Inside The New York Botanical Garden

Morning Eye Candy: The Other Rose Garden

Posted in Photography on June 15 2011, by Ann Rafalko

Did you know that there’s a second rose garden at NYBG? It’s much smaller, but it’s even less pampered: It’s the EarthKind™ Rose Trials beds, just south of Daffodil Hill. The goal of the EarthKind™ program is to identify cultivars that combine beauty with proven durability in the landscape. These roses get no water other than what falls from the sky. In fact they get almost no attention at all (other than an occasional trim), and yet they thrive. If you think roses are fussy and hard to grow, check out these beds for some great choices for your own yard.

Check out this short video on the subject hosted by the rose garden curator Peter Kukielski himself.

EarthKind Rose Trials Bed

Photo by Ivo M. Vermeulen