.
Paden, John n.d.
Pady, Stuart M. n.d.
Palmer, John G. n.d.
Palmer, J. Terry n.d.
Pantidou, Maria n.d.
Parker, Alan n.d.
Parmalee, Jack A. n.d.
Patterson, Dave n.d.
Petersen, Ronald H. (2 files) n.d.
Pfister, Donald H. n.d.
Pfizer Inc. n.d.
Pilat, Albert n.d.
Pirone, Pascal P. n.d.
Pirozynski, K. A. n.d.
Poldmaa, Kadri n.d.
Ponce de Leon, Patricio n.d.
Pomerleau, Rene n.d.
Prance, Ghillean n.d.
Re: Prance, Ghillean - Mycological Collections n.d.
Prince, C. Richard (2 files) n.d.
Projecto Flora Amizonica n.d.
Publications n.d.
-Q- n.d.
-R- (2 files) n.d.
Box 7 Title Date
Raper, Kenneth B. n.d.
Raper, John R. n.d.
Raven, Peter H. n.d.
Recommendation letters n.d.
Redhead, Scott n.d.
Reeder, John R. n.d.
Reid, James n.d.
Reynolds, Donald R. n.d.
Re: Rippy, Judith K. n.d.
Ristich, Sam (2 files) n.d.
Roane, Martha K. n.d.
Robinson, Harold E. n.d.
Robbins, William J. n.d.
Rogers, Donald P. (2 files) n.d.
Rogers, Jack D. n.d.
Romagnesi, Henri n.d.
Rosinski, Martin A. n.d.
Rossman, Amy n.d.
Routien, John B. n.d.
Re: Rydberg, Per Axel n.d.
Ryvarden, Leif n.d.
-S- (4 files) n.d.
Samuels, Gary (6 files, 1969-1996) n.d.
Samuels, Gary re: Clark Rogerson retirement" NYBG Memoir n.d.
Re: Samuels, Gary - Recommendations n.d.
Box 8 Title Date
Samuels, Gary (2 files) n.d.
Sarachek, Alvin n.d.
Seaver, Fred J. n.d.
Schmitt, John A. n.d.
Schofield, Eileen n.d.
Schultes, Richard E. n.d.
Seifert, Keith A. n.d.
Sen, Sabir n.d.
Seth, Hari K. n.d.
Shaffer, Robert L. (3 files) n.d.
Shanor, Leland n.d.
Sharma, H. L. n.d.
Shaw, C. Gardner n.d.
Sherwood, Martha n.d.
Sheine, Sondra n.d.
Shoemaker, Robert A. n.d.
Simmons, Emory G. n.d.
Simms, Horace R. n.d.
Sinclair, Wayne A. n.d.
Singer, Rolf n.d.
Sitzungsberichte (library information) n.d.
Smith, Alexander H. n.d.
Smith, Gary L. n.d.
Smith, Stanley J., 1949-1977 (9 files) n.d.
Snell, Walter H. n.d.
Solheim, W. G. n.d.
Specimen exchanges and loans n.d.
Sprague, Roderick n.d.
Stafleu, Frans A. n.d.
Box 9 Title Date
Stein, Sylvia (2 files) n.d.
Stearn, William T. n.d.
Stevenson, John A. n.d.
Steyermark, Julian A. n.d.
Stuntz, Daniel n.d.
Sundberg, Walter J. n.d.
Sussman, Alfred S. n.d.
Sutton, Joseph G. n.d.
-T- n.d.
Tanghe, Leo J. n.d.
Taylor, Sir George n.d.
Taylor, William Randolph n.d.
Teixeira, Alcides n.d.
Thiers, Harry D. n.d.
Thite, A. N. n.d.
Thomas, W. Stephen n.d.
Tiffany, Lois H. n.d.
Trappe, James M. n.d.
Trueblood, Ellen n.d.
Tubaki, Keisuke n.d.
-U- n.d.
Uecker, Francis A. n.d.
Unidentified n.d.
University of Alberta n.d.
USDA Animal" Plant Health Inspection Service, re: quarantine n.d.
-V- n.d.
Vincent, Michael A. n.d.
-W- (3 files) n.d.
Wasson, Robert Gordon n.d.
Weber, George F. n.d.
Weber, William A. n.d.
Welch, Donald Stuart n.d.
Welch, Winona n.d.
Welden, Arthur L. n.d.
Wheeler, Edward M. n.d.
Whisler, Howard C. n.d.
Re: White, Violette Susan Elizabeth n.d.
Wiley, Bonnie J. n.d.
Wolfe, Carl B. n.d.
Wood, Richard D. n.d.
Wright, Jorge E. n.d.
-Y- n.d.
Yocum, Daniel H. n.d.
-Z- n.d.
Zalasky, Harry n.d.
Zeller, Sanford M. n.d.
Correspondence, 1992-1997 (3 files) n.d.

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Series 2. Mycologia

Scope and Content:

There are 69 files of correspondence, reports, reviews, membership and subscription lists, and publication materials relating to Mycologia and the Mycological Society of America (MSA). Nineteen files contain typescripts and correspondence of authors with publications in the monograph series, Mycologia Memoirs. Notable correspondence includes that with Lancaster Press (Robert H. Mann) and other publishing companies as well as Mycologia editors Margaret Barr Bigelow, Robert W. Lichtwardt, and Robert L. Shaffer.

Box 10 Title Date
Aetna Photo Engraving, photo cuts 1948
Abstract publication n.d.
Bigelow, Margaret Barr, Editor-in-Chief n.d.
Committee on Publication of Memorials n.d.
Correspondence (2 files) n.d.
Correspondence and NYBG memoranda n.d.
Financial reports 1946-1949
Financial reports 1968-1976
Fund n.d.
General information n.d.
Johnson, Terry W., Editor n.d.
Korf, Richard P 1965-1967
Lancaster Press 1960-1966
Lancaster Press re: Mann, Robert H. n.d.
Lancaster Press invoicing n.d.
Lichtwardt, Robert W., Editor (4 files) n.d.
Lichtwardt, Robert W., manuscripts reviewed n.d.
Managing editor 1974
Member lists n.d.
Member lists Sept 1965 - Dec 1966
Member lists, Korf 1967
Membership n.d.
Morse, Elizabeth Eaton re: endowment to Mycologia n.d.
Mycologia Endowment Fund n.d.

