EcoFlora Publications

The New York City EcoFlora provides data and analysis on the biodiversity of New York City and conservation efforts. Results are disseminated through publications in the scientific literature, databases, websites, symposia and other outreach. They are used for conservation planning, education and nature study, resulting in New Yorkers who are better informed about the importance of urban ecologies and who can better contribute to conservation efforts. They also provide the opportunity for community scientists to participate in scientific publishing. Reports of new county, state, and country records are generally published in Phytoneuron, a free, digital journal dedicated to publishing reports on taxonomy, floristics, and geographic distribution of vascular plants in North and Central America. Other venues of frequent publication include the Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society and Mitchelliana, the newsletter of the New York Flora Association.

New State Records

Mummenhoffia alliaceae (Brassicaceae)white flowers of Mummenhoffia