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Collectors: Seaver, Fred Jay, 1877-1970.
Title: Fred Jay Seaver Records (RG4)
Dates: 1888-1971
Dates: bulk 1904-1950
Quantity: 6.5 linear feet; 14 boxes
Call Phrase: Seaver (RG4)

Biography of Fred Jay Seaver

Fred Jay Seaver (1877-1970) was a mycologist and authority on the taxonomy and life histories of the discomycetes (cup fungi). Born 14 March 1877 in Webster Co., Iowa, Dr. Seaver received his B.S. (1902) from Morningside College in Sioux City and his M.S. (1904) and Ph.D. (1912) in biology at the State University of Iowa. In 1903 he worked for a brief period under J. C. Arthur at Purdue University. Early in his career he held appointments as an instructor of biology at Iowa Wesleyan University (1905-06) and assistant professor at the State University of North Dakota in Fargo (1907-08) where he served as mycologist to its Experiment Station under Professor H. L. Bolley. His Ph.D. thesis, Hypocreales of North America, was published in Mycologia (1909-10), for which he served as editor for nearly 40 years, and in the North American Flora, 1910.

Dr. Seaver was associated with the New York Botanical Garden for most of his professional life, first through a fellowship to Columbia University in 1906. The NYBG appointed him Director of Laboratories (1908-1911), after which he held the positions of Curator (1912-1943), Head Curator (1943-1948), and Curator Emeritus (1948-). For the journal Mycologia he served as Associate Editor (1909-24), Editor (1925-32), Editor-in-Chief (1933-45), and Managing Editor (1933-47). He collaborated with NYBG Director Nathaniel Lord Britton on the botany of the Caribbean and contributed mycological sections to Flora of Bermuda (1918), The Bahama Flora (1920), and Botany of Porto Rico and the Virgin Islands(1926). Among his associates in the mycological study of the Caribbean were Carlos Chardon, J. M. Waterston, and H. H. Whetzel.

Dr. Seaver studied and published on a diversity of fungi from Colorado, Iowa, North Dakota, and New York, specializing in the Pezizales, Helotiales, and Hypocreales. In 1928 he published his magnum opus, North American Cup-fungi (Operculates). A supplement was issued in 1942, and a second volume, North American Cup-fungi (Inoperculates) was released in 1951. He was a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Botanical Society of America, the Mycological Society of America, and the Torrey Botanical Club (Vice-president, 1943; President, 1945). In 1955 the NYBG presented him with its Distinguished Service Award. Upon retirement in 1948 he made his home in Winter Park, Florida, where he died 21 December 1970.

Scope and Content

The Fred Jay Seaver Collection consists of correspondence, research and personal papers, manuscripts and typescripts, artwork, exhibit material, and photographic material including prints, negatives, lantern slides, and Kodachrome slides. It covers the entirety of his mycological career at the NYBG (1908-1948) as curator and editor of Mycologia.


The collection is organized into nine series:
Series 1: Correspondence. 1904-1969. Arranged alphabetically.
Series 2: Research Papers. 1888-1942. Arranged alphabetically by subject.
Series 3: Manuscripts & Typescripts. 1935-1952. Arranged alphabetically by author.
Series 4: Lectures & Course Outlines, 1944-1957. Arranged alphabetically.
Series 5: Photographic Material. 1929-1948. Arranged by size.
Series 6: Personal Papers. 1901-1971. Arranged alphabetically by subject.
Series 7: Exhibit Material. n.d. Arranged alphabetically.
Series 8: Degrees & Certificates. 1896-1931. Arranged chronologically.
Series 9: Artwork. 1926-1948. Arranged by artist's surname, thereunder alphabetically.


Access restrictions

This collection is open for research with permission from Mertz Library staff.


Requests for permission to publish material from the collection should be submitted in writing to the LuEsther T. Mertz Library of the New York Botanical Garden.

Indexing Terms

The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the library's online public access catalog.
Eaton, Mary E.
Morris, George E. (George Edward), 1853-1916.
Discomycetes -- North America
Discomycetes -- Pictorial works.
Fungi -- North America -- Classification.
New York Botanical Garden Archives.
Seaver, Fred Jay, 1877-1970 -- Archives.

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Separated Material

Artwork (Boxes 13 & 14) has been removed to NYBG Art & Illustration Collection #55.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Fred Jay Seaver Records (RG4), Archives, The New York Botanical Garden.