Cash, Edith K.
Gerdemann" Trappe
Goos, Roger
Halling, Roy
Hesler, L. R.
Hesseltine, Clifford (not published)
Koyama mss.
Larsen, Michael J.
Reddy" Kramer
Rossman, Amy
Tavares, Isabelle

Wickerham, Lynferd J n.d.
Memoirs Memoirs

Hesseltine, Clifford
Heffernan Press

Organization n.d.
NYBG Committee on Scientific Publications n.d.
Page charges n.d.
Peterson, John E. - Sustaining Members n.d.
Publication, re: Burgess, Judith M., 1964 n.d.
Publication, re: Gottlieb et al., 1963 n.d.
Publications n.d.
Publishers n.d.
Publishing: errata, galleys, et al. n.d.
Box 11 Title Date
Report of the Editor 1959-1977
Requests to copy published material n.d.
Reviews n.d.
Revision lists (Robert L. Shaffer) n.d.
Subscriptions n.d.
Withdrawn manuscripts n.d.
Mycological Society of America (MSA) n.d.
Mycological Society of America n.d.
Annual lectures n.d.
Committees n.d.
Corresponding members n.d.
Fitzpatrick Mentor Award n.d.
Membership requests n.d.
Officers n.d.
Revision lists 1974
Meeting, 1988 n.d.
Shaffer, Robert L n.d.

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Series 3. Research Papers.

Scope and Content:

There are 22 boxes of research papers that consist of specimen lists, laboratory records, dichotomous keys, index cards, and notes on fungi, authors, forays, cultures, collections, and other mycological topics. There are 7 files relating to cultures of fungi cultivated by ants (Neal Weber series); 50 files (notebooks) of culture records (1959-1996); 3 files of field notes on collections from the Philippine Islands (1945) and the Solomon Islands (1944-45); 3 files of a host index of Utah fungi; 20 files of specimen lists of species of Hypomyces; 22 files of lists and notes pertaining to mycological forays; and an accession book to Dr. Rogerson's personal herbarium. Several files contain data on collections of neotropical fungi collected by Bassett Maguire, Gary Samuels, and others. There is a list of collection locations, a type specimen register, and an index to a portion of the color slide collection (see Series 9: Graphic Material).

The index cards (14 boxes) consist of indices to Hypocreales, Peck collection, New York collection, cultures, fungicolous fungi, and others. There is a partial host index for Mycologia (vols 59-73) and two sequences of the Torrey Botanical Club index organized by genus.

Box 11 Title Date
Airborne fungi n.d.
Anchel Project n.d.
Ant fungi n.d.
Cultures, keys, and notes n.d.
Studies (Weber Series) 1966-1977
Weber Series, W2, W3, W4, W5, W8, W9 n.d.
Weber Series, W10, W11, W12, W14, W15 n.d.
Weber Series, W16, W18, W19, W20 n.d.
Weber Series, W23, W24, W26, W27 n.d.
Weber Series, W28, W29, W31, W36 n.d.
Ascomycetes - Quebec n.d.
Ascus morphology n.d.
Association for Tropical Botany, bibliography to 1964 n.d.
Bergen Swamp n.d.
Flora of Bergen Swamp, annotated Fungi collected in Bergen Swamp n.d.
Host Index n.d.
The Fungi of Bergen Swamp, Mss. original copy n.d.
Supplemental lists, fungi n.d.
Bergen Swamp Preservation Society n.d.
Master List n.d.
Bibliography, PDR supplements n.d.
Bibliography / Shelf inventory, Room 102 n.d.
Bibliographies n.d.
Brazilian Ascomycetes - Dumont and Samuels n.d.
Calonectria data (Rossman, Amy) n.d.
Checklist, COMA Forays n.d.
Checklist, COMA Forays, (Lincoff, Gary) 1975-1991, 1992
Checklist of Highlands (North Carolina) Fungi; Methven, Andrew S., June 1986
Checklist of Highlands Fungi, supplements 1988-89
Checklist of Virginia Fungi 1983
Citations on cryptogamic botany in The Garden Journal n.d.
Collection locations n.d.
Collections: Brazil, Serra Araca, 1984; Guyana, 1987, 1989 n.d.
Collections of William A. Weber n.d.
Composite checklist of Northeastern Fungi, Ray Fatto 1992
Cryptogamic literature citations n.d.
Cryptogams from Neblina - Julian Steyermark 1971
Cryptogamic plant determinations - Ghillean Prance n.d.
Culture Records (notebooks), (5 files) 1959-1962
Box 12 Title Date
Culture Records (notebooks), (28 files) 1964-1979
Box 13 Title Date
Culture Records (notebooks), (17 files) 1979-1996
Beltsville and Pfizer databases
By number, 1959-1981
Expeditions (Samuels, Gary)
Hyaloscyphaceae, Rhytismataceae, Xylariaceae, 1989
Miscellaneous (Samuels, Gary)
New Zealand (Samuels, Gary)
Venezuela (Samuels, Gary)
Descriptions of Deuteromycetes (annotated clippings)
Descriptions of Discomycetes (annotated clippings)
Descriptions of Pyrenomycetes (annotated clippings)
Descriptive key to genera (Hypomyces) ("old notes")
Draft list of names (fungi), International Bureau for Plant Taxonomy" Nomenclature
Drawing record to sketches (notebook) [see Box 22]
Erysiphales (powdery mildews) of Utah
Exsiccatae collections
Field notes and collections, Philippine Islands, (2 files) 1945
Field notes and collections, Solomon Islands, 1944-45
Fieldwork summary, 1964-1975
Box 14 Title Date

