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What’s Beautiful Now: Back-to-School Blooms

Posted in What's Beautiful Now on September 7 2017, by Garrett Barziloski

Week of September 3, 2017

As students head back to school, we brace ourselves for the cooling temperatures and changing leaves of fall. Before we dive into the fall season, there’s still time to see an abundance of flowers and trees gracing NYBG’s 250 acres with their late-summer beauty. The Native Plant Garden continues to burst as goldenrod varieties and purple bottle gentians show their colors. Beat the lingering summer heat in the lush, shady greenery of the Azalea Garden or enjoy a stray breeze as it weaves through the colorful lilies and lotuses in the Conservatory Courtyard. 

Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ve got growing:

Euphorbia corollata, flowering spurge

<em>Euphorbia corollata</em>, flowering spurge
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Euphorbia corollata has alternately arranged, smooth, narrow leaves that turn crimson in autumn as the weather cools. Its inflorescences consist of small white flowers with yellow-green centers that create a cloud-like effect over the entire plant.

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