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Twin Lakes

Weekly Wildlife at the Garden: By the Lakes

Posted in Wildlife on April 21 2016, by Patricia Gonzalez

Patricia Gonzalez is an NYBG Visitor Services Attendant and avid wildlife photographer.

Wednesday, March 30th was a great day for shooting. Cloudless blue skies greeted me when I entered the Garden grounds. I went to Twin Lakes in the hopes that I’d get to see some of my reptile friends sunning themselves, and I was not disappointed.

This painted turtle gave me quite a challenge. The reeds were moving in the wind, blocking a clear shot. One of the hurdles of wildlife photography is shooting subject matter that can fly, crawl, or swim away in the time it takes to focus. In this case, it wasn’t the turtle moving, but its environment.

I wanted to get closer, but didn’t want to run the risk of invading his space, which would result in him dropping into the water. So I waited a bit for the wind to die down, then pressed the shutter. Mission accomplished!

painted turtle

Painted turtle (Chrysemys picta) at Twin Lakes – Photo by Patricia Gonzalez

Morning Eye Candy: Thank You

Posted in Photography on November 28 2013, by Ann Rafalko

On Thanksgiving, we like to say thank you to you–our visitors, our Members, our staff, our volunteers, our researchers, our neighbors, and our supporters in the community. Here’s hoping that, no matter what you are celebrating today, you are surrounded by friends and family, light and merriment! We are nothing without you! Thank you.


Twin Lakes (photo by our longtime Saturday Bird Walks leader, Debbie Becker)