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Leda’s Top 10 March Gardening Picks

Posted in Adult Education on February 28 2014, by Leda Meredith

Leda Meredith is the NYBG Gardening Coordinator and author of the forthcoming book Northeast Foraging: 120 Wild and Flavorful Edibles.

Leda MeredithFinally, it’s just about March, and we can stop dreaming about gardening and actually get going! Whether you’re a novice to the gardening game or a dyed-in-the-wool green thumb, pre-season education and preparation can go a long way. That’s where the NYBG’s Spring Adult Education classes come into play.

Here are my top picks for classes that will help make 2014 your best gardening season ever. I’ll be back next month with April picks, so be sure to keep an eye on Plant Talk for upcoming courses and workshops that you won’t want to miss!

For the space-challenged gardener:
Whether you don’t have actual in-the-ground planting space, or are trying to get maximum yield out of minimal space, these classes enable you to make the most of the space you have.
Super Small Space Veggie Gardening – 3/18
Container Gardening – Starts 3/23

For the person just starting to garden:
These two courses are a great foundation for a broad spectrum of essential gardening knowledge. Although one of them is a certificate track requirement, you can take it even if you aren’t pursuing a certificate.
Pruning: How, When, and Where – 3/9
Fundamentals of Gardening I – Starts 3/24

For the gardener who wants to expand their skills:
If you already have an established garden, I bet that, like me, you are winter-weary and eager to get out there and get your hands dirty. These classes cover what you can do now, before it really warms up, as well as how to better take care of your garden during the months ahead.
A Garden Design Primer – 3/6
Native Plant Garden Saturday – 3/22
Rose Pruning and Spring Cleanup Workshop – 3/29

For the orchid lover:
Ever get a gift orchid in bloom that grew healthy leaves, but never bloomed for you again? These classes will help you fix that, and you can treat yourself to some inspiration at the fabulous Orchid Show!
Orchid Growing 101 – 3/8
Troubleshooting for Orchids – 3/29

…and because a garden is not just about plants:
Gardening for Native and Migrating Birds – 3/29

Browse all gardening classes just released for Spring-Summer 2014 at

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