Visitor Policies

The New York Botanical Garden is a living museum. We hope you enjoy your visit and ask for your help keeping the Garden beautiful and safe for all of our visitors.

    • All visitors must have a valid ticket for entry to the Garden that clearly states the date and time of the visit and has a valid bar code that has never been previously scanned (redeemed) at an entry point.
    • A ticket is considered invalid if the date and/or time on the ticket is more than one hour after the visitor attempts to enter or the ticket has been reproduced or duplicated; or the ticket has previously been redeemed.
    • Members are required to accompany their guest(s) when redeeming a Member guest pass. Member guest passes are only valid with an active Membership. Some special events, including the Holiday Train Show®, are excluded from Member guest pass redemption.
    • Children age 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
    • The Garden does not have coat-check facilities and does not accept luggage or store personal items.
    • Backpacks must be worn front-facing in exhibition areas such as the Haupt Conservatory and in the Mertz Library Art Galleries.
    • NYBG reserves the right to inspect all bags and to report, relocate, or dispose of any unattended object or bag in such way as we consider appropriate.
    • Strollers are allowed throughout the Garden grounds. Strollers are not permitted in exhibition areas such as the Haupt Conservatory and Mertz Library Art Galleries. Stroller parking is available at these locations.
  1. Service animals are welcome. Pets are not permitted on the Garden grounds or restaurants. Refer to our Service Animal Policy for additional details.

  2. Smoking, including the use of electronic cigarettes, is not permitted on the Garden grounds, or in or around any facilities.

    • Stay on the paths: do not enter planted areas or water features; do not restrict foot traffic by blocking off walking paths, or directing traffic within the Garden; do not climb trees or rock outcroppings. Do not impede visitor movement by blocking off paths or redirecting access in any way.
    • Preserve our plant collections and art installations: do not pick flowers or plants, climb rocks or landscape features, or otherwise disturb collections or artwork.
    • Keep the Garden peaceful: do not play music, play ball, sunbathe, use skates or shoes with built-in wheels, ride a scooter or skateboard, or engage in other potentially disruptive activities, keeping shirts and shoes on at all times. Bicycles must be secured to a bicycle rack.
    • Tripods, monopods, easels, selfie sticks, and lighting equipment, as well as food and beverages are not permitted in the Conservatory, Art Gallery, and Ross Hall. Additional restrictions will apply from time to time in order to ensure the safety of our visitors and collections.
    • Drone use is prohibited on the Garden grounds and may not fly over NYBG property.
    • During your visit you may be videotaped, photographed, or recorded by NYBG or its agents. Your admission serves as your permission for use of your image by these parties.
    • Outdoor photography for personal use (not including wedding, engagement, anniversary, quinceañera, sweet-sixteen, maternity, blog, or staged/group photography) is allowed, but you must stay on the paths and not disturb the plants and collections.
    • In the Conservatory, photography is permitted with hand-held cameras only. During some exhibitions, photography may be restricted or limited to alleviate crowding and protect the plants.
    • Photography is not permitted in the Art Gallery.
    • Multiple changes of clothes for personal use photo or film shoots are not permitted unless you have received permission through a Special Occasion Photography Permit.
    • Commercial photography or filming is prohibited without the express written permission of NYBG’s Marketing & Communications department. For information, visit Photo/Film Shoots and fill out a permit request form pertaining to your specific project. Alternatively, you may contact us at 718.817.8942 or via e-mail.
    • Media representatives wishing to take pictures should contact the Public Relations department at 718.817.8616 or via e-mail and provide appropriate details to help the PR staff facilitate the assignment.
    • Picnic only in the Clay Family Picnic Pavilions.
    • Outside alcohol is prohibited.
    • Deposit trash, recyclables, and compost in designated receptacles.
    • The Garden is open to the elements and contains natural areas, including running and still water. Visitors should be aware of the natural surroundings, including tree limbs, insects, birds, reptiles and other wildlife, inclement weather, steep slopes, and uneven surfaces. Visitors are advised to take precautions to protect themselves from these ordinary risks of outdoor spaces.
    • Feeding, petting, touching, harassing, or harming any wildlife, including birds, is prohibited.
    • Weapons and firearms of any type are strictly prohibited at all times.
    • NYBG staff and visitors have the right to an environment free from abusive, threatening, or inappropriate behavior. NYBG reserves the right to remove any person acting in an unacceptable or inappropriate manner. Your visit is at all times subject to any notice we post on our premises, and subject to any direction, supervision, and guidance of our staff.
    • Unauthorized events and all rallies, demonstrations, leafletting, and similar behavior are prohibited on Garden grounds.
    • Unauthorized solicitations of any kind, whether commercial, religious, educational, or otherwise, or conducting any unauthorized commercial activities, including solicitations of money or other contributions or donations are prohibited without prior written approval.
    • The sale of goods or services, or the display of goods or services are prohibited without prior written approval.
    • Vehicle traffic is limited to designated roadways. Driving or parking on pedestrian pathways or planted areas is strictly prohibited. Parking areas are reserved for NYBG visitors, staff, and vendors only. Overnight parking is prohibited.