Inside The New York Botanical Garden

Poetry and Prose at the Garden with Literary Audio Tours

Posted in Video on November 2 2011, by Rustin Dwyer

In the Nancy Bryan Luce Herb Garden
In the Nancy Bryan Luce Herb Garden

In case you hadn’t heard, the Garden offers a range of audio tours providing additional insights into our collections and exhibitions, as well as information about horticulture and the research initiatives going on here and across the world. Recently we told you about our partnership with the National Book Foundation and the Poetry Society of America, a collaboration undertaken to add a literary element to our tours.

In the course of the project, each poet or author visits the garden and picks a spot that resonates with them in such a way as to inspire their writing. The following video contains a piece by one of our contributors for the fall season, Hosannah Asuncion. “Tasseography” is inspired by the Nancy Bryan Luce Herb Garden, where small and numerous bay laurel trees evoke early childhood memories of helping her grandmother cook with it.