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Plant Science

Brad Oberle: Plant Lover, Tree Hugger, and NYBG Scientist

Posted in Plant Science

From the very beginning, Brad Oberle was a nature enthusiast. Read More

Inside our Collections, Videos

Eagle Eyed Above the Ladies’ Border

Posted in Inside our Collections, Videos

During my lunch break on Wednesday, September 20, I was at the Ladies' Border specifically to film all the ruby-throated hummingbirds. Read More

History & People, Videos

Bronx Foodways Oral Histories: Morris Campus Farm with Deina

Posted in History & People, Videos

In the summer of 2022, Bronx Green-Up Apprentice Liana Castillo interviewed students at the Morris Campus Farm about their experiences on this unique urban educational farm on ... Read More

Inside our Collections

The Great Tree Search

Posted in Inside our Collections

In 1985, the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation invited citizens across the five boroughs to nominate trees of unusual size, interesting or ... Read More

What's Beautiful Now

Presently at NYBG: A Happy Harvest

Posted in What's Beautiful Now

It's the end of summer, and coming along with it is the chance to reap what was sown in previous months. Read More

What's Beautiful Now

Presently at NYBG: Stunning Scenes, Near or Far

Posted in What's Beautiful Now

Amid the bounty of summer, taking a step back to appreciate it all can be awe-inspiring. The multitudes of form, texture, and color create a ... Read More

History & People

If You’re a Plant Person, You’re Not Alone

Posted in History & People

Are you a Plant Person? If you identify as one, you’d be among many others who feel the same: 66% of American households own at ... Read More

What's Beautiful Now

Presently at NYBG: Late Bloomers in the Spotlight

Posted in What's Beautiful Now

Summer has begun to wind down at NYBG, but for our late-summer flowers, now is the time to get going. Read More

History & People

My Summer Internship with Bronx Green-Up

Posted in History & People

Plants have always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember—from my mom and grandma having their own array of ... Read More

What's Beautiful Now

Presently at NYBG: Guardians of the Forest

Posted in What's Beautiful Now

After returning to NYBG from taking a few days away, I was pleasantly welcomed by some of our largest stars, the Amazonian water lilies (Victoria ... Read More

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