Adirondack Fern Foray, 1988
Andrews Foray
Blomquist Bryological Foray, / Liverworts of Roan Mountain, 1985
Connecticut-Westchester Mycological Association (COMA) Foray, (2 files), 1977-1991
Daniel Stuntz Foray, 1974
Maryland, 1966
Mid-Atlantic Foray, 1988
Mycological Society of America (MSA) Foray
North American Mycological Association (NAMA) Foray, 1977-1990
Northeast Mycological Federations (NEMF) Forays, 1979-1992
Ohio, 1968
Oklahoma, 1979
Peck Foray (3 files)
Quebec, 1959
Smith, 1987-1988
Texas Mycological Society, 1982
West Coast, 1970

Forays 1945-1953
Foray brochures n.d.
Flora and fungi of New York State n.d.
Flora of Odgen Valley, Utah n.d.
Fungi - Alaska n.d.
Fungi - Amazonian Peru n.d.
Fungi Boreali-Americani n.d.
Fungi - Cary Arboretum n.d.
Fungi collected by Arthur L. Weldon n.d.
Fungi - Galapagos Islands n.d.
Fungi from the grounds of the NYBG, Bronx County, NY, 1975
Fungi from the grounds of the NYBG, host index n.d.
Fungi from the grounds of the NYBG, host index (vascular plants) n.d.
Fungi - Niagara n.d.
Fungi - North Carolina n.d.
Fungi - North Carolina, 1960-1961
Fungi - Great Smoky Mountains National Park, NC n.d.
Fungi of the Southeastern Escarpments of the Blue Ridge Mts of Western NC, 1981 / 1986
Fungi of Utah, host index (3 files) n.d.
Fungi - Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, Westchester County, NY n.d.
Gasteromycetes n.d.
Gasteromycetes of New York State n.d.
Genera of fungi project n.d.
"The genus Calvatia in North America" Zeller" Smith (annotated) n.d.
Herbarium of Clark Thomas Rogerson (Accession Book) n.d.
Herbarium lists, miscellaneous n.d.
Host identifications n.d.
Hyaloscyphaceae of Utah n.d.
Hypocreales, Ainsworth" Bisby n.d.
Hypomyces culture data n.d.
Hypomyces drawings, list n.d.
Index to slide collection n.d.
Index to North American Flora, Volume 10, Parts 1-5 n.d.
Inventory of equipment obtained by curator's exchange with Dr. Cowan, 1958 n.d.
Jelly fungi of Poland 1979
Box 15 Title Date

Annotated checklists of the fungi reported from Kansas (preliminary draft), 1961
Ascomycetes of Kansas, 1956
Bartholomew, Elam "The Fungous Flora of Kansas" (annotated), 1927
Checklist of duplicate specimens to National Fungus Collection
Checklist of Kansas fungi, addenda
Erysiphaceae (powdery mildews)
Flora of Kansas - Frank C. Gates (corrected copy), 1940
Kansas Academy of Science Abstracts (1996); "The Great Flood of 1951" (pamphlet)
Kay, Richard A Checklist of Kansas Mushrooms, 1989
Mycological Herbarium, Kansas State College, 1957
Notes and correspondence on fungi and collections

Box 16 Title Date

Phytopathological notes
Plant Disease Reporter, checklist
Specimens of Albugo in New York from Kansas (1963); Key to Albugo
Uredinales (rust fungi)
Ustilaginales (smut fungi)

Key to:

Ascomycete orders and families
Boletaceae (Daniel Stuntz)
Clavariaceae (Peterson / Stuntz)
Cleistothecial fungi (synoptic key)
Elaphomyces (Japanese species)
Families of Moniliales

Key to genera of:

Fistulinaceae and Porotheleaceae (Daniel Stuntz)
Fungi (Kauffman)
Hypocreales revised from Rogerson (Rossman, Amy) 1970
Operculate Discomycetes (Wm C. Denison, 1962) (preliminary key)
Pezizales (Korf, 1968) (synoptic key)
Phaeosphaeria (Leuchtmann)
Rhodophylloid fungi (Largent)

Box 17 Title Date
Key to Genera of:

Tremellales (Stuntz, 1963)

Key to genera and species of lawn mushrooms n.d.
Key to Great Lakes species of Rhodocybe (Sam Mazzer, 1977) n.d.
Key to Hydnaceae (Stuntz) n.d.
Key to Hypomyces, 1995 n.d.
Key to Hypomyces (Gary Samuels, 1995) n.d.
Key to Mucorinae (Daniel Stuntz) n.d.
Key (chart) to principal genera of mushrooms (U.S.) (John B. Routien) n.d.
Key to species of: Clitocybe of summer and fall (Howard E. Bigelow, 1982)

Collybia in the northeast U.S. (Roy E. Halling, 1982)
Cyathicula (revised key, 1978)
Hygrophorus in the northeastern U.S.
Lanzia (lab key)
Lepiota (1978; 1982)
Marasmius (southeastern U.S.)
Mycena in the northeastern U.S. (1983)
Pholiota in the northeastern U.S. (1982)
Pleurotus in North Carolina (William C. Coker, 1944)
Poculum (lab key)

Key to subgenera of Cortinarius (Ammirati & Smith, 1979) n.d.
Key (unidentified) n.d.
Keys by Kent Dumont (lab keys) n.d.
Keys by Daniel Stuntz n.d.
Keys to Polypores n.d.
Keys, various n.d.
Kingdom Plantae, notes n.d.
Leafspot diseases of Phellodendron amurense n.d.
A List of Connecticut Macromycetes - Barry L. Wulff, 1975 n.d.
Loculoascomycetes of New York State, 1982 n.d.
Medical mycology n.d.
Miscellaneous n.d.
Mushroom identifications n.d.
Mushrooms, news clippings n.d.
Mycological conferences and meetings n.d.
Mycology - Neotropics n.d.
National Fungus Collections (BPI) exchange list, 1961 n.d.
Nectriopsis - list of species n.d.
New York State Museum herbarium exsiccati n.d.
Notes on Fungi

