Inside The New York Botanical Garden

Miriam Flores

Lucrecia Novoa Recreates Stunning Creatures and Characters

Posted in People on June 23 2015, by Miriam Flores

Miriam Flores is an intern with the Exhibitions Program of The New York Botanical Garden.

Monarch butterflies in action! (Photo Credit: Patricio Huerta)
Monarch butterflies in action! (Photo Credit: Patricio Huerta)

Lucrecia Novoa is a Chilean-born artist and cultural educator who is physically as well as spiritually involved with her mask and puppet creations. With years of experience, Lucrecia dedicates herself to researching the historic inspirations for each puppet she creates in her Riverdale studio.

Lucrecia has joined NYBG during past exhibitions such as the Haunted Pumpkin Garden, when the Everett Children’s Adventure Garden was transformed into an enchanted land inhabited by magical creatures. For FRIDA KAHLO: Art, Garden, Life, she presents two giant monarch butterflies that introduce and welcome the exhibition.

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