Inside The New York Botanical Garden

Video Plant Profile: The Cottonwood Tree

Posted in Video on June 8 2011, by Rustin Dwyer

Have you been seeing drifts of what appears to be white, fluffy snow all over New York City lately? Don’t worry, you’re not imagining things, but it’s not snow.

In fact it is millions upon millions (and possibly billions upon billions) of Cottonwood tree seeds trying to make their way to a nice comfy spot to set down roots and grow into one of the City’s most majestic native trees. Want to learn more? Then check out this great Video Plant Profile with NYBG Plant Records Manager, Jon Peter.


Matthew said:

I love the stuff. It can be windblown for miles, but do we have any idea how high up into the atmosphere it can go?

Niki said:

I’ve lived in NY all my life and I don’t think I’ve ever noticed quite so much of the stuff before. Prompted me to look it up & this video had all the answers. Thanks!