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What’s Beautiful Now: Azaleas, and More Azaleas

Posted in What's Beautiful Now on May 8 2017, by Matt Newman

When the daffodils have faded and the cherry blossoms are snoozing for the season, you can always count on the Azalea Garden to bring the next big pop to our 250 acres. And that’s exactly what this week is about. As of right now, the azaleas are at about 90% of the way to peak bloom, and we expect this weekend—during our Mother’s Day Weekend Garden Party—to see the height of color before they begin to fade.

With the flowers coming going at a rapid pace, you won’t want to miss out!

Auricula Theater

Auricula Theater
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Pots of charming primroses grace their own special theater as we carry on a tradition from Victorian England. Located in the Nancy Bryan Luce Herb Garden.


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