Acquisition Information

This collection was transferred to the New York Botanical Garden Archives.

Processing Information

Originally processed by Serena D. Gomez, Reference Librarian/Archivist May 1998. Revised by David Rose, Archives Assistant, June 2000 with grant funding from The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH-PA 23141-98) and the Harriet Ford Dickenson Foundation. Converted to EAD in September 2006 by Kathleene Konkle under a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH-PA 50678-04).

Container List


Series 1. Correspondence.

Scope and Content:

There is one container of material (100+ files) concerning the identification of fungi, specimen exchange, taxonomy, fieldwork, and the operation of Mycologia. Correspondents range from Nathaniel Lord Britton to Clark Rogerson, spanning the first half-century of NYBG history. Three files ("Bermuda Dept. of Agriculture") pertain to fieldwork in Bermuda with correspondence primarily with J. M. Waterston. "Fungi of Bermuda" is a collection of letters from Dr. Seaver's collaborators on the Bermuda project (except Waterston) arranged and tabbed alphabetically within the file. Other files, e.g. "Genera of Fungi by Clements & Shear" and "International Rules of Nomenclature" also contain letters from a number of mycologists. Additional correspondence is located in Series 2: Research Papers; Series 3: Manuscripts & Typescripts; and Series 6: Personal Papers (see reminiscences and scrapbook material).

