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Nature’s Pharmacy: An IGPOTY Exhibition

Posted in Programs and Events on August 15 2013, by Matt Newman

Each year, thousands of photographers from around the world venture out with cameras in tow—into their gardens, their backyards, their local greenmarkets, and the wilderness at large. They all have the same goal, of course, though their subject matter often differs wildly. They’re after one of the most prestigious nature photography prizes out there: The International Garden Photographer of the Year award.

International Garden Photographer of the Year

For the 2012 judging, The New York Botanical Garden—the exclusive U.S. partner of IGPOTY—threw its hat in the ring with a special photo category geared toward therapeutic plants, challenging friends, fans, visitors and photographers from all over to capture the very plants and garden imagery that we now feature in our Wild Medicine exhibition. Alongside a cash purse and global recognition, the awards for taking top honors in this challenge included a featured place in our “Nature’s Pharmacy” gallery exhibition, viewable now in our Ross Gallery.

From alliums to poppies, the plants and scenarios captured by our competing photographers illustrate the breadth of the plant world’s influence on our own wellness. They’re also really, really stunning to look at. So we put together a little sampler of what’s going on in the Ross Gallery through September 8.

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For the aspiring photographer, think of this as the boost you need to work on your own craft and submit photos to the current run of the IGPOTY competition. They’re accepting entries for the core competition through October 31, 2013, giving you ample time to poke through this year’s categories and see what best suits your talents. And even if you’re still a novice garden photographer, submitting your work is always beneficial, as every submission earns the photographer pointers and critiques from the professional shutterbugs behind the IGPOTY contest.

For more information on the contest, the thousands of dollars in cash prizes and equipment being offered to winners, and the categories available, check out the official IGPOTY page. And keep your eye out for that idyllic flower, moment, or vista that could make you the next International Garden Photographer of the Year! We’ll have more on the contest as the deadline draws near, so check back in the future. In the meantime, don’t miss the “Nature’s Pharmacy” gallery exhibit, running now through September 8 in the Library Building’s Ross Gallery.