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What’s Beautiful Now: Lazy Lotuses

Posted in What's Beautiful Now on July 11 2017, by Matt Newman

Week of July 9, 2017

There’s something about a lotus blossom lazily tousled by the breeze that makes us think “summer” around here, and this week that feeling is running high. The Conservatory Pools are quickly becoming the jewels of July as the lotuses—and their friends the water lilies—bloom under the sun. Meanwhile, the Perennial Garden is a party of foliage and flowers, and the Forest, as ever around this time of year, is the sort of zen escape sorely needed in this bustling city. Check it out!

Conservatory Pools

Conservatory Pools
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The waterlilies and lotuses are beginning to flower in brilliant yellow, purple, pink, and even blue. Don’t miss these serene and magical aquatic plants!



Katherine Wagner-Reiss said:

Loved that all Latin names were used for the flowers in the Native Plant Garden, only way to communicate imo! Still, one common name for Rhexia virginica does make me smile: Handsome Harry!

Katherine Wagner-Reiss said:

Loved the photos, esp. the dragonfly on the lotus! This summer Birds, Butterflies and Dragonflies Tours are scheduled at NYBG on Saturdays 11 a.m.- 12 p.m. July 1- August 26. Bring your binoculars, if you have.

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