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Collectors: Samuels, Gary J.
Title: Gary J. Samuels Papers (PP)
Dates: 1970-2000
Dates: bulk, 1973-1984
Quantity: 0.8 linear feet; 2 boxes
Call Phrase: Samuels (PP)

Biography of Gary J. Samuels

Gary J. Samuels (born 1944) is a mycologist and authority on the taxonomy of the Hypocrealean fungi. He was born in Grove City, PA and obtained his B.Sc. (1966) in botany at the Pennsylvania State University and M.A. (1968) and Ph.D. (1971) in biology at Columbia University. During his graduate education he held a fellowship at the New York Botanical Garden. He studied under Clark T. Rogerson and completed a dissertation on the taxonomy of the genus Nectriopsis. In 1973 Dr. Samuels joined the New Zealand Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Plant Diseases Division and continued his studies of the Hypocreales. He became a Research Associate of the NYBG in 1985. Dr. Samuels has conducted extensive fieldwork in South America and New Zealand and has compiled An Annotated Index to the Mycological Writings of Franz Petrak. He is currently employed as a research botanist by the USDA Agriculture Research Service (Systematic Botanical and Mycological Laboratory) in Beltsville, Maryland where he has conducted research on the Hypocrea schweinitzii complex, phylogenetic analysis of ascomycetes, and the genus Trichoderma as a biological control agent.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of correspondence, reports, photographs, and personal papers covering portions of Dr. Samuels’ career with the New Zealand Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, the NYBG, and the USDA Agriculture Research Service in Beltsville, Maryland.


The collection is organized into four series:
Series 1: Correspondence. 1970-2000. Arranged alphabetically.
Series 2: Reports. 1971-1990. Arranged alphabetically.
Series 3: Photographs. 1967-1978.
Series 4: Personal Papers. 1983-1995. Arranged alphabetically by subject.


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Requests for permission to publish material from the collection should be submitted in writing to the LuEsther T. Mertz Library of the New York Botanical Garden.

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Preferred Citation

Gary J. Samuels Papers (PP), Archives, The New York Botanical Garden.

Acquisition Information

Dr. Gary Samuels donated the collection to the New York Botanical Garden in June 2000.

Processing Information

Originally processed by David Rose, Archives Assistant, January 2001 with grant funding from The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH-PA 23141-98) and the Harriet Ford Dickenson Foundation. Converted to EAD in August 2006 by Kathleene Konkle under a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH-PA 50678-04).

Container List


Series 1. Correspondence.

Scope and Content:

There are 133 files of correspondence relating to specimen identification, culture exchanges, and mycological research. Correspondents consist primarily of mycologists of the Americas, Asia, Europe, and New Zealand. Two files relate to the 2d and 3d International Mycological Congresses. One file pertains to Dr. Samuels’ employment with the New Zealand Division of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR). Notable correspondents include Margaret Barr Bigelow, Joan M. Dingley, Kent Dumont, Bryce Kendrick, Richard P. Korf, Ronald H. Peterson, Clark T. Rogerson, Amy Rossman, and Keith Seifert.

