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What’s Beautiful Now: Spring Things

Posted in What's Beautiful Now on March 20 2019, by Garrett Barziloski

Happy Spring Equinox! Join us and explore the first signs of our most colorful season of the year, from the earliest crocuses to the vibrant buds of rhododendrons and Japanese apricot trees. For something a bit more out of the ordinary, look for visually striking Chrysosplenium macrophyllum in the Azalea Garden.

Japanese apricot (Prunus Mume 'Bonita')

Japanese apricot (<em>Prunus Mume</em> 'Bonita')
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Katherine Wagner-Reiss said:

Love the Prunus mume and all the photos - thank you !

MarciaStrean said:

Thanks for all the wonderful reports. You just motivated me to find a date to be at NYBG.

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