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What’s Beautiful Now: Azaleas, and More Azaleas

Posted in What's Beautiful Now on May 8 2017, by Matt Newman

When the daffodils have faded and the cherry blossoms are snoozing for the season, you can always count on the Azalea Garden to bring the next big pop to our 250 acres. And that’s exactly what this week is about. As of right now, the azaleas are at about 90% of the way to peak bloom, and we expect this weekend—during our Mother’s Day Weekend Garden Party—to see the height of color before they begin to fade.

With the flowers coming going at a rapid pace, you won’t want to miss out!

Perennial of the Week: Trillium grandiflorum f. polymerum 'Flore Pleno', double large-flowered trillium

Perennial of the Week: <em>Trillium grandiflorum f. polymerum</em> 'Flore Pleno', double large-flowered trillium
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Trillium grandiflorum forma polymerum ‘Flore Pleno’ comes from a naturally occurring sport and has upright, bright-white, double flowers. This rhizomatous plant forms clumps at an excruciatingly slow pace, which is, perhaps, one of the reasons it is so highly coveted. If you find yourself meandering through the Native Plant Garden, don’t forget to look down! You can find this beauty and other delightful trilliums sprinkled across the landscape.


What’s Beautiful Now: Blossoms Above & Below

Posted in Around the Garden, Gardens and Collections, Photography, What's Beautiful Now on April 29 2016, by Lansing Moore

Happy Arbor Day! There is no better time to show love for trees than during flowering tree season. Right now the crabapples have picked up where the cherry blossoms left off with their own colorful display—and that’s only the beginning of what’s beautiful now at NYBG!

The 25th Anniversary Antique Garden Furniture Fair opened last night with its festive Preview Party, and this weekend’s visitors can admire fine antiques and treasures for the garden and the garden room from 30 leading exhibitors in the Conservatory Tent. On grounds, spring’s progress continues across NYBG’s historic landscape. The Azalea Garden is at 75% of peak color, and the newly-reopened Lilac Collection is debuting its fragrant blossoms for the enjoyment of visitors. View highlights from across the Garden in the gallery below, and plan your visit today!