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About the CCS

Center for Conservation Strategy: About

The Center for Conservation Strategy (CCS) leverages The New York Botanical Garden’s scientific resources, in partnership with collaborators and stakeholders, to achieve conservation results that will help save the plants and fungi of the world. The Center’s overarching goal is to catalyze conservation action.
The New York Botanical Garden is committed to saving the world’s plants and fungi, and because threats to the survival of plants and fungi are so numerous and dire, the need for an enhanced, concerted institutional effort around conservation is critical. The Center for Conservation Strategy coordinates the institution’s response to this global environmental challenge. The CCS maintains partnerships with collaborators from around the world to maximize positive conservation results.

Thematically, the activities of the CCS derive from The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC)which provides a comprehensive set of goals within the Convention on Biological Diversity for what needs to be achieved by 2020. The GSPC has five broad objectives, and within these a total of 16 specific targets. All of the CCS’s projects address at least one, but usually multiple, of the GSPC’s objectives and targets, thus positioning NYBG to be a leader in this global effort.

Geographically, the CCS emphasizes projects in Areas of Botanical Concern (ABCs), which are regions where conservation action is urgent and NYBG is well positioned to have a major influence on conservation outcomes.

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