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What’s Beautiful Now: Rise of the Daffodils

Posted in What's Beautiful Now on April 9 2018, by Matt Newman

Seek out spring’s favorite visitors—the daffodils, Japanese apricots and cherries, dainty Scilla, irises, and more—as you make your way through the Garden this week. They’re finally starting their return for the season, and over the next few weeks we’re expecting to see oceans of color filling the Garden. You can keep track of the progress using several trackers in our Gardens & Collections pages as well!

Below, find just a few of the highlights of this week’s collections as we enter one of the most vivid and verdant times of year at NYBG.

Perennial Garden

Perennial Garden
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Early daffodils are complemented by sweet swathes of Scilla mischtschenkoana.


Julie Sakellariadis said:

So lovely to see these photos! Thanks!

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