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Matt Newman

What’s Beautiful Now: Hordes of Gourds

Posted in What's Beautiful Now on October 18 2019, by Matt Newman

Large, lumpy, warty, and weird—the hordes of pumpkins and gourds in our Spooky Pumpkin Garden come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. And their names are just as strange! Take a peek at a few of the many varieties calling the Garden home right now, and visit to explore their incredible diversity.

Curcurbita pepo 'Warts Galore'

<em>Curcurbita pepo</em> 'Warts Galore'
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What’s Beautiful Now: Fall Flowers

Posted in What's Beautiful Now on October 10 2019, by Matt Newman

It’s a fantastic time for fall flowers. You’ll find clouds of seasonal color peeking up at you from the collections. Smooth aster and calico aster flaunting purples and whites in the Native Plant Garden; spritely, pink hardy begonia in the Rock Garden; spur flowers in the Adventure Garden; and toad lilies along Seasonal Walk. This is What’s Beautiful Now.

Symphyotricum laeve var. laeve

<em>Symphyotricum laeve</em> var. <em>laeve</em>
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Celebrating Our 9th Annual Fiesta de Flores

Posted in Around the Garden on October 8 2019, by Matt Newman

Elizabeth Figueroa is Associate Vice President for Community Relations at The New York Botanical Garden.

Photo of guests and award-winners at Fiesta de Flores
Left to right: Aaron Bouska, VP for Government and Community Relations; Benny Poy, Special Assistant to Senator Biaggi; Dianne Renwick, NYBG Board Member; Carrie Rebora Barratt, CEO & President of NYBG; NYS Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez; Elizabeth Figueroa, AVP for Community Relations; Ischia Bravo, District Manager, Community Board 7; NYC Councilmember Andrew Cohen

On Thursday, September 26, we were thrilled to host our ninth annual Fiesta de Flores, The New York Botanical Garden’s festival in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month and the people of Latin America and the Caribbean.

We took part in fascinating guided tours of Brazilian Modern: The Living Art of Roberto Burle Marx in its final week, danced to the music of the Carlos Jimenez Mambo Quintet, and enjoyed amazing tamales, empanadas, alcapurrias, and so much more from some of the Bronx’s finest restaurants—all thanks to the continued support of Councilmembers Andy Cohen, Mark Gjonaj, Fernando Cabrera, and Ritchie Torres, and the NYC Council’s A Greener NYC initiative.

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Kiku Returns This October

Posted in Around the Garden on October 8 2019, by Matt Newman

It’s nearly kiku time—after 11 months of dedicated plantlove, with our horticulturists tending daily to these single-stemmed specimens to create spectacular sculptural designs. These chrysanthemums represent the apex of a centuries-old Japanese craft that demands precision, care, and patience. Check out today’s story to get a sneak peek of the display opening October 25, along with the traditional taiko drumming and other activities that make it such a treasured NYBG tradition.

What’s Beautiful Now: Inspirations in the Home Gardening Center

Posted in What's Beautiful Now on October 4 2019, by Matt Newman

What’s your home garden aspiration? From purple fountain grass to dahlias and spiked cockscomb, the Home Gardening Center creates a palette of options and opportunities for abundant fall color in our region.

Pennisetum × advena 'Rubrum'

<em>Pennisetum</em> × <em>advena</em> 'Rubrum'
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#plantlove: Raquel Nazario, Associate Vice President for Human Resources and Chief Diversity Officer

Posted in People on October 4 2019, by Matt Newman

As part of #plantlove at NYBG, we’re talking with people from all over the Garden about what inspires their passion for plants. Today, meet Raquel Nazario, Associate Vice President for Human Resources and Chief Diversity Officer at The New York Botanical Garden.

Photo of Raquel Nazario

My appreciation of plants began with my appreciation of the Robert Burns poem “A Red, Red Rose.”

O my Luve is like a red, red rose
That’s newly sprung in June;
O my Luve is like the melody
That’s sweetly played in tune…..

I love the fact that plants, throughout our shared human cultures, are symbolic of expressions of love, life, remembrance, and appreciation.

I take a walk through the Garden grounds nearly every day, and find moments, unique to each season, that capture these feelings. Nature, in its resiliency, offers a reflection of life and a time to reflect on our triumphs and hardships. Having the opportunity in the middle of the workday to experience the wonderments of nature helps me reconnect with myself and allows me to take on the remains of the day with the renewed vigor that only plants and nature can give.

What’s Beautiful Now: Ripening Up

Posted in What's Beautiful Now on September 20 2019, by Matt Newman

Which favorite fruits are ripening on your radar this week? From kousa dogwood berries alongside the Rose Garden, to blood oranges and dwarf pomegranates near the Home Gardening Center, we’re heading into fall with one last blast of fruity and festive color—in all its bright greens, pinks, and reds.

Kousa dogwood (Cornus kousa)

Kousa dogwood (<em>Cornus kousa</em>)
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