A-Z (4 files)
Amanita (including keys)
Curvularia on Ophioglossum
Dark-spored agarics (including keys)
Deuteromycetes, new species
Didymella (Corbaz, R.)
Erysiphales (3 files)
Ganoderma (Steyaert, R. L.)
Marine fungi
Nectria, subgenus Dialonectria
Omphalinoid Tricholomataceae
Pestalotia (Steyaert, R. L.)
Phallales (Zeller)
Polypores and relatives
Poria cocos
Puccinia on Oxalis
Pyrenopeziza (Huller)

Box 18 Title Date
Notes on Fungi


Notes on Fungi, unsorted n.d.
Notes on Fungi, literature citations, A-Z (4 files) n.d.
Notes on Fungi, literature citations, Pyrenomycetes n.d.
Notes on Authors

Arnold, Gunter R. W.
Arnold, Gunter R. W. re: Cuba
Arnold, Gunter R. W. re: Hypomycetaceae, 1971
Arx, von
Barr, Margaret E.
Chadefaud, Marius
Clements & Shear
Cooke, M. C.
Demoulin re: Lycoperdon
Dennis, R. W. G. re: discomycetes (not tropical)
Dennis, R. W. G. re: Hyaloscyphaceae
Groves, J. Walton
Holm, Lennart re: taxonomic notes on ascomycetes
Korf, Richard P.
Lindner, D. H. re: helicosporous fungi and Oidium
Luttrell re: Helminthosporium
Martin, Philip re: Hypoxylon
Mix, A. J. re: Taphrina
Muller, Emil
Plant pathogens

Notes on a System of Fungi from Utah n.d.
Notes on Terrier, Charles A. re: Phacidiaceae n.d.
Notes on various authors n.d.
Notes on von Arx & Muller n.d.
Notes on von Josef Weese (Studien uber Nectriaceen) n.d.
Notes and lists, miscellaneous n.d.
Peck, Charles Horton - Checklist of NY State Reports n.d.
Poisonous and hallucinogenic fungi n.d.
Polyporicolous species of Hypomyces n.d.
Polyporicolous species of Hypomyces: notes and keys n.d.
Preliminary checklist of fungi from Allegany State Park, NY n.d.
Preliminary list of fungi, East Stroudsberg, PA, 1982 n.d.
Box 19 Title Date
Pyrenomycetes, Ellis & Everhart n.d.
Pyrenomycetes (unitunicate) of New York State, 1982 n.d.
Ramularia, host index n.d.
Revision of the North Central Tremellales (George W. Martin, annotated) n.d.
Rossman, Amy The Phragmosporous species of Nectria… (annotated) n.d.
Rossman, Amy "The Tubeufiaceae and similar Loculoascomycetes" (annotated) n.d.
Rust project, 1984 n.d.
Seed isolation studies, Kansas State College, 1953-1955 (notebook) n.d.
Specimen collections - lists of duplicates n.d.
Specimen exchange balance n.d.
Specimen list, Hypomyces

H. armeniacus
H. auranticus
H. banningiae
H. broomeanus
H. brunneus
H. camphoratus
H. chrysospermus
H. hyalinus
H. hymenii
H. lactifluorum
H. lateritus
H. luteovirens
H. papyraceus
H. porotheliiformis
H. rosellus
H. sepulcralis
H. sulphureus
H. transformans
H. tulasneanus
Excluded species

Specimen Lists

Alain Liogier collections, Dominican Republic, 1968-1969
Bassett Maguire collections, South America
Bassett Maguire expeditions, 1965-1978
Cerro de la Neblina, et al. (Gary Samuels)
Dominican Republic
Ghillean Prance collections, 1976
Fungi Guyana (master list)
Guyana highlands
Guyana lichens
Guyana to genus
Hypocreales of Venezuela
Neblina collections, 1985-1990
Philippine & Solomon Islands, 1944-1945

Specimen loans n.d.
Staphylea n.d.
Stock Cultures

Ascomycetes (except Hypocreales)
Hyphomycetes (2 files)

Symposium on botanical exploration in New York State, 1960, NY State Museum n.d.
Symposium - Evolution of the Higher Basidiomycetes, 1968 n.d.
Taxonomy (Basidiomycete) re: keys to genera of higher fungi (Robert L. Shaffer) n.d.
Tremellales (Bernard Lowy, 1971, annotated) n.d.
Tropical collections (Gary Samuels) n.d.
Type specimen register n.d.
Ustilaginales of New York State n.d.
Utah collections of George L. Zundel at NYBG n.d.
Box 21 Title Date
Boeswinkel, H. J. "Morphology of the imperfect states of powdery mildews (Erysiphasceae)" n.d.
Cooke, William Bridge "An annotated checklist of the fungi of … Ohio, 1934-1980" n.d.
Notes on Moller, Phycomycetes and Ascomycetes of Brazil n.d.
Notes on Weese n.d.
Notes on Wollenweber n.d.
Specimen labels n.d.
Specimen lists - Fungi of New York State n.d.
Specimen lists - Guyana, Sulawesi, et al. n.d.
Specimen lists, notes, and correspondence - Anchel, Marjorie n.d.
Box 22 Title Date
Cultures n.d.
Box 23 Title Date
New York, A-Z n.d.
Box 24 Title Date
Fungi, re: vascular plants n.d.
Lycopodicolous fungi n.d.
Methods / Stock cultures n.d.
Nectria leftovers n.d.
New York n.d.
Ramularia n.d.
Box 25 Title Date
Clavicipitales n.d.
Hypomyces n.d.
Lloyd - Hypocreales n.d.
Melanosporaceae n.d.
Mycologia, host index, K-Z n.d.
NYBG records n.d.
Xylariaceae n.d.
Box 26 Title Date
Fungicoles, Discomycetes n.d.
Fungicoles, General n.d.
Fungicoles, Hypocreales n.d.
Fungicoles, Pyrenomycetes n.d.
Hypocreales n.d.
Box 27 Title Date
Peck, A-Z n.d.
Torrey Botanical Club, A-Coo (half-size) n.d.
Box 28 Title Date
Torrey Botanical Club, Cop-Pum n.d.
Box 29 Title Date
Torrey Botanical Club, Pum-Zyt n.d.
Torrey Botanical Club, A-Ash (full size) n.d.
Box 30 Title Date
Torrey Botanical Club, Asp-Del n.d.
Box 31 Title Date
Torrey Botanical Club, Del-Lec n.d.
Box 32 Title Date
Torrey Botanical Club, Lec-Ple n.d.
Box 33 Title Date
Torrey Botanical Club, Ple-Tre n.d.
Box 34 Title Date
Torrey Botanical Club, Tre-Z n.d.
Kansas n.d.
Box 35 Title Date
Kansas n.d.
Bergen Swamp n.d.
New York n.d.
Rogerson publications n.d.
Box 38 Title Date
Copyright agreements n.d.
Cronquist Committee on Typification of Names n.d.
Cryptogamic Herbarium, specimen exchange n.d.
Festschrift in Honor of Harry D. Thiers, Mycotaxon 1989
Flora Neotropica n.d.
Flora Neotropica