Folder Title Date
1.1 Ahmad, Sultan ca. 1904-1969
1.2 Arde, Walker R. ca. 1904-1969
1.3 Arthur, J. C. ca. 1904-1969
1.4 Atkinson, George F. ca. 1904-1969
1.5 Banker, Howard J. ca. 1904-1969
1.6 Bartholomew, Elam ca. 1904-1969
1.7 Bartholomew, E. T. ca. 1904-1969
1.8 Bermuda, 3d visit, 1938 ca. 1904-1969
1.9 Bermuda Department of Agriculture (J. M. Waterston) (3 files) ca. 1904-1969
1.10 Bessey, Ernst A. ca. 1904-1969
1.11 Bethel, Ellsworth ca. 1904-1969
1.12 Biographical Encyclopedia of the World ca. 1904-1969
1.13 Bisby, G. R. ca. 1904-1969
1.14 Re: Blackmon, Bernice ca. 1904-1969
1.15 Blakeslee, Albert F. ca. 1904-1969
1.16 Brenckle, J. F. ca. 1904-1969
1.17 Britton, Nathaniel Lord ca. 1904-1969
1.18 Burke, Joseph F. re: NYBG diatom and myxomycete collections ca. 1904-1969
1.19 Burlingham, Gertrude ca. 1904-1969
1.20 Calvo, Manuel Quiros re: Costa Rico unnamed plants ca. 1904-1969
1.21 Chardon, Carlos E. ca. 1904-1969
1.22 Coker, William Chambers ca. 1904-1969
1.23 Cooke, William Bridge ca. 1904-1969
1.24 Couch, John N. ca. 1904-1969
1.25 Cronquist, Arthur ca. 1904-1969
1.26 Cummins, George B. ca. 1904-1969
1.27 Cunningham, G. H. ca. 1904-1969
1.28 Digilio, Antonio P. L. ca. 1904-1969
1.29 Dodge, Carroll W. ca. 1904-1969
1.30 Durand, Elias J. ca. 1904-1969
1.31 Earle, Franklin Sumner ca. 1904-1969
1.32 Ellis, Job Bicknell ca. 1904-1969
1.33 Emmons, Chester W. ca. 1904-1969
1.34 Exsicatti and specimen exchange ca. 1904-1969
1.35 Fairman, Charles E. ca. 1904-1969
1.36 Farlow, William Gibson ca. 1904-1969
1.37 Fink, Bruce ca. 1904-1969
1.38 Fitzpatrick, H. M. ca. 1904-1969
1.39 Fulford, Margaret ca. 1904-1969
1.40 Fungi of Bermuda ca. 1904-1969
1.41 Gager, C. Stuart ca. 1904-1969
1.42 Re: Genera of Fungi by Clements, Frederic E. & Shear, Cornelius L. ca. 1904-1969
1.43 Gill, L. S. ca. 1904-1969
1.44 Gleason, Henry A. ca. 1904-1969
1.45 Gregg, Clifford C. ca. 1904-1969
1.46 Guba, E. F. ca. 1904-1969
1.47 Hafner Publishing Company re: North American Cup Fungi ca. 1904-1969
1.48 Hagelstein, Robert ca. 1904-1969
1.49 Heim, Roger ca. 1904-1969
1.50 Hessler, Lexemuel R. ca. 1904-1969
1.51 Honey, Edwin E. ca. 1904-1969
1.52 House, Homer D. ca. 1904-1969
1.53 Re: International Rules of Nomenclature; Nomina Generica ca. 1904-1969
1.54 Conservanda ca. 1904-1969
1.55 Jackson, H. S. ca. 1904-1969
1.56 Jackson, Henry A. C. ca. 1904-1969
1.57 Kern, Frank D. ca. 1904-1969
1.58 Kevorkian, Arthur G. ca. 1904-1969
1.59 Korf, Richard P. ca. 1904-1969
1.60 Lindner, David H. ca. 1904-1969
1.61 Long, W. H. ca. 1904-1969
1.62 Macbride, Thomas H. ca. 1904-1969
1.63 Mains, E. B. ca. 1904-1969
1.64 Martin, George W. ca. 1904-1969
1.65 Merrill, Elmer Drew ca. 1904-1969
1.66 Moldenke, Harold N. ca. 1904-1969
1.67 Montagne, Henry de la ca. 1904-1969
1.68 Morningside College, Sioux City, Iowa ca. 1904-1969
1.69 Morse, Elizabeth E. ca. 1904-1969
1.70 Mundkur, B. B. ca. 1904-1969
1.71 Murrill, William Alphonso ca. 1904-1969
1.72 Mycological Society of America ca. 1904-1969
1.73 Re: NYBG Research Lab Endowment (Robbins; Montagne) ca. 1904-1969
1.74 Orlando Junior College ca. 1904-1969
1.75 Overholts, Lee Oras ca. 1904-1969
1.76 Patouillard, Narcisse ca. 1904-1969
1.77 Peck, Charles Horton ca. 1904-1969
1.78 Petrak, Frans ca. 1904-1969
1.79 Pomerleau, Rene ca. 1904-1969
1.80 Ramsbottom, John ca. 1904-1969
1.81 Raper, Kenneth B. ca. 1904-1969
1.82 Reed, George M. ca. 1904-1969
1.83 Rhoads, Arthur S. ca. 1904-1969
1.84 Riddle, Lincoln W. & Gertrude H. ca. 1904-1969
1.85 Robbins, William Jacob ca. 1904-1969
1.86 Rogerson, Clark T. ca. 1904-1969
1.87 Sharp, Aaron J. re: Sullivant Moss Society Hepatic Exchange ca. 1904-1969
1.88 Shear, Cornelius Lott ca. 1904-1969
1.89 Singer, Rolf ca. 1904-1969
1.90 Re: Small, John Kunkel ca. 1904-1969
1.91 Smith, Alexander H. ca. 1904-1969
1.92 Steere, William C. ca. 1904-1969
1.93 Stevens, Frank Lincoln ca. 1904-1969
1.94 Stevenson, John A. ca. 1904-1969
1.95 Sturgis, William Codman ca. 1904-1969
1.96 Sumstine, David R. ca. 1904-1969
1.97 Tehon, Leo R. ca. 1904-1969
1.98 Thom, Charles ca. 1904-1969
1.99 Torrey, Raymond H. ca. 1904-1969
2.1 Underwood, Lucien Marcus ca. 1904-1969
2.2 Waksman, Selman A. ca. 1904-1969
2.3 Waterston, J. M. ca. 1904-1969
2.4 Weber, George F. ca. 1904-1969
2.5 West, Erdman ca. 1904-1969
2.6 Weston, William H. ca. 1904-1969
2.7 Whetzel, Herbert Hice ca. 1904-1969
2.8 Zeller, Sanford M. ca. 1904-1969

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Series 2. Research Papers.

Scope and Content:

There are 16 files consisting of collection catalogues, fieldwork data, reports, maps, and annotated books. One bound volume, Catalogue of the Mycological Library of Howard A. Kelly, contains notes and inserts. The notebook of Howard J. Banker contains collection data on the Hydnaceae (1888-1914), accompanied by a transmission letter relating to the deposit of the Banker herbarium at the NYBG (see also Banker file in Series 1: Correspondence). The NYBG Cryptogamic Herbarium reports contain detailed information on the status of collections in1939 and 1940 and Mycologia financial reports.

