Inside The New York Botanical Garden

Midsummer Peace of Mind

Posted in Gardens and Collections on August 5 2013, by Matt Newman

The Native Plant GardenBecause it’s an absurdly beautiful day, but also a Monday (we’re not open to the public most Mondays—our horticulturists need space and safety to work on weekly sprucing-up), I figured I’d throw together a little teaser for anyone planning to pay us a visit this week. The Native Plant Garden in particular is dancing in the middle distance between wild and dapper, and the effect is one of natural improvisation.

Our NPG horticulturists like to say that the space bleeds from one biome into the next—that plants and colors are painted in swathes and mingle at the edges, dry forest melting into wet forest, meadow phasing into wetland. There’s so much to see growing in the Native Plant Garden in midsummer, and all of it wrapped up together in a subtly but carefully curated space. It’s utopian in the best way.

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The Native Plant Garden is an absolute must-see all year round, but whether or not this picturesque weather keeps up through the rest of the week, it’s still your one-stop shop for peace of mind. That’s what the benches are for, after all.