Guidelines and instructions for preparation of monographs
Monograph series
Monograph, Dodge, C. W.
Monograph #6, Lowy, B.
Monograph #22, Sleumer, H.
Monograph #23, Hansen, B.
Monograph #24, Hennen, J.
Monograph #25, Gentry, A.
Monograph #30, Gates, B.
Monograph #31, Kubitzki & Renner
Monograph #32, Singer, R.
Monograph #33, Kaastra, R.
Monograph #34, Daniel, T.
Monograph #35, Luteyn, J.
Monograph #36, Funk
Monograph #37, Paden, J.
Printed reviews

Forero, Enrique - Institute of Systematic Botany n.d.
Herbarium fellowships 1970
History of NYBG scientific staff n.d.
Irwin, Howard n.d.
Laboratory and equipment n.d.
Laboratory memoranda n.d.
Lee, Yoo Sung n.d.
Library n.d.
Memoranda n.d.
North American Flora n.d.
Planning Committee 1966-1971
Plant Science Series Committee n.d.
Scientific Publication n.d.
Squibb Institute for Medical Research n.d.
Staff publications n.d.
Steere, William C., correspondence n.d.
Steere, William C., reports and memoranda n.d.
Tuition Loan Refund Program Committee n.d.
Yarrow, Eleanor - Memorial Committee n.d.

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Series 4. Education Materials.

Scope and Content:

This series consists of (1) lecture and field notes of Dr. Rogerson's graduate education at Cornell University (1942-1950), and (2) course outlines, correspondence, notices of appointment, meeting minutes, and attendance records relating to courses that he taught at Columbia University, CUNY Lehman College, Kansas State College, and the Garden. The latter pertain to courses in biology, mycology, cryptogamic botany, and mushroom identification. The Cornell University lecture notes include plant pathology courses taught by H. M. Fitzpatrick and Richard P. Korf and a lecture by Ernst A. Bessey entitled "Phylogeny of the Fungi".

Box 20 Title Date
Attendance records 1968
Cornell University, graduate assistant appointment 1949
Course notes & outline: Aquatic Plants & Algae, NY College of Agriculture at Cornell 1942
Course notes & outline: Botany 500: Mycology n.d.
Course outline: Elementary Plant Pathology, Cornell 1954
Course outline: History of Botany n.d.
CUNY Biology U792.01, Mycology

Fall, 1971
Fall, 1978
Fall, 1984
Fall, 1987

CUNY graduate examination n.d.
CUNY Lehman College, Executive Committee in Biology, minutes n.d.
CUNY Lehman College, memoranda, notices, correspondence n.d.
Columbia University

Department of Biological Sciences, memoranda and notices
Department of Biological Sciences, NSF proposal
Notices of appointment as Adjunct Professor of Botany

Field trip notes (Botany, Cornell University) 1946-1948
Kansas State College, faculty appointment n.d.
Lab Outlines

Plant Pathology 121: Comparative Morphology of Fungi, Cornell, Fitzpatrick, 1946
Plant Pathology 121: Comparative Morphology of Fungi, Cornell, Richard P. Korf
Plant Pathology 222: Hymenomycetes, Gasteromycetes, Cornell, H. M. Fitzpatrick
Plant Pathology 222: Rusts, Smuts, Fungi Imperfecti, Cornell, H. M. Fitzpatrick

Lecture outline: "Phylogeny of the Fungi" Ernst A. Bessey n.d.
Lectures on mycology and ascomycetes, Fitzpatrick & Korf, Cornell University (revision, 1952) n.d.
Lectures on mycology and ascomycetes, Fitzpatrick & Korf, Cornell University (revision, 1957) n.d.
Lectures 1972-1973
Mycology course outlines n.d.
National Science Foundation High School Summer Institute n.d.
Notes on botanical nomenclature n.d.
Notes on mycological literature n.d.
NYBG Cryptogamic Botany 1971
NYBG Cryptogamic Botany, course outline n.d.
NYBG In-service Course n.d.
NYGB "Mushroom identification in the field and classroom" 1975
Taximetrics Seminar bibliography n.d.
UM Botany 468, Mycology n.d.
Union Graduate School, re: Elmire Langlois Conklin (Fissidens) n.d.

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Series 5. Research Grants.

Scope and Content:

There are 55 files of grant proposals to the National Science Foundation and one file each to the National Geographic Society and National Institutes of Health. Several NSF proposals pertain to research of Dr. Rogerson and associates (Gary Samuels, et al.); however, most pertain to his review and evaluation of grant proposals as an independent reviewer for the NSF. Reports and correspondence relating to the review of grants accompanies the proposals and attachments

Box 20 Title Date
National Geographic Society grant proposal, Sulawesi 1984
National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant #4313 n.d.
National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant Proposals

Addendum to Raper & Thom's Manual of the Penicillia, 1967
Analysis of the Mitochondrial Genome…from Fusarium solani, 1986
Arachnopezizeae, 1979
Ascomycetes of Venezuela
Boletales, 1986
Capnodium fungi, 1983
Cyperaceae, 1965
Dermocybe, 1988
Development Morphology of Ascomycetes, 1970
Diatrype (genus), 1986
Endothia (genus), 1977
Epigeous and Hypogeous Pezizales, 1990

