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Aureoboletus auriporus (Peck) Pouzar

Photographs by R. E. Halling, © 2003

This species is one of the most frequently encountered boletes in montane Costa Rica. Diagnostic characteristics include: extremely viscid pileus and stipe, bright lemon yellow hymenophore when young, fine yellow pruina or floccosity on the stipe (easily washed off in rainy weather), and a copious, white basal mycelium. No parts of the basidioma change to blue when bruised. This species is known from as far north as New York, USA and as far south as Colombia. A description of Colombian material (as Boletus atkinsonianus) can be found in Mycotaxon 34: 95. 1989. Costa Rican material has been reported by Gómez [Rev. Biol. Trop. 44, suppl. 4: 59-89. 1996 (1997)] from the Talamancas. Other taxa with bright yellow pores include B. innixus and B. flaviporus

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