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Jodie Colón

Extreme Compost Makeover: Organizing Community Composting Sites

Posted in Garden News on January 13 2020, by Jodie Colón

Jodie Colón is the Compost Project Manager at The New York Botanical Garden.

Photo of NYC Compost Project volunteers

When it comes to organizing your closets, the latest trend is to only keep items that spark joy. Many gardeners in Bronx Green-Up gardens apply that principle to their compost bins. But often they happily keep every leaf, branch, weed, and kitchen scrap out of the landfill. When an overflow of joy accumulates, they know who to call—our NYC Compost Project. We swoop in to help reorganize compost bins, tame piles of plant materials, and give sites a fresh start. Yet, just like on those reality shows, the clutter inevitably creeps back.

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Start Anywhere on Earth Day!

Posted in Programs and Events on April 21 2015, by Jodie Colón

Jodie Colón is the Project Manager of the NYC Compost Project hosted by The New York Botanical Garden.

NYBG Insiders Tour with Master Composters
NYBG Insiders Tour with Master Composters

Someone once said that the best way to see Paris was to get lost in it. It is also a wonderful way to see the Garden, whether it is your first or hundredth visit. Immersing yourself randomly in the beauty of it all is a perfect celebration of Earth Day, which is April 22 for most people or, if you are an avid composter, pretty much every day!

To go exploring, just start anywhere. Go nowhere or everywhere. Follow the sparrows as they tweet away the day. Take selfies with the wild turkeys (from a reasonable distance, of course!) known to stroll along Garden Way. Fill up on Morning Eye Candy, flitting like a hummingbird from one spectacular bloom to another. Wander aimlessly from tree to tree down the trails of the Thain Family Forest.

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