Folder Title Date
2.9 Algae of Monterey, California (C. L. Anderson) ca. 1904-1969
2.10 Catalogue of the fungi of North Dakota, 1907 ca. 1904-1969
2.11 Catalogue of the Mycological Library of Howard A. Kelly, 1924 (inscribed) ca. 1904-1969
2.12 Collection data, various ca. 1904-1969
2.13 Collections of Walter Kiener ca. 1904-1969
2.14 Encyclopedia Britannica, annotated proofs ca. 1904-1969
2.15 Flora Melesiana, Cyclopedia of Collectors ca. 1904-1969
2.16 Fungi of Puerto Rico (Stevenson; Chardon) ca. 1904-1969
2.17 Howard J. Banker Collection (notebook) ca. 1904-1969
2.18 How Plants Grow by Asa Gray, 1858 (annotated) ca. 1904-1969
2.19 Maps, Caribbean ca. 1904-1969
2.20 Mount Desert Island Fungi, Bar Harbor, Maine ca. 1904-1969
2.21 Mycological Herbaria of the United States, 1935 ca. 1904-1969
2.22 NYBG Cryptogamic Herbarium ca. 1904-1969
2.23 Rusts of India (Ralph R. Stewart) ca. 1904-1969
2.24 Seaver & Shope Collection 1929

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Series 3. Manuscripts & Typescripts.

Scope and Content:

There are 8 files that include North American Cup-Fungi (Operculae) (1928), the section on Discomycetes for the North American Flora, a corrected proof of North Amiercan Cup-fungi (Inoperculates) (1951), and an unpublished typescript, The Fungi of Porto Rico by Seaver and Carlos Chardon.

Folder Title Date
2.25 Seaver, F. J.The Cup-fungi of North Americam (Operculae) DATE
2.26 Seaver, F. J.Discomycetes of North America, North American Flora, volume 4 ca. 1935-1952
2.27 Seaver, F. J.North American Cup-fungi (Inoperculates), annotated proof ca. 1935-1952
2.28 Seaver, F. J.North American Cup-fungi (Inoperculates), annotated proof ca. 1935-1952
2.29 Seaver, F. J.North American Cup-fungi (Inoperculates), reviews and copyright ca. 1935-1952
2.30 Seaver, F. J. “Possibilities of the truffle industry in America” 1917
2.31 Seaver, F. J. and Carlos E. Chardon The Fungi of Porto Rico ca. 1935-1952
2.32 Seaver, F. J. and Carlos E. Chardon The Fungi of Porto Rico ca. 1935-1952

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Series 4. Lectures & Course Outlines.

Scope and Content:


Folder Title Date
2.33 General Biology lectures n.d.
2.34 Orlando Junior College, Biology 101, course outline 1956-1957

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Series 5. Photographic Material.

Scope and Content:

This series consists of photographic prints (mounted and unmounted), negatives, Kodachrome slides, and lantern slides. There are 2 glass negatives and a small selection of photo postcards. The photographic record documents fungi specimens and fieldwork locations, as well as personal and group portraits. One sequence (6 files) consists of mounted and captioned plates of cup-fungi, some with watercolor enhancement. There are several portraits of Dr. Seaver alone and with colleagues including Bernard O. Dodge, H. M. Fitzpatrick, Cornelius Shear, and others. There are two photos of Seaver with Nathaniel Lord Britton, et al in St. Croix (1923). There is one box (Box 10) of lantern slides which holds 6 separate boxes within, labeled 10a through 10f. Two envelopes of oversize photos are located in Box 11 with Exhibit Material (Series 7).

