Inside The New York Botanical Garden

Wake Up Family Garden!

Posted in Gardens and Collections on April 9 2013, by Ann Rafalko

Learning in the Family GardenGuess what? It’s spring! Finally, officially, it’s time to dig into the ground and enjoy the feeling of dirt under your fingernails. At the Ruth Rea Howell Family Garden this simple joy is available to everyone, including our littlest visitors.

I was over there just this afternoon and little kids were grabbing shovels and being handed seeds and seedlings to push into the now warm earth. Of course, this magic doesn’t happen overnight, so everyone who drops in is invited back in a few weeks’ time to harvest and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Manager of the Family Garden, Toby Adams, gives you all the details on this wonderful drop-in program for families.

So plan your visit and bring the whole family! Everyone’s welcome to dig in the dirt and make a terrarium to take home, too.