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What’s Beautiful Now: Perennially Yours

Posted in What's Beautiful Now on May 30 2018, by Matt Newman

The diverse rooms of the Perennial Garden are coming into fashion this week as salvias and nepetas open up to the warm weather, and more is on deck as we near the summer season. In the Native Plant Garden, keep an eye out for Sarracenia species, their flute-like pitchers turned up to the sky all around the water feature. Native rhododendrons and azaleas in this garden are also making themselves known, as are perennials like Zizia aurea. Late spring is a beautiful time to explore NYBG!

Perennial of the Week: Catmint (Nepeta)

Perennial of the Week: Catmint (<em>Nepeta</em>)
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These showy and aromatic plants steal the spotlight this week! You can find various species and cultivars throughout the Garden, but you won’t want to miss them in action on the Seasonal Walk. In addition to being easy-to-grow and versatile plants, Nepeta blooms heavily and attracts many bees and butterflies.

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