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What’s Beautiful Now: Fall Finery

Posted in Around the Garden, What's Beautiful Now on October 30 2017, by Matt Newman

Fall is here at last, and you can feel it in the air (we actually have to wear jackets this week!). That means the collections are dressing up in their autumn finery, from the changing leaves of the Forest, to the fall blooms of the Perennial Garden. It’s a great time to enjoy the outdoor collections before everything buttons up for winter.

Home Gardening Center

Home Gardening Center
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The autumn hues of our Grass Garden are a bright beacon for the change of season. Come take a look at these awesome specimens as they’re backlit with early-morning or evening light. They won’t disappoint!

What’s Beautiful Now: Green to Red

Posted in What's Beautiful Now on October 23 2017, by Matt Newman

The Forest may only just now be hinting at its fall colors, but soon you’ll see all the reds, oranges, and yellows of this vivid season in action, sweeping across the canopy as cooler weather sets in. But do you really know why and how the leaves change colors? To answer that question, we put together a little video, spotlighted below now that the true fall scenery is beginning to make itself known. Learn a bit more about leaves this week!

What’s Beautiful Now: Into Autumn

Posted in What's Beautiful Now on October 16 2017, by Matt Newman

Hints of fall abound in the Garden—if you know where to look. Hit the Forest trails this week for the first of the changing leaves in NYC, with reds, oranges, and yellows beginning to peek through the canopy. In the Native Plant Garden you’ll find ferns and meadow perennials snagging the spotlight, while dahlias, decorative grasses, and asters paint our other collections. Head below for more highlights this week!

Tree of the Week: Nyssa sylvatica 'Wildfire'

Tree of the Week: <em>Nyssa sylvatica</em> 'Wildfire'
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What’s Beautiful Now: Back-to-School Blooms

Posted in What's Beautiful Now on September 7 2017, by Garrett Barziloski

Week of September 3, 2017

As students head back to school, we brace ourselves for the cooling temperatures and changing leaves of fall. Before we dive into the fall season, there’s still time to see an abundance of flowers and trees gracing NYBG’s 250 acres with their late-summer beauty. The Native Plant Garden continues to burst as goldenrod varieties and purple bottle gentians show their colors. Beat the lingering summer heat in the lush, shady greenery of the Azalea Garden or enjoy a stray breeze as it weaves through the colorful lilies and lotuses in the Conservatory Courtyard. 

Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ve got growing:

Conservatory Courtyard Pools & Containers

Conservatory Courtyard Pools & Containers
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The waterlilies and lotuses are flowering in brilliant yellow, purple, pink, and even blue. Be sure to visit these serene and magical aquatic pools, surrounded by an abundance of summer containers.

What’s Beautiful Now: A Menagerie of Boisterous Blooms

Posted in What's Beautiful Now on August 1 2017, by Matt Newman

Week of July 30, 2017

Lilies, hydrangeas, hibiscus, and so much more—the oscillating rain and heat of midsummer have brought out all sorts of beautiful characters to fill the Garden with color and lush, dramatic foliage. Plan to spend time near the water lily pools in the Conservatory Courtyard, where the water lilies and lotus blossoms are drawing the spotlight alongside our CHIHULY pieces. In the Native Plant Garden, the meadow takes the cake with its blooming perennials, and the Seasonal Walk is all summertime fireworks from start to finish.

Have a look!

Native Plant Garden

Native Plant Garden
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Sarracenia species, Sabatia kennedyana, and Rhexia virginica are in full bloom in the wetland! This is the time to see meadow perennials like Euphorbia corollata, Monarda ‘Raspberry Wine’, Monarda fistulosa, Solidago juncea, Asclepias tuberosa, and Rudbeckia hirta in bloom, as well as a variety of lovely ferns through the woodland.

What’s Beautiful Now: Lazy Lotuses

Posted in What's Beautiful Now on July 11 2017, by Matt Newman

Week of July 9, 2017

There’s something about a lotus blossom lazily tousled by the breeze that makes us think “summer” around here, and this week that feeling is running high. The Conservatory Pools are quickly becoming the jewels of July as the lotuses—and their friends the water lilies—bloom under the sun. Meanwhile, the Perennial Garden is a party of foliage and flowers, and the Forest, as ever around this time of year, is the sort of zen escape sorely needed in this bustling city. Check it out!