Folder Title Date
2.35 Colored figures, agarics and boletes ca. 1929-1948
2.36 Cup Fungi plates ca. 1929-1948
2.37 Cup Fungi plates ca. 1929-1948
3.1 Cup Fungi plates ca. 1929-1948
3.2 Cup Fungi plates ca. 1929-1948
3.3 Cup Fungi plates ca. 1929-1948
3.4 Cup Fungi plates ca. 1929-1948
3.5 Fungi:Aleuria aurantia, et al ca. 1929-1948
3.6 Fungi:Amanita muscaria ca. 1929-1948
3.7 Fungi:Cantarellus sp. ca. 1929-1948
3.8 Fungi:Clitocybe illudens ca. 1929-1948
3.9 Fungi:Cortinarius obliquus ca. 1929-1948
4.1 Fungi: gilled fungi, various ca. 1929-1948
4.2 Fungi: Hydnum sp ca. 1929-1948
4.3 Fungi: Laetiporus sulphureous ca. 1929-1948
4.4 Fungi: Peziza badia, et al ca. 1929-1948
4.5 Fungi: Peziza domiciliana, et al ca. 1929-1948
4.6 Fungi: Peziza repanda ca. 1929-1948
4.7 Fungi: Peziza venosa ca. 1929-1948
4.8 Fungi: Pleurotus sp ca. 1929-1948
4.9 Fungi: various ca. 1929-1948
4.10 Fungi: no identification ca. 1929-1948
4.11 Miscellaneous ca. 1929-1948
4.12 Mycological Forays ca. 1929-1948
4.13 Panoramic view of Port-of-Spain ca. 1929-1948
4.14 Portrait, 91st birthday ca. 1929-1948
4.15 Portraits ca. 1929-1948
4.16 Negatives ca. 1929-1948
6.17 Fungi ca. 1929-1948
6.18 Portraits ca. 1929-1948
6.19 Travel (photo postcards) ca. 1929-1948
7.1 Fungi ca. 1929-1948
7.2 Glass negatives ca. 1929-1948
8.3 Photos ca. 1929-1948
8.4 Negatives ca. 1929-1948
Box Title Date
9 Fungi ca. 1929-1948
Folder Title Date
10.a.1 Seaver, Fred J. at waterfall, Colorado (color) ca. 1929-1948
10.a.2 Cathedral Rocks, Cripple Creek Short L. (?California) ca. 1929-1948
10.a.3 Estes Park, "Close view of the town of Estes Park showing cottages and hotels" ca. 1929-1948
10.a.4 Estes Park, Odessa Lake "A typical Mountain Lake" ca. 1929-1948
10.a.5 Georgetown Look, Colorado and Southern [Railroad] ca. 1929-1948
10.a.6 Julesburg Irrigation District onion field ca. 1929-1948
10.a.7 Maps and Charts ca. 1929-1948
10.a.8 Colorado Map ca. 1929-1948
10.a.9 Great Plains Map ca. 1929-1948
10.a.10 Mountain Peaks Visible from Cheesman Park ca. 1929-1948
10.a.11 Pavilion "100 Pks. over 13,000 + 35 over 14,000" ca. 1929-1948
10.a.12 United States Map (color) ca. 1929-1948
10.a.13 Mills, Enos A. "On the Moraine Beaver House" Colorado ca. 1929-1948
10.a.14 Mount McClellan, Summit, Colorado and Southern [Railroad?] ca. 1929-1948
10.a.15 Pikes Peak, summit ca. 1929-1948
10.a.16 Sugar factories ca. 1929-1948
10.a.17 Tolland, Six Mile Tunnel (2) ca. 1929-1948
10.a.18 ca. 1929-1948
10.b.1 Town, illustrated ca. 1929-1948
10.b.2 Field (beet field?) ca. 1929-1948
10.b.3 Field (brush) Nebraska ca. 1929-1948
10.b.4 Mullen, NE, Ranch Scene (color) ca. 1929-1948
10.b.5 Trinidad, en route (color) ca. 1929-1948
10.b.6 Bocas Island, west shore (2) ca. 1929-1948
10.b.7 Eustatius and St. Christie Islands ca. 1929-1948
