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What’s Beautiful Now: Summer Escapes

Posted in What's Beautiful Now on July 3 2018, by Matt Newman

Hot weather calls for shady escapes! The Forest is the place to be this week as our miles of trails and the easy flow of the Bronx River make for a pleasant respite from the climbing temps. Elsewhere in the Garden, you’ll still find the beauty of summer resplendent in the Rose Garden, where blooms a-plenty still cover hundreds of plants. The Perennial and Rock Gardens are also holding up their end with weekly-changing bounties of flowers in all hues.

Perennial of the Week: Filipendula rubra 'Venusta'

Perennial of the Week: <em>Filipendula rubra</em> 'Venusta'
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Walk along Seasonal Walk and marvel at the large, pink queen-of-the-prairie waving from the back of the border. Sprays of foamy pink flowers create dramatic height perfect for a pop of seasonal color. ‘Venusta’ is a deep pink selection of our North American native species.

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