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This Weekend: Summer Bliss

Posted in Programs and Events on June 26 2015, by Lansing Moore

Frida Kahlo Art Garden Life New York Botanical Garden Haupt Conservatory Casa AzulThe weekend is upon us again! And NYBG’s weekend programming is back this Saturday and Sunday with live dance and film screenings for FRIDA KAHLO: Art, Garden, Life—alongside our Octavio Paz Poetry Walk.

Don’t forget to take advantage of our Frida Mobile Guide, accessible on all smartphones, for more interactive information about the exhibition, as well as our Frida Selfie generator. Read on for the full schedule of weekend programs, and check out What’s Wonderful in Summer at NYBG!

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Floral Designers Fast Track Their Dreams With the Summer Intensive Program

Posted in Adult Education on June 26 2015, by Plant Talk

Floral Design GraduationFor nearly 40 years, NYBG has offered its prestigious and world-respected Certificate in Floral Design.

And this year, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Floral Design Summer Intensive Program, in which designers looking to jump start their careers can complete all Certificate-required classroom hours in just five weeks!

This past month, in a beautiful Garden ceremony, 32 new graduates received their Floral Design Certificates. Many are already working in the industry, and for many, the journey to their dream began on the Summer Intensive track.

These graduates now belong to a large and influential network of alumni across the Metropolitan area and beyond, joining such well-known designers as “NYC’s Rose Queen” Alix Astir (2010 Graduate), who runs a successful floral and botanical beauty business; BRRCH Studio’s Brittany Asch (2013 Summer Intensive), whose work has been featured in Vogue, Martha Stewart Weddings, Elle Décor, and more; and Marcela Bonancio (2012 Summer Intensive), who serves a host of corporate clients from her NY-based Lotus Blossom Atelier.

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A Collaboration Thrives in the South Bronx

Posted in Learning Experiences on June 25 2015, by Ursula Chanse

Ursula Chanse is the Director of Bronx Green-Up and Community Horticulture and Project Director for NYC Compost Project hosted by The New York Botanical Garden. For more information about these programs and upcoming workshops and events, please visit Bronx Green-Up.

© 2015 Clif Bar & Company
© 2015 Clif Bar & Company

During the dry days of May, In Good Company, a collaboration of values-driven businesses spearheaded by Clif Bar & Company, brought together individuals from across the country and Canada to be put to work in the South Bronx. Two week-long service projects in early and late May took place at Brook Park, a thriving community garden bordered by schools and an accessible resource for learning and play in the urban outdoors.

In appreciation, Harry Bubbins, Director of Friends of Brook Park, had this to say:

“Thanks to the expertise and incredible support from the staff at Bronx Green-Up of The New York Botanical Garden and GrowNYC, along with the In Good Company consortium and all their company members and employees, we have entirely transformed our almost one-acre site here in the South Bronx. We are honored to continue to receive the support of Bronx Green-Up and the partnerships and resources they are able to leverage for community gardens like ours. Without them The Bronx would be a lot less green.”

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Citizen Science: Emerging Macroinvertebrates

Posted in Children's Education, Learning Experiences on June 25 2015, by Madeline Breda

Madeline Breda is a GreenSchool Science Education Intern at The New York Botanical Garden.

Citizen Science at NYBG
Students performing abiotic water tests on a sample of water from the Bronx River

In early March, I posted a primer on the Garden’s Citizen Science program, focusing on the biotic water quality testing workshops offered to visiting students at NYBG’s own GreenSchool. Presented in partnership with the New York City Department of Education STEM Matters, Citizen Science workshops aim to educate children from all five boroughs about ongoing, “crowd-sourced” scientific research that is accessible to amateur scientists and laymen alike.

Over the course of the month of March, I had the pleasure of working with the students of P.S. / I.S. 87 Middle Village as they sorted leaf packs, bravely handled and identified macroinvertebrates, and ventured into the Thain Family Forest in order to perform site surveys. Under the guidance of science teacher Ms. Vivian Alforque, sixth, seventh, and eighth graders were all given the chance to participate in meaningful scientific research on the grounds of our historic institution.

Now, on to what I’m sure you’ve all been wondering: which macroinvertebrates did we find?

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Lucrecia Novoa Recreates Stunning Creatures and Characters

Posted in People on June 23 2015, by Miriam Flores

Miriam Flores is an intern with the Exhibitions Program of The New York Botanical Garden.

Monarch butterflies in action! (Photo Credit: Patricio Huerta)
Monarch butterflies in action! (Photo Credit: Patricio Huerta)

Lucrecia Novoa is a Chilean-born artist and cultural educator who is physically as well as spiritually involved with her mask and puppet creations. With years of experience, Lucrecia dedicates herself to researching the historic inspirations for each puppet she creates in her Riverdale studio.

Lucrecia has joined NYBG during past exhibitions such as the Haunted Pumpkin Garden, when the Everett Children’s Adventure Garden was transformed into an enchanted land inhabited by magical creatures. For FRIDA KAHLO: Art, Garden, Life, she presents two giant monarch butterflies that introduce and welcome the exhibition.

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