Box 36 Title Date
Cytological and taxonomical studies in … Lyophyllum 1967
Developmental morphology of ascomycetes in re: taxonomy 1960
Floristic Monograph of the Hypocreales 1984
Floristic monograph of the Hypocreales in the American tropics n.d.
Floristic monograph of Hypocrea and its relatives in the American tropics 1987
Gigaspora and Scutellospora 1987
Higher Fungi of New Zealand 1980
Hypocreales 1958-1959
Hypocreales in the American Tropics 1984
Hypocreales in the American Tropics 1985
Hypodermataceae 1963
Hypoxylon 1965
Inventory of the mycological literature between 1753 and 1821 n.d.
Lamproderma (genus) 1967
A Manual of the Agaricales 1964
A Manual of the mushrooms of the western U.S. 1979
Memoirs of the New York Botanical Garden 1965
Mexican Smut Fungi 1975
Monographic Revisions of Nectrioid Genera 1980
Monographic Studies in the Hypocreales 1964
Mycobiota of Saul (French Guayana) a tropical lowland forest 1988
Myxomycetes n.d.
Myxomycetes, Tropical 1967
NYBG Herbarium & Facility Rehabilitation 1965
Peck Collection 1992
Phylogenetic Relationships of Operculate Discomycetes 1986
Phylogenetic Relationships of Pezizales 1987
Planalto do Brasil 1963
Plant Survey of Brazilian Amazonia 1972
Polytrichaceae of Tropical America, 1971 1972
Preussia (genus) 1965
Rust Fungi, Tranzschelia 1986
Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) 1985
Studies on Centrum Ontogeny…in Ascomycete Species" 1985 n.d.
Taxonomy of Helminthosporium 1966
A Taxonomic study of the genera Clavulinopsis, Lentaria, and Clavulina in N America 1965
Tilopilus (genus) 1988
Tropical Polyporaceae - Fidalgo 1965
Tuberales 1970
Tulostoma 1992
NSF grants and correspondence 1959-1964
NSF grants and correspondence 1972-1974
NSF publication support n.d.

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Series 6. New York Botanical Garden.

Scope and Content:

There are 61 files relating to administrative, curatorial, and editorial responsibilities at the NYBG. Ten files contain a complete series of annual reports of the cryptogamic herbarium from 1951 to 1983. There are related reports on the herbarium (vascular plants), Garden journals, and specimen exchange. Nineteen files pertain to Dr. Rogerson's editorship of Flora Neotropica; these contain texts and correspondence with the authors of monographs in the series. Remaining material consists of correspondence, notes, and reports relating to NYBG committees, staff, and departments. There are two files of correspondence and memoranda with William C. Steere.

Box 36 Title Date
Annual report of the cryptogamic herbarium (10 files) 1951-1983
Annual report of the herbarium (3 files) 1956-1986
Annual report on NYBG journals (2 files) 1969-1976
Box 37 Title Date
Annual reports (3 files) 1993-1996
Assistantships n.d.
The Botanical Review n.d.
Brown-Hazen grants for research in mycology n.d.
Burlingham Fellowship (Gertrude Burlingham)

Applicants Aptroot, Andre, 1987
Boise, Jean R., 1984
Brako, Lois, 1985
Carpenter, Steven E., 1979
Chamuris, George and Bills, Gerald, 1984
Glass, Peter M., 1962
Guerrero, Rosa T., 1964
Isaacs, Bill F., 1963
Iturriaga, Teresita, 1985
Johnson, Peter, 1987
Lowen, Rosalind, 1987
Martin, Philip M. D., 1963
Methven, Andrew S., 1986
Sister Little Flower, 1981
Vilgalys, Rytal J., 1983

Burlingham Fellowship correspondence - Sturges, Gertrude C. 1951-56

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Series 7. Manuscripts & Typescripts.

Scope and Content:

There are 102 files of manuscripts and typescripts, primarily of published articles by Dr. Rogerson, Gary Samuels, their co-authors, and associates on the identification, physiology, and taxonomy of the fungi. There is one manuscript and typescript of Dr. Rogerson's Ph.D. dissertation "Studies in the genus Hypomyces." One file contains a numbered series (incomplete) of reprints of published articles. Other authors include Margaret Barr Bigelow and Fred Seaver.

Box 38 Title
Alfieri, S. A. & Gary Samuels

• "Nectriella pironii sp nov and its kutilakesa-like anamorph…"

Atkins, G. A.

•"An unusual variety of Choanerphora from New Guinea" 1961

Barr, Margaret E.

• "Herpotrichia and its segregates"
• "The nonlichenized North American taxa of Melanommatales" 1990 (2 files)
• "Notes on some 'Dimeriaceous' fungi" 1996
Prodromus to nonlichenized, pyrenomycetous members of Class Hymenoacomycetes
• "The Pyrenomycetes described by J. B. Ellis" 1996
• "Revisions and additions to the Diaporthales" 1990
• "The Venturiaceae in North America" (annotated; revisions)
• & Rogerson "Two new species of Loculoascomycetes" 1982

Barr, Rogerson, et al.

• "An annotated catalogue of the Pyrenomycetes described by…Peck" 1986
• ibid, NY State Museum Bulletin No. 459

Box 39 Title
Barr, Rogerson, et al.

• "From 'Abreviata' to 'Xylophilus': An alphabetic excursion through the species of Pyrenomycetes described by Charles Horton Peck" 1973 (2 files)

Benny, G. L. & J. W. Kimbrough

•"The Zygomycetes" 1977

Berthier, Jacques & Rogerson

• "A new North American species: Physalacria cryptomeriae" 1981

Bertholdi & Hennebert

• "Speciation in the genus Humicola"

Bills, G.

• "Robiniomyces on black locust" 1996

Boise, Jean

• "Index to type specimens for Loculascomycetes described by J. B. Ellis" 1986

Brandt, W. H.

•"Effects of light and ultraviolet radiation on . . . Verticillium" 1963

Cury & Hutner

•"Notes on the nutrition of Saccharomycopsis guttulata…" 1961

Dargan, J. S.

