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NYBG at 125: Leaving Practice, Discovering a New Garden

Posted in History on April 26 2016, by Lansing Moore

Each day this week we’ll be celebrating the past 125 years of The New York Botanical Garden with a different story from one of our visitors—whether it’s a perfect day recently spent exploring our 250 acres or a treasured family memory that makes the Garden special. It all leads up to our official anniversary on Thursday, April 28!

Follow along as we share just a few of these many stories, then take a moment to head over to NYBG/125 and share your own memory for a chance to win an NYBG Lifetime Membership!

Susan Geisler – Yonkers, NY

Native Plant Garden

I worked as a perennial gardener in Westchester County for 25 years maintaining residential gardens. I felt so lucky to be working in such gorgeous surroundings, eventually in my own small business, and most days it was a joy to go to work.

I was forced to retire before my time due to serious spinal conditions plus chronic Lyme disease. My heart and soul were hurting at being ripped away from this work I loved, and I joined NYBG for the first time in order to continue being in touch with nature. I learned to enjoy nature with my eyes. I walked and walked, building myself up more and more. Many folks probably recognize me there because I visited the gardens at least twice a week, sometimes more. I observed critically the work being done, and smiled in approval. I drank in the beauty of each season.

NYBG helped me so much to make the transition from a working gardener to an appreciator of gardens. I’m now in my third year of membership in this wonderful place.