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Fungal and Plant Diversity of Central French Guiana
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Vascular Plant Specialists

Scott A. Mori

The following list includes all those who have prepared treatments for the Guide to the Vascular Plants of Central French Guiana. The use of the word specialist for these botanists must be interpreted with caution. Some have worked for years studying the groups of plants they contributed and others volunteered to prepare treatments because true specialists were not available. Therefore, under no circumstances should specimens be sent to people on this list without first receiving their permission to do so.

When sending specimens to specialists, it is important to inform them of the number of specimens to be sent, the fertility state of the specimens (i.e., do the specimens have flowers and fruits or are they sterile?), and for what purpose the determinations are needed. Many specialists will not accept sterile specimens for routine determination because the specimens take a great deal of time to determine and because there is often considerable uncertainty as to their correct determination. Although it would be ideal to know so much about Neotropical plants that they could be identified at all stages of their life cycle, most groups of vascular plants have been classified based on structures found when they are fertile and are therefore more difficult to identify when they are sterile.

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