10.b.8 Manos Island, east end ca. 1929-1948
10.b.9 Sombrero Island ca. 1929-1948
10.b.10 Unidentified island ca. 1929-1948
10.b.11 Agaricus campestris (color) ca. 1929-1948
10.b.12 Amphisphaeria fusispora (see Didymosphaeria andropogonis) ca. 1929-1948
10.b.13 Arachnoidiscus ca. 1929-1948
10.b.14 Calonectria; Crescentiae fimbriata ca. 1929-1948
10.b.15 Calvatia gigantea (with Arlow B. Stout, color) ca. 1929-1948
10.b.16 Cenangella deformata ca. 1929-1948
10.b.17 Chromoblastimyrosis (human subject) ca. 1929-1948
10.c.1 Clitocybe illudens (color) ca. 1929-1948
10.c.2 Diatome ca. 1929-1948
10.c.3 Didymosphaeria andropogonis; Amphisphaeria fusispora ca. 1929-1948
10.c.4 Drosophila lacrymabunda (color) (2) ca. 1929-1948
10.c.5 Fuligo septica ca. 1929-1948
10.c.6 Gnomonia pulcherrima (see Stictis coccolobii) ca. 1929-1948
10.c.7 Helotium conocarpi, H. atrosubiculum ca. 1929-1948
10.c.8 Humaria waterstonii(color) ca. 1929-1948
10.c.9 Leocarpus fragilis ca. 1929-1948
10.c.10 Lepiota Americana (color) (2) ca. 1929-1948
10.c.11 Micrasterias ca. 1929-1948
10.c.12 Neliocosporium roseum; Ophionectria cylindrothecia ca. 1929-1948
10.c.13 Ophionectria cylindrothecia (see Neliocosporium roseum) ca. 1929-1948
10.c.14 Patellaria atvata ca. 1929-1948
10.c.15 Phyllachora fusicarpa ca. 1929-1948
10.c.16 Pleurotus ca. 1929-1948
10.d.1 "Twelve Poisonous Mushrooms" USDA, 1890 (color) ca. 1929-1948
10.d.2 Polyporus giganteus (color) ca. 1929-1948
10.d.3 Polyporus sulphureus (color) ca. 1929-1948
10.d.4 Pseudopithyella miniscula ca. 1929-1948
10.d.5 Ringworm series (4) ca. 1929-1948
10.d.6 Sarcoscypha minuscula (color); Scleroderma bermudense ca. 1929-1948
10.d.7 Stictis conocarpi; S. pimentae ca. 1929-1948
10.d.8 Stictis radiat; S. filicicola; S. carnea; S. musae ca. 1929-1948
10.d.9 Torula diversa ca. 1929-1948
10.d.10 Trichoglossum wrightii ca. 1929-1948
10.d.11 Unisexual races, illustration ca. 1929-1948
10.e.1 Unidentified fungi (10) ca. 1929-1948
10.e.2 Tabulae Carpologia, title page ca. 1929-1948
10.e.3 Miscellaneous ca. 1929-1948
10.e.4 Canoeing on a river ca. 1929-1948
10.e.5 City (Denver, Colorado?) ca. 1929-1948
10.e.6 Cliff on a coast ca. 1929-1948
10.e.7 "Emigration to the Western Country" (illustration of wagon train, 1859) ca. 1929-1948
10.e.8 Fort Victoria ca. 1929-1948
10.e.9 House (color) ca. 1929-1948
10.f.1 Pueblo in cliff recess ca. 1929-1948
10.f.2 Pueblo, close-up (2) ca. 1929-1948
10.f.3 Ship (color) ca. 1929-1948
10.f.4 Train, with riders (color) ca. 1929-1948
10.f.5 Mycologia ca. 1929-1948
10.f.6 Financial Records ca. 1929-1948
10.f.7 Anniversary Report, 1933-1937 ca. 1929-1948
10.f.8 Financial Statements (8) 1933-1946
10.f.9 Income Statements (2) 1939-1941
10.f.10 Receipts 1936
11.1 Portraits (oversize) ca. 1929-1948
11.2 Fungi (oversize) ca. 1929-1948