•"Xylariaceae of India - VII. The genus Rosellinia" 1978

Dingley, Joan M.

•"The Hypocreales of New Zealand" et al

Doyle, Anna

• "A preliminary chemosystematic investigation of eleven species of Nectria"
• "A preliminary chemosystematic investigaton of the genus Nectria" Ph. D. thesis 1971

Ehrlich, H. & M.

• "Ultrastructure of the mycelium of Phytophthora infestans…" 1965

Gams, Walter

• "Contribution to the taxonomy and pathology of … Verticillium spp." 1981

Goldman, J. & J. Schwarz

•"Cytology of four yeastlike organisms in tissue explants" 1965

Goos, Roger D.

• "A Review of the anamorph genus Helicomyces"

Haines, John

• "Identification of airborne fungus spores" 1972

Haines, John & Kent Dumont

•"Studies in the Hyaloscyphaceae III: … Lachnum" 1984

Hanlin, Richard T.

•"Preservation of fungi by freeze-drying"

Hervey, Rogerson, & Leong

•"Studies on fungi cultivated by ants" 1977

Horn, Bruce et al.

•"Mid-American mushrooms: an introduction to the fungi of Kansas" 1992

Illman, W. I. et al.

•"Disposition of Stilbum rhizomorpharum under Pseudographiella" 1984

Katsanos, R. A. et al.

•"Growth of Diplodia zeae in shaker culture" 1965

Kay, Richard

•"Kansas mushrooms: a checklist" 1988

Keller, Harold W.

•"Travis E. Brooks, 1917-1976"

Kimbrough, J. W.

•"Current trends in the classification of Discomycetes"

Kominami, Miyoko

•"A survey on keratinolytic or keratophilic molds from soil in Japan" 1961

Leak, L. V. & E. S. Beneke

•"Fine structure of Calvatia gigantea…" 1964

Lincoff, Gary

•"Mushroom Workbook" 1976

Luttrell, E. S. & Rogerson

•"Homothallism in and undescribed species of Cochliobolus…"

Malloch, David

•"Pulvaria, a new genus of Xylariaceae (Ascomycetes)" 1976

Mankin & Hennen

•"A new species of Allomyces (Reticulatus) from South Dakota" 1963

Melchers, L. E.

•"Pathological Herbarium Notes" 1920 Office of Pathological Collections

Nag Raj, T. R.

•"Observations on living vegetative nuclei of Chalara paradoxa…"

Pappelis & BeMiller

•"Production of indoleacetic acid by Cephaliophora tropica" 1965

Pipoly, John

•"Progress report: botanical exploration in Guyana" 1986

Rajendran & George

•"Developmental morphology of uredospores in Hemileia vastatrix" 1964

Rechinger, K. H.

•"Franz Petrak 1886-1973" 1974

Reynolds, Don R.

•"The Bitunicate ascus paradigm" 1987

Robbins, William J.

•"Leaf-cutting ants and their fungus gardens" 1971

Rogers, Jack D.

•"Xylaria bulbosa, X. curta, and X. longipes in the continental U.S."

Rogerson, Clark Thomas, book reviews (2 files)

• • "Additional collections of plantain scab and violet scab…" 1952
• "Basidiomycetous mushrooms from Utah" 1984
• "Botanical exploration in New York State: Fungi" 1960
• "Classification of the Ascomycetes" 1968
• "Collection and microscopic study of macrofungi" 1971
• "Coral mushrooms"
• "Directory of local mycologists" 1961
• "Diseases of grass in Kansas: 1953-55" 1956
• "Flora of the Dryden Area, NY" 1948
• "Fred J. Seaver 1877-1970" 1973
• "Fungi of Kansas. Basidiomycetes. Uredinales" 1962 (unpublished)

Box 40 Title
Rogerson, Clark T.

• "The Hypocrealean fungi (Ascomycetes, Hypocreales)"
• "Kansas mycological notes: 1951" 1953
• "Kansas mycological notes: 1951 and 1952" 1953
• "Kansas mycological notes: 1957" 1958
• "New names and new taxa of fungi proposed by Fred Jay Seaver (1877-1970)" 1973
• "Oak wilt in seven Kansas counties" 1952
• "Plant disease notes for 1955" 1957
• "Publications of Fred Jay Seaver (1877-1970)" 1973
• "Recent changes in mushroom names" 1986
• reprints, numbered series
• "Stem rust of Merion bluegrass in Kansas" 1953
• "Studies in the genus Hypomyces" Ph.D. thesis, Cornell University, 1950 (manuscript)
• "Studies in the genus Hypomyces" Ph.D. thesis, Cornell University, 1950 (typescript)
• "Synopsis of ascomycetes with dimiate, scutate or radiate ascocarps" 1962
• "A 'Tuckahoe' found in Kansas" 1954
• "Underwoodia in Kansas" 1952
• "Useful methods for the study of fungi"
• & Samuels "Mycology at the NYBG (1895-1995)" 1996
• "Species of Hypomyces and Nectria occurring on discomycetes" 1985

Roy, Anjali

•"A significant variant of Microsporum gypseum" 1964

Samuels, Gary

• "Annotated index to the Hypocrealean fungi reported for the American tropics"
• "The conidiogenous cell and taxonomy of nonlichenized ascomycetes" 1987
• "Four new species of Nectria and the Chaetopsina anamorphs"
• "The neotropical, Hypocrealean fungi. A workshop guide" 1977 Internat'l Mycol Cong II
• "Notes on isolation of solitary ascospores, a field guide"
• "Synoptic key [and tables] to species of Nectria in the American tropics" 1982 (unpubl'd)
• "Tropical Hypocreales" 1995
•, Candoussau, & Magni "Fungicolous pyrenomycetes 1. Helminthosphaeria…"
• et al. "Fungicolous pyrenomycetes 2. Ascocodinaea . . . and Litschaueria" 1996
• & Dumont "The genus Nectria (Hypocreaceae) in Panama"
• & Keith Seifert "The impact of molecular characters on systematics of filamentous ascomycetes" 1995
• & Seifert "Taxonomic implications of variation among Hypocrealean anamorphs"
• & D. J. Lodge "Rogersonia, a new genus of the Hypocreales" 1996
• & Rogerson "Mycology at the New York Botanical Garden (1895-1995)" 1996
• & Rogerson "New ascomycetes from Amazonas"
• & Rogerson "New ascomycetes from the Guayana highland"
• & Rogerson "Some ascomycetes (fungi) occurring on tropical ferns" 1989
•, Rogerson, Rossman, & Smith "Nectria tuberculariformis…" 1983

Samuels, Gary & Amy Rossman

•"Conidia and classification of the nectrioid fungi"

Seaver, Fred J.

