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Environment & Conservation, Plant Science

Paris Conference Concludes with Accord on Climate Change, Emphasizing a Huge Role for the World’s Forests

Posted in Environment & Conservation, Plant Science

As noted in my most recent post, negotiators at the Paris climate conference, known as COP21, emphasized the importance of the role of forests in ... Read More

How To

Potted Perfume: Caring for Fragrant Orchids

Posted in How To

Every week I peruse Shop in the Garden to see what orchids they have in stock, and the selection this year has been stupendous. I ... Read More

History & People

Late Bloomer: The Short, Prolific Career of Ynes Mexia

Posted in History & People

Ynes Mexia, a Mexican-American botanical collector and explorer who began her career in 1925, became the most accomplished female botanical collector of her time both ... Read More

How To

Leaf Propagation: A Succulent Shared

Posted in How To

Propagating plants can be as painless and satisfying as popping corn or pressing “brew” on the coffee machine. Read More

Plant Science

New Additions to a Prized Mushroom’s Family Tree

Posted in Plant Science

The true porcini mushroom is well-known as a prized edible mushroom. Boletus edulis, as it is known scientifically, has a common name in just about ... Read More

History & People

The Amazing Feat of Jeanne Baret

Posted in History & People

Baret was born in France in 1740. Her working-class parents taught her to identify plants for their healing properties, and she became an expert “herb ... Read More

How To, Plant Science

A Dominican Tea for Cold Winter Evenings

Posted in How To, Plant Science

Plants, after all, are not always innocuous. Some, like food-grade castor oil from Ricinus communis, require extensive Read More

History & People, Plant Science

Flashes in the Twilight

Posted in History & People, Plant Science

One evening as twilight settled over the garden of Hammarby, an idyllic farm near Uppsala in Sweden, a botanically inclined young lady noticed flashes of ... Read More

Inside our Collections, Plant Science

In Search of Thomas Edison’s Botanical Treasures

Posted in Inside our Collections, Plant Science

The quiet corridors of the William and Lynda Steere Herbarium here at The New York Botanical Garden are lined with steel cabinets where preserved plant ... Read More

Plant Science

Lendemer’s Lichens: Combing the Great Smoky Mountains

Posted in Plant Science

You’ll find them clinging to rock faces like flecks of gray paint, or carpeting a tree trunk with skeins of red whisps. Lichens come in ... Read More

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