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Series 6. Personal Papers.

Scope and Content:

There are 14 files consisting of correspondence, memorabilia, reminiscences, a scrapbook, and genealogical material. Three files contain biographical writing, two of which are reminiscences with attached correspondence and photos. These deal with Seaver’s boyhood and early career as a Columbia University fellow and professor at the State University of North Dakota, including details of his career decision to move from Fargo, North Dakota to the NYBG. This material contains attached letters of Nathaniel Lord Britton and Lucian Marcus Underwood. One file contains a paperbound volume entitled The Seaver Genealogy by Jesse Seaver with inserted notes and correspondence from Clark Rogerson to Bernice Seaver Blackmon, Dr. Seaver’s daughter.

Folder Title Date
4.17 Biographical n.d.
4.18 Biographical writings n.d.
4.19 Correspondence n.d.
4.20 Estate of Finetta A. Seaver n.d.
4.21 Greeting cards n.d.
4.22 "An interesting case of tree girdling" scrapbook, 1916 n.d.
4.23 Memorabilia n.d.
5.1 Miscellaneous n.d.
5.2 Morningside College yearbook, Sioux City, Iowa 1901
5.3 Reminiscences of Fred Jay Seaver, Early Home Life n.d.
5.4 Reminiscences of Fred Jay Seaver, Fellow in Botany in Columbia University, 1906-1907 n.d.
5.5 Scrapbook material n.d.
5.6 Seaver genealogy n.d.
5.7 Wedding memorabilia, (Finetta Alice Heller) 1941

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Series 7. Exhibit Material.

Scope and Content:

There are 15 files of oversize multi-media material illustrating the life cycles of the Uredinales (rust fungi) and Ustilaginales (smut fungi). Each exhibit is mounted on poster board with captioned pencil and watercolor illustrations of fungus and host along with actual specimen material attached and integrated into the life cycle representation.

Folder Title Date
11.3 Ashleaf rust (Dicaeoma fraxini n.d.
11.4 Euphorbia rust (Nigredo proeminens n.d.
11.5 Hibiscus rust (Dicaeoma hibisciateum n.d.
11.6 Iris rust (Puccinia iridis n.d.
11.7 Jack in the Pulpit rust (Nigredo caladii n.d.
11.8 Mint rust (Puccinia menthae n.d.
11.9 Pansy rust (Puccinia violae n.d.
11.10 Peach leaf rust (Tranzschelia punctata n.d.
11.11 Spring Beauty rust (Puccinia claytoniata n.d.
11.12 Violet rust (Nigredo pedata n.d.
11.13 Anemone smut (Urocystis anemones n.d.
11.14 Arrow-head smuts (Doassansia sagittariae; D. deformans n.d.
11.15 Composite smut (Entyloma compositarum n.d.
11.16 Snakeroot smut (Urocystis carcinodes n.d.
11.17 n.d.

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Series 8. Degrees & Certificates.

Scope and Content:

There are six oversize items, including a high school diploma, higher education degrees (B.S., M.S., Ph.D., and D.Sc.), and a certificate of the Society of Sigma Xi.

Folder Title Date
12.1 High School Diploma, Manson (Iowa) Public Schools 1896
12.2 B.S., Morningside College 1902
12.3 M.S., State University of Iowa 1904
12.4 Certificate, Society of Sigma Xi 1904
12.5 Ph.D., State University of Iowa 1912
12.6 D.Sc., Morningside College 1931

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Series 9. Artwork.

Scope and Content:

In Box 13 of Series 9: Artwork are watercolor illustrations, one of macrofungi and cup-fungi by Mary E. Eaton and George E. Morris. Two items are reprints by Charles Horton Peck and C. Fausel. Box 14 contains unsigned illustrations, primarily of cup-fungi, artist unknown. This series has been removed to the NYBG Art & Illustration Collection #55.

