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The World’s Largest Pumpkin Becomes World’s Largest Jack-O-Lantern

Posted in Programs and Events on October 29 2010, by Plant Talk

Rustin Dwyer is Visual Media Production Specialist at The New York Botanical Garden.

Scott Cully has held the Guinness World Record for largest jack-o’-lantern multiple times. In fact, there have been ten record breaking pumpkins in the last 11 years. Eight of those record-breakers were turned into jack-o-lanters, five of which were carved by Scott! Not a bad career, huh?

His last record was set on Sunday, October 31, 2005 and here we are –exactly five-years later– where he will try to break his own record by carving the current World Record-holding pumpkin, a 1,810.5-pound behemoth grown by Chris Stevens of New Richmond, Wisconsin.

He won’t be alone, though — botanical artists Michael Anthony Natiello (the artist behind the 500 carved pumpkins currently decorating the Everett Children’s Adventure Garden) and Sara Mussen are on had this weekend to decorate the two other prize winning giant pumpkins on display next to the record holder. Here’s a short video with Scott talking about the process (hint, wine is involved).


ACE said:

I used to live right around the corner from the Bronx Botanical Gardens when I was a kid — Mom, Sis and I used to go there every weekend. We loved it. We still love it!!!

Kate Laley said:

I’m Sorry, but how many people could this feed? How much water was devoted to this endeavor. I am shocked and appalled that the botanic garden supports such a frivolous waste of resources.

Andy said:

They came out great. One pumpkin he carved as an owl, the other as a bunch of spiders in a web. My camera was kaput, so please, if anyone has pictures, please post them!