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Photography Tip: Get Closer!

Posted in Learning Experiences, Photography, Video on February 17 2011, by Plant Talk

We’ve been having a lot of fun with the Caribbean Garden Photo Contest. You guys have submitted hundreds of gorgeous photos (while you’re browsing the photos, be sure to cast a vote by leaving a comment on your favorites), and NYBG photography instructor Rich Pomerantz has been having a blast handing out photo tips on Saturday afternoons.

But, we know that not everyone can get here easily. So we got together with Rich in the Conservatory and filmed this short video tutorial, the first in what will be a five-part series. We hope you like it!

Do you have a burning question garden photography question that we can pose to Rich? Maybe your question will turn into the next tutorial! You can leave your suggestions in the comments.


Tony Foster said:

(Gr. phyton: plant; grapho: to write) The branch of botany that deals with the descriptive terminology of plants and their parts. It provides the vocabulary for plant description, identification, and classification.

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