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What’s Beautiful Now: Fallen Fall

Posted in What's Beautiful Now on November 22 2019, by Matt Newman

Fallen leaves are no less beautiful. As this season of transition continues, don’t forget to look down as well as up—you might catch the bright yellows (like these Ginkgo leaves), reds, and oranges of the recent forest splendor still carrying on toward winter.

Photo of Ginkgo leaves on the ground

What’s Beautiful Now: Needles & Scales

Posted in What's Beautiful Now on November 15 2019, by Matt Newman

Shift your focus to the conifers. As we make our way through fall, the vibrant red and orange leaves falling from the deciduous trees give way to the rich, deep hues of the evergreens. Some of them, like Cupressus nootkatensis ‘Sparkling Arrow’, show fascinating variegated (the white scales lack chlorophyll) foliage, while the needles on Pinus strobus ‘Contorta’ take on unique, swirling forms you might not expect.

Cupressus nootkatensis 'Sparkling Arrow'

<em>Cupressus nootkatensis</em> 'Sparkling Arrow'
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What’s Beautiful Now: Perennial Muse

Posted in What's Beautiful Now on November 7 2019, by Matt Newman

This is a fall essential. In the Perennial Garden, the season is distilled down to its floral essence, with cardoons, flowering sage, and asters everywhere you look. Spend a few moments on a bench amid this collection and you’ll understand why it’s such a hotspot for plein-air artists.

In the Perennial Garden

In the Perennial Garden
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What’s Beautiful Now: Chorus & Color

Posted in What's Beautiful Now on October 31 2019, by Matt Newman

When it comes to fall beauty this week, our trees are the showstealers. Reds, yellows, and oranges peek out from every vantage point, allowing you to immerse yourself in the season as you traverse the trails of the Forest and beyond. And with this weekend’s Chorus of the Forest by Angélica Negrón set to premiere among this unparalleled color, now is the time to get to NYBG.

Fall Color

Fall Color
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The Tying of the ‘Ozukuri’ Kiku

Posted in What's Beautiful Now on October 25 2019, by Matt Newman

Kiku is back—starting today.

The ‘Ozukuri’ style of kiku is the apex of this Japanese craft, transforming a single-stemmed chrysanthemum into a mountain of individually trained flowers that truly justifies the translation of its name: “Thousand Bloom.” See how our expert horticulturists spend 11 months each year creating this living spectacle.

What’s Beautiful Now: Hordes of Gourds

Posted in What's Beautiful Now on October 18 2019, by Matt Newman

Large, lumpy, warty, and weird—the hordes of pumpkins and gourds in our Spooky Pumpkin Garden come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. And their names are just as strange! Take a peek at a few of the many varieties calling the Garden home right now, and visit to explore their incredible diversity.

Curcurbita pepo 'Warts Galore'

<em>Curcurbita pepo</em> 'Warts Galore'
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What’s Beautiful Now: Fall Flowers

Posted in What's Beautiful Now on October 10 2019, by Matt Newman

It’s a fantastic time for fall flowers. You’ll find clouds of seasonal color peeking up at you from the collections. Smooth aster and calico aster flaunting purples and whites in the Native Plant Garden; spritely, pink hardy begonia in the Rock Garden; spur flowers in the Adventure Garden; and toad lilies along Seasonal Walk. This is What’s Beautiful Now.

Symphyotricum laeve var. laeve

<em>Symphyotricum laeve</em> var. <em>laeve</em>
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What’s Beautiful Now: Inspirations in the Home Gardening Center

Posted in What's Beautiful Now on October 4 2019, by Matt Newman

What’s your home garden aspiration? From purple fountain grass to dahlias and spiked cockscomb, the Home Gardening Center creates a palette of options and opportunities for abundant fall color in our region.

Pennisetum × advena 'Rubrum'

<em>Pennisetum</em> × <em>advena</em> 'Rubrum'
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What’s Beautiful Now: Ripening Up

Posted in What's Beautiful Now on September 20 2019, by Matt Newman

Which favorite fruits are ripening on your radar this week? From kousa dogwood berries alongside the Rose Garden, to blood oranges and dwarf pomegranates near the Home Gardening Center, we’re heading into fall with one last blast of fruity and festive color—in all its bright greens, pinks, and reds.

Kousa dogwood (Cornus kousa)

Kousa dogwood (<em>Cornus kousa</em>)
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What’s Beautiful Now: Transitional Treasures

Posted in What's Beautiful Now on September 17 2019, by Matt Newman

What’s your favorite plant in this time of seasonal change? There are plenty of treasures to find at NYBG in this magical moment when summer transitions to fall. The beautiful, bombastic blooms of dahlias are a fan-favorite as the weather changes, and they’re unmissable in the Perennial Garden, while variegated sweetgum in the Liasson Narcissus Collection is a stunner with its patterned green leaves, waiting for cool weather to bring new color. And the fiery leaves of the Japanese maples hint at the new season in the Steinhardt Maple Collection.


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