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Who Am I? A Holiday Train Show Building Quiz

Posted in Holiday Train Show on December 18 2013, by Ann Rafalko

I am one building out of many that make up a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the most famous cultural attraction in an historic kingdom in an ancient land. Rediscovered in 1812 by a Swiss explorer, I was originally established as the capitol of a civilization that controlled an important trade route, which was subsequently diminished under Roman rule. An ingenious system of water management allowed me to thrive, but these systems were damaged by an earthquake in the fourth century, which accelerated my decline. My facade is pockmarked by bullet holes because I was rumored to hold riches within my decorations.


If you said that I am the Treasury at Petra, you’re one smart cookie! Next week we’ll jet back to the city, just in time for Christmas! So take a walk around your neighborhood and buff up on your local history. Who knows which borough we’ll land in!


If you think you know who this building is, leave your guess in the comments below. We’ll update the post with the correct answer on Thursday morning by 11 a.m.


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