Ericaceae of Ecuador

A Treatment by James L. Luteyn

The following is the WWW version of a taxonomic treatment of the plant family Ericaceae as it occurs in Ecuador; it has mostly been extracted from "Flora of Ecuador" (Luteyn, 1996), published by the Department of Systematic Botany, University of Göteborg, and the Section for Botany, Rijksmuseum, Stockholm, in co-operation with Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador. The editors, Prof. Gunnar Harling and Prof. Lennart Andersson, have given their permission for this on-line synthesis. Minor additions to the published Flora have been added here to keep the taxonomy and other information current. The treatment covers the genera Agarista, Anthopterus, Bejaria, Cavendishia, Ceratostema, Diogenesia, Disterigma, Gaultheria, Gaylussacia, Macleania, Oreanthes, Orthaea, Pernettya, Plutarchia, Psammisia, Satyria, Semiramisia, Sphyrospermum, Themistoclesia, Thibaudia, and Vaccinium.

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    Last updated: 27 April 1998