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Páramo is a fragile habitat restricted to the montane New World tropics between timberline and the permanent snowline. The northwesternmost extent of this neotropical alpine zone, exists above timberline in the southern mountains of Costa Rica (Cordillera Talamanca): Cerros de la Muerte and Chirripó. One of the major ectomycorrhizal plants is Comarostaphylis arbutoides in the Ericaceae.
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Leccinum monticola Halling & G. M. Mueller Gymnopus nubicola Halling Hysterangium sp. nov.
Hygrocybe miniata (Fr.) Kummer Tricholoma palustre A. H. Sm. Tricholoma equestre (L.:Fr.) Kummer
Sistotrema confluens Pers.:Fr. Laccaria amethystina Cooke Leotia lubrica Fr.
Poronia punctata (L.:Fr.) Fr. Cortinarius subg. Phlegmacium Phaeocollybia longistipitata Halling & E. Horak, sp. nov.
Cortinarius glaucopus s. l. Cortinarius comarostaphylis Ammirati, Halling & Garnica
Mycena aurantiomarginata (Fr.) Quél.

Vouchers for all collections are on deposit at the Universidad de Costa Rica (USJ) mycological herbarium.
Duplicates are in the Field Museum (F) and the New York Botanical Garden (NY).