Folder Title Date
1.1 Alfieri, S. A. ca. 1970-2000
1.2 American Type Culture Collection ca. 1970-2000
1.3 Arx, Josef Adolph von ca. 1970-2000
1.4 Barksdale, Alma ca. 1970-2000
1.5 Beraha, Louis ca. 1970-2000
1.6 Berger, Ferdinand (re: Franz Petrak) ca. 1970-2000
1.7 Betterley, Donald A. ca. 1970-2000
1.8 Bigelow, Margaret Barr ca. 1970-2000
1.9 Boerema, G. H. ca. 1970-2000
1.10 Boise, Jean ca. 1970-2000
1.11 Booth, Colin ca. 1970-2000
1.12 Buchanan, Peter ca. 1970-2000
1.13 Burt, Trevor ca. 1970-2000
1.14 Cain, Bruce ca. 1970-2000
1.15 Cannon, P. F. ca. 1970-2000
1.16 Carey, Susan ca. 1970-2000
1.17 Carroll, George C. ca. 1970-2000
1.18 Casper, V. P. ca. 1970-2000
1.19 Cassie, U. V. ca. 1970-2000
1.20 Cave, H. B. ca. 1970-2000
1.21 Centraalbureau von Schimmelcultures ca. 1970-2000
1.22 Chou, C. K. ca. 1970-2000
1.23 Christensen, Michael ca. 1970-2000
1.24 Cooke, William Bridge ca. 1970-2000
1.25 Cowan, Richard S. ca. 1970-2000
1.26 Dick, Margaret ca. 1970-2000
1.27 Dingley, Joan M. ca. 1970-2000
1.28 Doi, Yoshimichi ca. 1970-2000
1.29 Donk, M. A. ca. 1970-2000
1.30 Dumont, Kent ca. 1970-2000
1.31 Eastman Kodak Company ca. 1970-2000
1.32 Enderle, Manfred ca. 1970-2000
1.33 Farr, Marie L. ca. 1970-2000
1.34 Franklin, D. A. ca. 1970-2000
1.35 Furtado, Joao S. ca. 1970-2000
1.36 Gadgil, Peter ca. 1970-2000
1.37 Galloway, David J. ca. 1970-2000
1.38 Gams, Walter ca. 1970-2000
1.39 Gardner, Janet ca. 1970-2000
1.40 Giaiotti, Andreina ca. 1970-2000
1.41 Gilbertson, R. L. ca. 1970-2000
1.42 Goheen, A. C. ca. 1970-2000
1.43 Haines, John H. ca. 1970-2000
1.44 Hanlin, Richard T. ca. 1970-2000
1.45 Harvey, Ian C. ca. 1970-2000
1.46 Hawksworth, David L. ca. 1970-2000
1.47 Hennen, Joseph F. ca. 1970-2000
1.48 Hervey, Annette ca. 1970-2000
1.49 Horak, Egon ca. 1970-2000
1.50 Ingratta, Frank J. ca. 1970-2000
1.51 International Mycological Congress II, Tampa, FL 1977
1.52 International Congress on Mycological III, Tokyo 1983
1.53 Jansonius, Jan ca. 1970-2000
1.54 Jaramillo, Cielo Orozco ca. 1970-2000
1.55 Keller, Harold W. ca. 1970-2000
1.56 Kendrick, Bryce ca. 1970-2000
1.57 Kimbrough, James W. ca. 1970-2000
1.58 Korf, Richard P. ca. 1970-2000
1.59 Latch, G. C. M. ca. 1970-2000
1.60 Laundon, G. F. ca. 1970-2000
1.61 Leach, Charles M. ca. 1970-2000
1.62 Liew, F. S. ca. 1970-2000
1.63 Lorimer, A. D. (Tony) ca. 1970-2000
1.64 Lowen, Rosalind ca. 1970-2000
2.1 Matheis, Walter ca. 1970-2000
2.2 Matheson, A. G. ca. 1970-2000
2.3 Mathiassen, Geir ca. 1970-2000
2.4 Milne, K. S. ca. 1970-2000
2.5 Morgan-Jones, Gareth ca. 1970-2000
2.6 Muldoon, Robert ca. 1970-2000
2.7 Nelson, Paul E. ca. 1970-2000
2.8 New Zealand Department of Agriculture ca. 1970-2000
2.9 New Zealand Department of Health ca. 1970-2000
2.10 New Zealand Journal of Botany ca. 1970-2000
2.11 New Zealand Division of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Plant Diseases Division ca. 1970-2000
2.12 Nirenberg, Helgard ca. 1970-2000
2.13 Nishida, Florence Hiroko ca. 1970-2000
2.14 Ofong, A. U. ca. 1970-2000
2.15 Paden, John ca. 1970-2000
2.16 Parson, Murray ca. 1970-2000
2.17 Peterson, Ronald H. ca. 1970-2000
2.18 Pfister, Donald H. ca. 1970-2000
2.19 Pirone, Pascal P. ca. 1970-2000
2.20 Pirozynski, K. A. ca. 1970-2000
2.21 Rainbow, Alec F. ca. 1970-2000
2.22 Rawson, T. W. ca. 1970-2000
2.23 Reynolds, Donald R. ca. 1970-2000
2.24 Roane, Martha K. ca. 1970-2000
2.25 Robertson, Max ca. 1970-2000
2.26 Rogerson, Clark T. ca. 1970-2000
2.27 Rossman, Amy ca. 1970-2000
2.28 Rush-Munro, F. M. ca. 1970-2000
2.29 Russell, Charles C. ca. 1970-2000
2.30 Russin, William A. ca. 1970-2000
2.31 Ruzio-Saban, M. I. ca. 1970-2000
2.32 Ryvarden, Leif ca. 1970-2000
2.33 Samson, Robert A. ca. 1970-2000
2.34 Scott, W. (re: Mt. Egmont Park fungi collection) ca. 1970-2000
2.35 Siefert, Keith ca. 1970-2000
2.36 Simpson, J. A. ca. 1970-2000
2.37 Singer, Rolf ca. 1970-2000
2.38 Sivanesan, A. ca. 1970-2000
2.39 Smale, Peter E. ca. 1970-2000
2.40 Spiers, Adrian ca. 1970-2000
2.41 Stevenson, John A. ca. 1970-2000
2.42 Sutherland, G. J. ca. 1970-2000
2.43 Sutton, B. C. ca. 1970-2000
2.44 Sweet, G. B. (New Zealand Forest Service) ca. 1970-2000
2.45 Thiers, Harry D. ca. 1970-2000
2.46 Unidentified ca. 1970-2000
2.47 Walker, John ca. 1970-2000
2.48 Whitford, John ca. 1970-2000
2.49 Yamato, Hirokuni ca. 1970-2000
2.50 Yokoyama, Tatsua ca. 1970-2000

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Series 2. Reports.

Scope and Content:

There are seven files, primarily of annual progress reports written by Dr. Samuels for the NYBG and the New Zealand DSIR. There are also two travel reports and one report authored by Joan M. Dingley on the history of taxonomic mycology at the New Zealand DSIR Plant Diseases Division.

Folder Title Date
2.51 Annual report, NYBG 1971-1972
2.52 Annual reports, NZ DSIR, Plant Diseases Division 1973-1978
2.53 Annual reports, NZ DSIR, Plant Diseases Division 1981-1985
2.54 Dingley, Joan M. “Taxonomic mycology and the PDD [Plant Diseases Division]” 1974
2.55 Samuels, Gary “Report of an official visit to the USA” NZ DSIR, Plant Diseases Division 1981
2.56 Samuels, Gary “Report of a visit to Japan” NZ DSIR, Plant Diseases Division 1983
2.57 USDA Research Botanist performance standards 1990

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Series 3. Photographs.

Scope and Content:

There are two photo portraits of Dr. Samuels, one in New York City (1967) and one taken collecting fungi in France (1978).

Folder Title Date
2.58 Portraits 1978

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Series 4. Personal Papers.

Scope and Content:

There are four subject files that include a bibliography (as of 1984), biographical information, personal correspondence, and a curriculum vita (1978).

Folder Title Date
2.59 Bibliography ca. 1983-1995
2.60 Biographical ca. 1983-1995
2.61 Correspondence ca. 1983-1995
2.62 Curriculum vita ca. 1983-1995

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