Folder Title Date
13.1 Agaricus arvensis; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.2 Agaricus silvicola; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.3 Agaricus silvicola; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.4 Amanita echinocephala; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.5 Amanita frostiana; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.6 Amanita muscaria; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.7 Amanita phalloides; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.8 Amanita rubescens; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.9 Amanitopsis farinosa; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.10 Amanitopsis strangulata; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.11 Amanitopsis vaginata; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.12 Amanitopsis volvata; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.13 Armillaria mellea (2); Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.14 Boletinellus merulioides; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.15 Boletus luteus; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.16 Ceriomyces communis; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.17 Ceriomyces crassus separans; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.18 Ceriomyces illudens; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.19 Ceriomyces miniato-olivaceous; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.20 Clitocybe illudens; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.21 Clitocybe multiceps; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.22 Clitocybe odora; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.23 Collybia dryophila; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.24 Collybia platyphylla; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.25 Collybia radicata; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.26 Collybia strictipes; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.27 Cortinarius alboviolaceus; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.28 Dictyophora duplicata; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.29 Entoloma subjubatum; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.30 Hypholoma lacrymabundum; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.31 Lactarius muculosa; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.32 Lactarius torminosus; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.33 Lepiota acutesquamosa; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.34 Lepiota procera; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.35 Lycoperdon cyathiforme; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.36 Lycoperdon gemmatum; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.37 Microglossum viride et al; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.38 Mutinus elegans; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.39 Pleurotus geogenius; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.40 Rostkovites granulatus (2); Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.41 Scleroderma aurantium; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.42 Scleroderma verrucosum; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.43 Suillellus luridus; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.44 Tylopilus alboater; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.45 Tylopilus felleus; Mary Eaton ca. 1926-1948
13.46 Agaricus subrubescens; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.47 Amanita caesarea; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.48 Amanita chlorinosma; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.49 Amanita frostiana; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.50 Amanita muscaria; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.51 Amanta phalloides (2); George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.52 Amanita rubescens; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.53 Armillaria mellea; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.54 Armillaria nardosmia; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.55 Clitocybe clavipes; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.56 Clitocybe illudens; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.57 Clitocybe laccata; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.58 Clitocybe amethystina; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.59 Clitocybe ochropurpurea; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.60 Clitocybe odora; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.61 Clitocybe trullissata; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.62 Collybia butyracea; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.63 Collybia dryophila; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.64 Collybia maculata; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.65 Collybia velutipes; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.66 Cortinarius armillatus; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.67 Cortinarius bolaris; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.68 Cortinarius corrugatus; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.69 Cortinarius iodes; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.70 Entoloma grayanum; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.71 Hygrophorus caprinus; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.72 Hygrophorus ceraceus; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.73 Hygrophorus chlorophanus; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.74 Hygrophorus conicus; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.75 Hygrophorus miniatus; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.76 Hygrophorus nitidus; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.77 Hygrophorus psittacinus; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.78 Hygrophorus puniceus; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.79 Lactarius chelidonium; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.80 Lactarius corrugis; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.81 Lactarius deliciosus; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.82 Lactarius indigo; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.83 Lactarius helvus; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.84 Lactarius torminosus; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.85 Lactarius trivialis; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.86 Lactarius volemus; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.87 Lepiota americana; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.88 Lepiota granulosa; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.89 Lepiota naucina; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.90 Lepiota procera; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.91 Lepiota rhacodes; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.92 Mycena epipterygia; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.93 Mycena pura; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.94 Paxillus atrotomentosus; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.95 Paxillus involutus; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.96 Tricholoma equestra; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.97 Tricholoma saponaceum; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.98 Tricholoma sejunctum; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.99 Tricholoma terreum; George E. Morris ca. 1926-1948
13.100 Ceriomyces crassus; C. H. Peck and C. Fausel ca. 1926-1948
13.101 Cantharellus cinnabarinus & Cantharellus floccossus; C. H. Peck and C. Fausel ca. 1926-1948
14.1 Acetabula sulcata ca. 1926-1948
14.2 Acetabula vulgaris ca. 1926-1948
14.3 Amanita muscaria ca. 1926-1948
14.4 Ascobolus denudatus ca. 1926-1948
14.5 Chlorosplenium aeruginosum ca. 1926-1948
14.6 Chlorosplenium versiforme ca. 1926-1948
14.7 Geoglossum ophioglossoides ca. 1926-1948
14.8 Gyromitra esculenta ca. 1926-1948
14.9 Helvella crispa ca. 1926-1948
14.10 Helvella elastica ca. 1926-1948
14.11 Helvella lacunosa ca. 1926-1948
14.12 Humeria humosa ca. 1926-1948
14.13 Lachnea melaloma ca. 1926-1948
14.14 Lachnea scutellate ca. 1926-1948
14.15 Lachnea setosa ca. 1926-1948
14.16 Lachnea stercoria ca. 1926-1948
14.17 Leotis chlorocephala ca. 1926-1948
14.18 Mitrula phalloides ca. 1926-1948
14.19 Morchella esculenta ca. 1926-1948
14.20 Morchella hybrida ca. 1926-1948
14.21 Orbilia coccinella ca. 1926-1948
14.22 Otidea onotica ca. 1926-1948
14.23 Perrotia flammea ca. 1926-1948
14.24 Peziza badia ca. 1926-1948
14.25 Peziza cerea ca. 1926-1948
14.26 Peziza venosa ca. 1926-1948
14.27 Peziza vesiculosa ca. 1926-1948
14.28 Peziza violacea ca. 1926-1948
14.29 Phialea fructigena ca. 1926-1948
14.30 Pithya vulgaris ca. 1926-1948
14.31 Pyronema omphalodes ca. 1926-1948
14.32 Sarcoscypha coccinea ca. 1926-1948
14.33 Sclerotinia seaveri ca. 1926-1948
14.34 Vibrissea truncorum ca. 1926-1948

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