Delight in the fragrance and soft beauty of the Herb Garden's green, gray, purple, and white blend of foliage and flowers. The evergreen boxwood parterre, this garden’s formal centerpiece designed by Penelope Hobhouse, provides symmetry and structure amid a wide assortment of textures and fragrances. You may spot the shiny green leaves of bay laurel or the spiky flowers of sage plants. Look for hops, a key ingredient in beer, and wandering nasturtiums, whose edible flowers are a beautiful addition to a summer salad. It’s all here, wrapped up in a delightful package.

A blanket of snow accentuates the geometry of the Herb Garden’s parterre.

Each spring the Herb Garden is home to the Auricula Theater--a traditional display of potted primroses.

Fragrant herbs and flowers flourish in the warmth of summer.

The herbs give way to fall foliage, which is accentuated by the evergreen boxwood parterre.