Conservatory Pools

Conservatory Pools
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The waterlilies and lotuses are beginning to flower in brilliant yellow, purple, pink, and even blue. Don’t miss these serene and magical aquatic plants!


What’s Beautiful Now: Perfect Green

Posted in What's Beautiful Now on June 26 2017, by Matt Newman

Week of June 26, 2017

While the Rose Garden has begun its summer settling-down, there’s still color to be seen there! Elsewhere in the Garden, such as the Native Plant Garden and the Rock Garden, you can find peaceful, shady vistas peppered with attractive summer flowers. The Azalea Garden is a lush escape as well during this time of year, with large-leaved hostas and other rich foliage creating a rolling hillscape of greens.

Tree of the Week: Catalpa × erubescens ‘Purpurea’, purple catalpa

Tree of the Week: <em>Catalpa</em> × <em>erubescens</em> ‘Purpurea’, purple catalpa
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Look for the showy pyramidal clusters of white and purple flowers of this young tree near the Harding Lab at the bottom of the Tulip Tree Allée. The cultivar ‘Purpurea’ is named for its foliage, which emerges a dark-purple and fades to green over the summer. Another catalpa, Catalpa bignoniodes, can be found blooming along Garden Way. The large, nearly heart-shaped foliage of these trees adds an interesting texture to the summer landscape.

What’s Beautiful Now: Shapes of the Solstice

Posted in What's Beautiful Now on June 19 2017, by Matt Newman

Hydrangea quercifoliaWeek of June 19, 2017

While the roses have hit their spring peak, you’ll still find color in the collection throughout summer as we move on toward its September redux. Meanwhile, the lush greenery of summer is the pride of the Garden right now, with late spring flowers in all shapes and sizes making a showing throughout.

There’s no better place to catch it than in the Native Plant Garden, where speckled sunlight filters down through the tree canopy to light ferns and grasses in abundance. The Rock Garden continues its quiet, colorful reign as we move into summer, and the Perennial Garden is a manicured balance of flowers and foliage right now. See what’s beautiful at NYBG this week, just ahead of the summer solstice!

Perennial of the Week: Astilbe × arendsii 'Amethyst'

Perennial of the Week: <em>Astilbe </em>×<em> arendsii</em> 'Amethyst'
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Reaching heights of 30”–36”, Astilbe × arendsii 'Amethyst' is known for its tall and fluffy plumes of lavender-pink flowers. This perennial is clump-forming, yet graceful with its flowers emerging erect on a tall and slender stem above the mounds of fern-like leaves (about 12”–24” tall). You can find sweeps of this beauty in the Azalea Garden.

What’s Beautiful Now: Summer Heat

Posted in What's Beautiful Now on June 12 2017, by Matt Newman

While the herbaceous peonies that held the spotlight until now have bid us adieu for another spring, the Rockefeller Rose Garden quickly stepped in to take the stage, boasting thousands of beautiful flowers as the heat picks up at the Garden. Summer’s approach means a lush and sunny 250 acres to explore at NYBG, so grab your sunglasses and head outside!

Rose Garden

Rose Garden
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The Rose Garden is enjoying its first flush of color for the season! Make sure you don’t miss this garden at its peak.


What’s Beautiful Now: A Rosy Outlook

Posted in What's Beautiful Now on June 5 2017, by Matt Newman

Photo of rosesWeek of June 5, 2017

Of all our collections—some 50 in total—the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden is a stand-out in the spring, sweeping into June with a panorama of classic colors. Whites, reds, pinks, and yellows abound, and of our 650 rose varieties, there’s certainly something for everyone to love.

While our Rose Garden Weekend was a huge success, the roses are expected to continue showing off their best sides through this coming weekend at the least, so don’t miss out on their spring bloom! Meanwhile, the herbaceous peonies across from the Conservatory continue to delight everyone who passes by—you really can’t overlook them.

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