• "Fungi in their relation to man"
• "List of subjects in motion picture[s] of the NYBG"
• "Publications of F. S. Earle"
• "Publications of W. A. Murrill"
• various essays, talks, and bibliographies

Smith, A. H.

•"…on hallucinogenic Agarics and the hallucinations of those who study them"

Shaffer & Rogerson

• "Notes on the fleshy fungi of Kansas" 1952

Swarup, Hansing, & Rogerson

•"Fungi associated with sorghum seed in Kansas" 1962

Vail, W. & Lilly, V.

• "The effect of alpha-tocopherol . . . in Choanephora cucurbitarum" 1964

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Series 8. Affiliations.

Scope and Content:

There are seven files of correspondence and reports relating to affiliations with organizations such as the Highlands (NC) Biological Station, the Kansas Academy of Science, and the North American Mycological Association.

Box 40 Title Date
American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) n.d.
Highlands Biological Station, Highlands, North Carolina n.d.
International Botanical Congress XI, 1969, Seattle, Washington n.d.
International Society for Human and Animal Mycology (ISHAM) n.d.
Kansas Academy of Science n.d.
North American Mycological Association (NAMA) n.d.
NAMA, Committee for new brochure n.d.

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Series 9. Graphic Material.

Scope and Content:

The graphic material consists of Kodachrome slides, photographs, negatives, pencil sketches, and watercolor illustrations. There are five boxes of color slides (packed in smaller slide boxes within) of a wide variety of macro- and microfungi, including the Hypocreales. The photographs relate to correspondence, published papers, monographs in the Flora Neotropica and Mycologia Memoirs series, and the work of Dr. Rogerson's associates and students. There are several portraits, including those of Dr. Rogerson with other Garden staff. One box contains pencil sketches of species of Hypomyces. There is one photoengraving plate.

Box 41 Title Date
Color Slides n.d.
Box 42 Title Date
Color Slides n.d.
Box 43 Title Date
Color Slides n.d.
Box 44 Title Date
Color Slides n.d.
Box 45 Title Date
Color Slides n.d.
Box 46 Title Date
Watercolor illustration of fungi (by Clara D. Eppling) n.d.

Hypomyces sp nov N29JS [see Box 14: Drawing record to sketches: notebook]
Hypomyces sp nov GJS 74-61
Hypomyces polyporinus et al.
Hypomyces spores
Hypomyces boletides
Hypocrea et al. (by Charles C. Clare, 1962)
Hypomyces plates (with notes)
Hypomyces spores et al. (with notes)
Hypomyces (by Charles C. Clare, 1971) (2 files)
Sepedonium chrysospermum
Nectria rexiana (with notes) [see slides]
Hypomyces spores (by Charles C. Clare, 1969)
Fungicolous Hyphomycetes

Color reprint, Steinpilze, Boletus edulis (oversize) n.d.
Sketches, Hypomyces microstructures, numbered figures (oversize) n.d.
Microphotograph (x5500) Hypomyces lactifluorum (oversize) n.d.
Box 47 Title Date
Berthier & Rogerson, re: Physalacria n.d.
Re: Correspondence n.d.
Figures, Bigelow & Smith, 1973 n.d.
Flora Neotropica #34 n.d.
Forays n.d.
Kominami, Miyoko - Figures for "A Survey of Keratinolytic molds…" n.d.
Lepiota (oversize color slides) n.d.
Lowen, Roz - SEM Photomicrographs n.d.
Re: Manuscripts & Typescripts n.d.
Mycologia, Lancaster Press, Robert Mann n.d.
Mycologia Memoirs n.d.
NYBG Staff n.d.
Photos relating to Manuscripts & Typescripts (Series 7) n.d.
Portraits n.d.
Portraits for Flora Neotropica n.d.
Portraits, Fred Seaver n.d.
Re: Studies of fungi cultivated by ants n.d.
Woodland fungi n.d.
Negatives n.d.
Box 49 Title Date
Photographs n.d.
Negatives n.d.
Box 50 Title Date
Photographs n.d.
Box 51 Title Date
Photoengraving plate (Clark Rogerson portrait), one plate n.d.

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Series 10. Personal Papers.

Scope and Content:

There are three files consisting of personal correspondence and biographical information.

Box 47 Title Date
Correspondence n.d.
Correspondence, NYBG n.d.
Curriculum vita and biography (2 files) n.d.
Personal n.d.
Portrait; snapshots n.d.

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Series 11. Certificates & Awards.

Scope and Content:

There are 7 files containing certificates and mounted awards. Two relate to the Garden's Distinguished Service Award (1984); one of these is framed. Three mounted awards relate to Mycological Society of America and to the North American Mycological Association.

Box 46 Title Date
Birth certificate n.d.
Curriculum Vita n.d.
Degree certificate, Ph.D., Cornell University, 1951 n.d.
NYBG Certificate of Appreciation, 1989 n.d.
NYBG Distinguished Service Award n.d.
Box 48 Title Date
Certificates, various n.d.
Mycological Society of America, service award n.d.
Mycological Society of America, special service award (Mycologia) n.d.
North American Mycological Association award for contributions to amateur mycology n.d.
NYBG, Distinguished Service Award n.d.

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Series 12. Specimen Material.

Scope and Content:

Box 46 Title Date
Microscope slides, Nectria rexiana n.d.

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