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What’s Beautiful Now: Fall Finery

Posted in Around the Garden, What's Beautiful Now on October 30 2017, by Matt Newman

Fall is here at last, and you can feel it in the air (we actually have to wear jackets this week!). That means the collections are dressing up in their autumn finery, from the changing leaves of the Forest, to the fall blooms of the Perennial Garden. It’s a great time to enjoy the outdoor collections before everything buttons up for winter.

Tree of the Week: Liquidambar styraciflua, sweetgum

Tree of the Week: <em>Liquidambar styraciflua</em>, sweetgum
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At the bottom of the Azalea Garden you can look up into the canopy to see a large sweetgum that is turning shades of deep purple, maroon, and orange. This tree is a staff favorite and traditionally gives one of the most spectacular fall foliage displays in the garden.

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