Boletus innixus
Boletus innixus Frost

Photographs by R. E. Halling, ©1997

As recently shown by E. Both (Bull. Buffalo Soc. Nat. Sci. 36: 215-232. 1998), the material illustrated at top left was referred to as B. auriporus Peck sensu Coker & Beers. However, Both has clearly pointed out that true B. auriporus is a different and distinctive fungus. Boletus innixus was first described from Vermont, USA, and is a small to medium sized bolete, with a viscid pileus and stipe when wet, a bright yellow hymenophore which remains brightly colored with age, and the gourd-like stipe base that tapers to a point. It has been referred to the genus Pulveroboletus by R. Singer. A cespitose form is sometimes called Boletus cespitosus (below left). Other bright yellow-pored boletes include: Boletus flaviporus and B. auriporus.

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Cespitose form of Boletus innixus