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Sprouts in the Garden this May!

Posted in Programs and Events on May 1 2012, by Education at NYBG

How often do your kids get a free pass to play in the dirt? It’s probably not a daily event. But beginning Wednesday, May 2, the NYBG kicks off children’s gardening programs at the Ruth Rea Howell Family Garden that won’t leave you scrubbing muddy footprints off the kitchen floor.

Garden Sprouts introduces three- to five-year-olds and their accompanying parent to garden exploration, from digging for earthworms to planting seeds. Sprouts enjoy seasonal gardening tasks, the opportunity to sample garden-fresh produce grown in their own plots, and activities especially crafted for the young green thumb. It’s a fun and productive way to get them out of the house.

“During our visit, my daughters dug, planted and watered radishes and violas while learning about all aspects of gardening,” writes Mina McKiernan of Mommybites NY. “The children in the programs seemed completely engrossed and excited about what they were doing, so much so, that my daughters are already asking when we’ll be back.”

“The Family Garden is worth more than just one trip this season. It truly gives city kids a chance to not only get their hands dirty (and which kid doesn’t like that?) but it’s a great opportunity for them to learn about the benefits of growing and eating healthy, fresh food.”

Saturday spots went flying out the door for this year’s spring session of Garden Sprouts, but there’s still room in our weekly Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday classes! Just don’t forget that it all starts this May 2–perfect spring weather won’t wait. Of course, those who can’t find the time are welcome to sign up for summer or fall events.

And for the older kids aged six to twelve, there’s Garden Crafters! Over the course of several Tuesday and Thursday sessions they’ll plant and harvest from their own plots, learning more about organic gardening, cooking, botany, and fun topics like harvest games, springtime birds, and trees. Be sure to get your reservations in now for our July course!

For a detailed list of program schedules and activities, visit our education page. Call 718-817-8181 to register.

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