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This Just In: New World’s Heaviest Pumpkin Coming to the Garden!

Posted in Around the Garden on October 17 2011, by Ann Rafalko

World's Heaviest PumpkinHold the presses! You know how we told you that beginning October 21, the Garden would be home to the three biggest pumpkins in the U.S.? Well, we lied. Beginning October 21, the Garden will now be home to the four biggest pumpkins in the world! That’s right, we said world.

Just this weekend a new world’s biggest pumpkin was crowned in Canada. Weighing in at 1818.5 pounds and grown by Jim and Kelsey Bryson of Ormstown, Quebec, the new heaviest pumpkin in the world out-weighs last year’s world-record holder (which also called the Garden home for a time) by 8 pounds! Congratulations Jim and Kelsey! We can’t wait to meet you and your great pumpkin.

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Don Langevin said:

Congratulations on your new world record. You have continued a streak that dates back to 1998, and includes 10 years of new records in a row, and 13 out of the last 14 years. Wish you the first 1 ton pumpkin (2000 pounds) in 2012.

Don Langevin said:

See the streak, and all the world record pumpkins since 1900 at

Alan Reynolds said:

Hey Don, I heard the background sound track to this picture. I’m sure our friends to the North, will know who “Dave who” is next year, if not Ron Wallace and “PAP” You know the USA always let other countries win once and awhile, just to be good sports! Just a note. This pumpkin has “Dave Who” and “Ronnie Known” genetics in it. As in Mom and Dad of the seed that grew it. Just another USA care package to our Northern friends! I’m sure the World Record will be back to old USA next year! Ohhh, that should get those boys fired up!! Hockey anyone?