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Herbarium Activities for Kids

Posted in Inside our Collections

What can you see? The Steere Herbarium’s 7.8 million specimens contain a world of patterns and shapes for kids to explore at home. Read More

Environment & Conservation

Earth Day 50: Still Closing the Circle

Posted in Environment & Conservation

As the world marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, NYBG's Dr. Brian Boom reflects on his own history with the very first event, NYBG's ... Read More

Plant Science, Videos

Backyard Botany: Magnolias

Posted in Plant Science, Videos

Did you know magnolias are as fascinating inside as out? Read More

How To, Videos

Make a Plant Champion Cape for Earth Day 50

Posted in How To, Videos

For Earth Day 50, your kids can become superheroes for the environment by repurposing their old t-shirts. Read More

Videos, What's Beautiful Now

Take a Spring Walk Among the Tulips

Posted in Videos, What's Beautiful Now

Take a walk through the tulips with us. Read More

History & People

A Message from Yayoi Kusama

Posted in History & People

Today, with the world facing COVID-19, I feel the necessity to address it with this message. Read More

History & People

Victory Gardens Make a Comeback

Posted in History & People

Along with new phrases such as social distancing and flattening the curve, a term from America’s past has been popping up in recent weeks: victory ... Read More

History & People, Plant Science

Daylight Studies—an Emerging Discipline

Posted in History & People, Plant Science

Daylight surrounds us, and much of life, both plant and human, depends on it. The many dimensions of daylight have recently become an emerging field ... Read More

Plant Science, Videos

Anatomy of a Plant with Arvolyn Hill

Posted in Plant Science, Videos

How much do your kids know about their favorite spring flowers? Read More

Garden News

#LightItBlue with NYBG

Posted in Garden News

To our frontline and essential workers, thank you from everyone at NYBG for your tireless efforts in this challenging time. Read More

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