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About the CCS

The mission of the Center for Conservation Strategy (CCS) is to maximize the reach and impact of NYBG’s scientific programs and catalyze conservation action that will help save the plants of the world. The driving force behind the Center for Conservation Strategy’s mission is NYBG’s commitment to stimulate conservation action that will help mitigate Earth’s biodiversity crisis.

The CCS has three main goals:

  • To expand the scale, number, and impact of NYBG’s collaborations with conservation initiatives worldwide;
  • To strengthen conservation capacity-building, including training future biodiversity leaders; and
  • To advance conservation by fostering the sustainable use of plant resources locally and globally.

Thematically, the activities of the CCS derive from The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC), a program of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity with a comprehensive set of goals to be completed by 2020. The GSPC comprises five broad objectives that guide 16 specific targetsAll of the CCS’s projects address one or more of the GSPC objectives and targets, thus positioning NYBG to be a leader in this global effort.

Geographically, the CCS focuses on projects in NYBG’s Areas of Botanical Concern (ABCs), which are regions where action is urgent and NYBG is well positioned to lead conservation efforts or have a major influence on their outcomes.

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